How To Lock And Password Protect A Folder In Windows 7

Do you want to lock and password protect your important folders in Windows 7? If you are an administrator and have multiple accounts set up in Windows 7, then you can block few important folders so that they can not be accessed by other users. Every time the blocked folder will be accessed, it will ask for administrator password. Therefore the folder will be locked permanently unless you don’t remove the lock yourself.Read More

Firefox: Disable Automatic File Scanning After Download

Firefox automatically scans the file after the download is complete which may cause exuberant amount of time in some low end computers. This function is vital to protect your computer from viruses, but you may find that it takes a lot more time in scanning if the file is huge. You can disable this feature if your antivirus is up to date and you don’t need Firefox to scan the file for you.

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Firefox: Refresh Web Page Directly From Server Without Clearing Cache

Have you ever tried refreshing you webpage in Firefox and you experienced it displayed the cached version instead of downloading the page from the server? Mozilla Firefox is the most loved browser in the world and its not just the hatred towards Microsoft rather its the support of thousands of little add-ons and tweaks that make it the most customizable and secure browser. To further customize the way your browser behaves you can tweak Firefox to refresh the web page without clearing cache.

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Rip And Convert DVD Or Video File To MPEG-4(avi, mkv, etc)

Do you want to store videos from DVDs to your local drive in your computer without loosing the quality? HandBrake is one software that lets you convert the videos from DVDs without loosing much quality and since it is an open source project, it will always remain in development for further improvement and updates. It lets you rip and convert DVDs or video files to MPEG-4  video formats including .mp4, .avi, .ogm and even .mkv. This application is available for Windows, Mac OSX and Ubuntu Linux.

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Share Large Files – Create Your Own File Sharing Server

Almost a month back we covered 10 Free File Hosting Services To Store Your Files, these online services can be used to upload and share files with your friends. But what if you want to share multiple files which are all heavy in size? And what if you don’t want to waste your time uploading all the files? It is better to convert your computer into a file sharing server, in this way your friends can access your files(that you have made accessible) directly over the internet without any 3rd party service. HFS is a great open-source software that makes this all possible, it has a web interface and is fairly easy to use.

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Monitor Your PC Or Laptop Temperature – Windows 7,Vista,XP

Is your computer restarting itself more than often or is shutting down without any notice? One of the reasons might be that your computer has overheating problem. One of the best ways to monitor is to install temperature reading software that might help you actually know if the problem is causing by overheating. Coretemp is a tiny application which is low on resources and is surprisingly accurate. Intel and AMD's new technology known as DTS(Digital Temperature Signal) let these applications help monitor the temperature accurately.Read More

Send Free Encrypted And Secure Text Messages Via Email

A few days back we covered how to send secure and encrypted email messages using lockbin. This service encrypts messages by applying hash functions such as MD5 or HS1, but what if you want to choose and apply different kinds of hash functions and encrypt the text yourself? There is a simple way of encrypting and decrypting text messages by using a free online tool known as Encrypt/Decrypt tool which is provided by WebMax that makes your text message even more secure by letting yourself choose the hash function and send the message to the sender.

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Quickly Merge Multiple Music Or Audio Files Into One

Do you have multiple files in an audio book and you are looking for ways to merge them into one file? Or you have many mp3 files that you would like to join and listen to them all in one go? Merge Mp3 lets you do exactly that. You can use this application to drag and drop audio files into the playlist either change the order or keep the same, listen to it before mixing them all with preview option and convert all of them into one single MP3 even with ID3 meta data.

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How To Create Animated GIF Images Quickly

Are you thinking of making a personalized GIF image for your loved ones this Christmas?Get creative and know how to make animated GIF images using GiftedMotion. Its a nice way of sharing your feelings with friends and family instead of sending the usual ready made wishing cards that are present all over the internet. You can make a simple GIF animation from a collection of still images that may convey your thoughts easily.

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Replace Windows Explorer With More Powerful Feature Packed Ultra Explorer

Are you tired of working with standard Windows Explorer and thinking about using a more powerful solution? If yes, then you might want to know about Ultra Explorer that has the power to replace your existing Windows Explorer for all the tasks at hand with its faster file management and convenience of file browsing. Using it might be difficult at first but you'll get used to it in just a period of short time, by then you wouldn’t even want to think about going back to the default standard Windows Explorer.Read More

6 Simple Ways to Avoid Email Scams And Website Phishing Attacks

You've probably been the recipient of one of those emails – an urgent message from your bank, telling you to login and pay your bill. It could be a message from eBay, informing you that your account has been suspended. The email looks real enough, the login looks the same as the real site, but they're not the real thing. These emails and sites are fake sites set up by criminals to get your login information to steal your identity, your money, and your credentials.Read More

Create Secure Password – Check Password For It’s Strength Using Password Meter

Are you using the same password for all your web accounts and unsure if its strong enough? Many of us mostly use the same password for all the accounts, but it is important to make sure that the password is strong enough so that nobody is able to hack it. It is always advisable to to keep a different  password for all the accounts, but if you want to keep a single password for most of your accounts and make sure that it is secure enough then you will need some software to determine if your password is stronger or not.

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How To Change Gmail’s Looks With New Themes

Google has release a new set of themes for its Gmail service which would be a great news especially for those who tend to get bore easily with the same interface and design with a period of time. A while back you could change the design and looks of Gmail with Greasemonkey scripts on Firefox that allowed you to spice up standard Gmail theme, in order to satisfy its users Google has finally released enough themes that you may like at lease one or two.

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Open .DAT File Extension In Windows Quickly

Do you have a .DAT file in your computer and don’t know  how to open it? Firstly .DAT file could be anything like a picture, video, data, email attachment, etc. To open .DAT file you will have to find out what kind of file it is, you can than convert the extension to open it easily. If you don’t know what kind of file it is, you can determine it too. More details after the jump.

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Map A Drive Letter For Frequently Accessed Folders In Windows 7,Vista

Does your most accessed folder lie deep inside folder hierarchies? With the increase disk space we tend to store as much files as we can on our hard drive, we manage these files by making folders and sub folders and even more nested folders, therefore it becomes difficult to access the most accessed folders using Windows Explorer. To solve this problem you can easily map a local folder as a virtual drive letter, in this way it will directly take you to the folder instead of following the nested path.Read More

Monitor And Track When And Who Accessed A Folder On Your Computer

Are you suspicious that your important files and folders are being accessed by some other user on your computer? If yes, then there is a small handy feature built into Windows which you can use to find out who and when either using your account or some one else's account on your computer has accessed a particular folder or a file. This feature is a part of Group Policy Editor which is used mostly for advances system settings and is a Graphical User interface ( GUI ) of a set of registry settings. Read on to find out how to make it monitor and track the folders.

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How To Close A Stuck Program In Windows 7,Vista,XP

Do you have one or two unresponsive programs running but you don’t know how to close them? An unresponsive program can be any program on your computer that might get freeze up and does not respond to your actions, this unresponsiveness of a program can occur due to many reasons, but the main reasons include low virtual memory, low RAM or generic windows errors. Many steps could be taken to troubleshoot an unresponsive program but the easiest way is through Windows Task Manager.Read More