How To Perform A Power Google Search To Get Specific Search Results

If you're doing a search that returns too many results, the best way to specify results is to learn how to perform power search using all the built in tools right in the Google's simplest layout. For example, you can limit the search results to a specific language (instead of changing the options in the Preferences dialog box, as explained in Perform a Basic Google Search, which affects all searches, you can limit just the current search to a specific language), specify words you do not want returned in the search results, and so on. In this post, I will cover some of the ways you can use to perform a power Google search, and get maximum specific search results out of it. Read More

Track Your DHL, FedEx, UPS, And USPS Package With TrackThePack

Do you want to track your package that you send through DHL, FedEx, UPS, or United States Postal Service? Yes, you can track the packages by going to their respective websites, but wouldn’t it be more convenient to track multiple packages from different companies on the same site? TrackThePack is one such site where you can track your packages without even signing up. Simply enter your tracking code and it will give you detailed information about your package within seconds.

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How To Set Processor Affinity To An Application In Windows 7,Vista,XP

In Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 applications by default run on all available cores of the processor. If you have a dual or quad core processor, then you can set affinity to an application to control which core of the processor an application can use, in this way you can assign one application or a program to use only one processor while other application can run on other processor. Although you cannot set priority to system services but you can set affinity to applications like Google Chrome, Firefox or any Anti-Virus, in this way you can achieve a good overall performance. Read More

Enable, Restore, Or Recover Recycle Bin Icon In Windows 7/Vista

It happens from time to time that we mistakenly delete the Recycle Bin icon from our desktop in Windows 7 or Vista. You probably came here after tirelessly searching for a way to recover/restore the Recycle Bin icon on the desktop. Many users prefer having Recycle Bin on the desktop and Microsoft agrees. This is why Windows now always comes with Recycle Bin on the desktop. The good news is that it is very easy to restore it using Windows built-in feature. Note: This quick tip is for beginners who are new to Windows 7 or Vista. Read More

How To Find, Follow, And Share Comments On The Internet Using BackType

Do you want to find your friend’s comment on the web? Or Maybe you want to follow somebody's comments on the web just like you follow people on twitter? Lastly, maybe you are looking for a service through which you can share your comments with your readers or friends? If any of them is true, then you need BackType. It is a great service that lets you search, share and follow comments on most blogs(the exact number is unknown).

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Disable NVIDIA Control Panel From Desktop Right-Click Context Menu

Do you have a Nvidia Graphic card? The latest firmware from Nvidia installs a script that enables Nvidia Control Panel on desktop right-click context menu. This can slow down the loading speed of the context menu when you right-click on the Desktop if you are using a low-end computer. In my case, I simply don’t need this option because it’s useless. If you are in same situation like me, its time to disable/remove it.

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Remove Useless Items From Right-Click Context Menu By Hacking Registry

Have you ever noticed that some applications like Antivirus software, WinZip, SmartFTP, and others, add some items to the context menu when you right-click on a file or folder? Apart from Windows Vista, these software install shell extensions to add applications in the right-click context menu. If you delete the appropriate shell extension in the registry, you won't get these additional menu items. Read More

How To Check The Health Of Your System In Windows 7 / Vista

The advantage of Windows 7 / Vista over Windows XP is that it features a good set of troubleshooting tools so that you do not have to buy third party tools or you don't need a computer expert to tell you what is wrong with your system, you can easily check the health of your system, all you have to do is to use Reliability and Performance Monitor which is included in Windows Vista to generate a detailed health report to inquire the problem if any in your system. Read More

How To Display Multiple Clocks In Windows 7 / Vista

Do you want to know the time of the city where your relatives are living? Or do you want to do know the time of the city where you want to do business? If yes, then you need to set up a time zone. By default, this feature is disabled in both Windows 7 and Vista. The feature allows you to display up to two additional clocks. Read More

How To Resize, Extend, And Shrink Partition In Windows 7 / Vista

Prior to Windows 7 andVista, the ability to shrink and extend disk volumes has only been available through third party tools, although not as feature rich as some third party partition management applications available, Windows Disk Management console allow users to shrink, extend, create, and format partitions. You can shrink a single partition with unused space, and then create a new partition in the resulting free space, as well as extending a current partition if there is available free space after it. Read on to find out how to resize a partition in Windows 7 / Vista. Read More

5 Online Services For Creating Short URLs That You Probably Don’t Know About

I have been using Tinyurl for making long URL short because it is among the first one to come up with the idea. After much research I found 5 new services that I didn’t know about, to my surprise all of them came out to be unique, with bunch of great features. I have compiled the list in random order, because each one has advantage over other due to their uniqueness. Read More

How To Restart Explorer.exe Process Properly In Windows 7, Vista, XP

Do you usually restart your computer for registry changes to take place? Or restart explorer.exe process using task manager? This method maybe effective but it is like forcibly killing the process instead of terminating it properly, however there is a hidden option in Windows 7 / Vista Start Menu and an extra function in Shutdown menu of Windows XP that allows you to terminate and restart Explorer.exe properly. Follow these steps to get that option visible and properly terminate Explorer.exe. Read More

How To Add Your Favorite Google Desktop Gadgets To The Left Sidebar Of Your Gmail Account

Yesterday, I wrote a post titled How To Add Google Docs And Google Calendar In Your Gmail Account. Today I am going to teach you ways of adding your favorite Google Gadget in your Gmail Account. The process is tricky but fairly easy.

The title of this post could be confusing for some but this is how it works,

  • All Gadgets that are available for Google Desktop are given in iGoogle Content Directory.
  • Almost all Google Gadgets(that end with .xml url) can be added in the left sidebar of your Gmail account.
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How To Enable/Disable Fast User Switching In Windows 7, Vista, XP

A single computer is often shared between multiple users, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 makes it easier for users to share a computer using the Fast User Switching feature enabled, it allows more than one user to log on simultaneously at a single computer, for example, if you are currently logged onto a computer, another user can log on to watch movies, without you having to close your open programs and log off. Once the user is finished, you can return to your session where all your programs will still be running. Read More

Use Task Scheduler To Tweak Automatic Disk Defragmentation In Windows 7/Vista

With Windows 7 / Vista many standard applications such as Windows Firewall got a face lift, the Disk Defragmenter interface changed to a dialog box with an added task scheduler support to schedule defragmentation of your hard drive. Since now it works on scheduled time, it automatically starts defragmenting as soon as the scheduled time is missed, which can cause disk thrashing and computer to slow down. Instead of letting Windows 7 /  Vista to decide when to start defragmentation you should decide when and how it should run. Read More

2 Simple Ways To Create System Restore Point In Windows 7 / Vista

Did you ever regret installing a driver or an application and wished to turn back settings as they previously were? No matter how careful you are, when it comes to installing new drivers in Windows 7 / Vista there are just going to be times when you need to perform a system restore to safeguard against any problems which may arise due to the program or the device driver. Creating a system restore point allows your computer to be returned to the healthy, functioning state it was in just prior to the installation. Read More

How To Fix Generic Host Process for Win32 Services Error

If you are encountering Generic Host for Win32 Process error it means the following, you received this error while starting your computer and you are using Windows XP service pack 2(If you are using any other Window, you can still use the method in this post to fix it). The reason of this error is due to a bug in Windows security update 873333 (MS05-012), if you installed this update then you will definitely receive this error.

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How To Check And Repair Your Missing Or Corrupt System Files

Is your Windows giving you errors and not functioning properly? This usually means that your system files are missing or got corrupted due to some virus. Suppose a virus attacks your computer and you remove it using an anti-virus software, but the virus in fact removes your system files and makes some corrupted without your knowledge, removing the virus is only the first step, but fixing your system files is the most important step. Some people just re-install their Windows because they think it is too complicated to recover System files, but this is not true. Here is the best, quickest and fastest way to check and fix your missing and corrupted system files.

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