YouHide – A Free Web Based Online Proxy Server

Recently I visited Pandora's website got a message saying that my country is outside US, therefore the website is not available in my region. I wanted to use websites like Myspace, Facebook and Youtube both at college and work but they were all blocked and I wanted to sneak my way through their blockage.This is where I started a hunt for the best free proxy server on the internet. I came across many proxy servers, and half of them were just not working, were giving poor results or their websites were full of spammy advertisements.Update: If you are using Windows operating system, then try out the following two proxy tools(they are free and have been tested to work) - FreeVPN and UltraVPN. Read More

How To Connect Your Computer/PC Or Laptop To Your TV

Have you ever wondered If you could watch your flickr photos and youtube videos on your TV screen through you PC, if yes then this is the right place for you to find out how to connect your PC or laptop to your TV, so that you could do whole lot of things other than watching videos, your word documents, excel spreadsheets on you TV screen. Read More

How To Analyze Your Hard Disk Space Usage

If you haven't checked your hard drive for temp files or used a specific program to do this task, chances are that your PC may have been cluttered with so many unknown files that they maybe taking up a whole lot of disk space. If you think your hard disk is cluttered we'll help you to remove unnecessary files with ease. Read More

How to Capture, Save, Record and Download Streaming Audio For Free

Suppose you listen to audio podcast and music online, but you want to save it and download it on the hard disk, so that you don't need to connect to the web every time you need to listen to the same music over and over again. What if the internet does not get connected or you are somewhere in the middle of the Amazon jungle(Heck, I am kidding here). You can record, save and download the music from the website, even through it does not have a "Download" option.To save streaming audio from any website can be a little tricky, because every website has its own encryption methods, but we can find a way to save the audio from the sound card, in this post we'll learn how to do it the most easiest and free method. Read More

How To Create A Secure Locked Folder In Windows XP

We come across situations when we need to lock our folders to insure that the files, videos or images are protected. Today I will help you to ensure that you can secure data on a local Windows PC without the need for any sort of expensive software. This procedure involves using just notepad, with it we'll create a batch program, this Batch program can be used to lock a single folder and unlock it respectively. Read More

How To Convert A PDF File To Microsoft Word Document Easily

Recently I wanted to convert my PDF documents into Microsoft Word(DOC) format, so that it can be shared easily with my family and friends who are more familiar with MS Word.Adobe Acrobat Reader is a powerful software that lets you view, edit and create PDF files, but the it lacks the most important function of converting the PDF document to other file formats. This is where Koolwire comes in that lets you do the conversion without any hassle. The best thing about this tool is that there is no need to download any software to your desktop. In this post I will teach you how to convert your PDF file into DOC and other formats, the easy way. Read More

10 Useful Gmail Tips That Everybody Should Know About

Gmail is one of the best free email service provider that offers nearly unlimited mailbox space with enhanced search capabilities and intuitive user interface. Apart from the basic mail settings available on other free email services, Gmail has other settings that makes it stand out from the rest. Read More

How To Install MSN Live Messenger On Ubuntu Linux Easily

For developers linux is probabily the best OS, and Ubuntu is probably the best version of Linux that everyone can use easily. But installing applications in Ubuntu that were originally made for Windows is still a difficult task, there is no doubt thousands of open source programs made for Ubuntu Linux but there are rarely few that are best in terms of quality, feature and reliability.Read More

41 Search Engines To Search Files On Rapidshare

Rapidshare is the biggest and fastest growing web hosting service worldwide. Rapidshare is a German company which lets millions of people host their files online. It lacks the basic most demanded feature, that is "Search". When a user uploads a file, Rapidshare provides a link to that file, if you forget this link or if you want to search for movies, music, softwares, etc and don't know it's link. This is where Rapidshare search engines step in. Just type what you want to search and they will find the files for you within seconds. Read More

Top Places To Watch Hollywood Movies And TV Shows Online For Free

Think you missed a movie or TV show because of work or the movie is not available in your region, worry not, there are plenty of sites which provide streaming movies and tv show for free. I have compiled the best 10 which I think are great in both quality  and content. I have seen many sites only index the movies, which means that they do not actually host it but rather just link to the websites which are hosting that movie  or show. Read More