How To Boost And Increase Your Download Speed With Orbit Downloader

The Internet is the fastest and easiest way to get all types of information and multimedia, but if you are stuck with slow download speeds, you are not getting the most out of the Internet. Getting a faster modem or internet connection will help you too, but there are several ways to increase your current download speed without the need to upgrade. Read on to learn how to increase your download speed using one of the best download accelerator.

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Top 5 Desktop Tools For Video Editing

There are many free video editing software programs available for download today, but not all of them are good. Many programs simply don't perform according to our expectations, and others don't provide enough features. Of course, most free software does not include the same level or quality of support that you would expect to find with software that you purchase. While you should remember that you get what you pay for, there still are some excellent free video editing software available which we are going to share with you. Read More

How To Recover Your Accidentally Deleted Files from Windows

Sometimes you may accidentally hit the delete button(and emptied the recycle bin too) and forget that there was an extremely important document inside that folder. With FreeUndelete, you can recover your deleted files. FreeUndelete is a Windows utility to restore files that have been accidentally deleted from your computer. This includes files emptied from the Recycle bin and those deleted by bugs, crashes and viruses! Read More

How To Download and Watch Dvdrip Movies With Subtitles

I have a little hearing problem which makes it a little difficult understanding what actors are talking in the movie. I usually see every movie with English subtitles, so when I don't understand the dialogues, I can read them. This is very helpful for both ordinary people and hearing impaired people, I have seen people who can hear and understand the dialogues but still prefer to use subtitles so that they don't miss a single dialogue. Since I watch every movie with subtitles, many people have been asking me the best and easiest way to add it. So today I will share a post on how to download and add subtitles in Dvdrip movies. Read More

Exceptional Folder Protection And Hiding Methods

I believe that more exclusive the method is for protection, the lesser are the chances that your file or folder will be altered by unauthorized users. In this post we will show some unconventional methods to hide your folders in such a way that they are less prone to unauthorized user access. Read More

How to put your Data on the Cloud using Syncplicity?

Cloud computing is one of the most popular buzz words nowadays. Putting your data on the cloud means syncing your data to Internet servers making it travel with you, where ever you can access the internet. It also means you do not have to rely on physical media, or worry about backups, as the cloud services take care of your data themselves. But you would require a fast internet connection to take advantage of on the fly sync capabilites. Any changes you make to your data would then be reflected immediately on the Cloud, meaning you can just work with your files and not have to worry about saving them on a portable hard disk, USB, emailing it to yourself, uploading to file sharing services and network backups. Read More

How To Speed Up Your Windows XP Computer Easily

Does you computer takes hours to complete just a single task or request ? If yes then there is no running away from deteriorating PC performance. You can change this situation and boost the performance of your PC by following a few simple maintenance activities. In this post we are going to discuss the top PC maintenance methods that you can use to not only speed up your PC, but also keep it free from troublesome system errors. Read More

How To Record Streaming Video Content Easily From Desktop

Internet has tons of great video and audio contents, all of which you can record with the right software. This post will contain methods on how to capture streaming video and audio using the best available software tools. We will also discuss recording video chat from MSN/Yahoo messenger easily. Read More

How To Connect 5.1 Speakers To Your Computer

If you want to enjoy movies and games these days you must have 6 channel sound system because all latest games and DVD movies are optimized and programmed to give a natural surround sound experience. If you have 5.1 speakers and don't know how to connect it to your computer we'll show you some easy steps on how to connect your speakers to computer the right way. Read More