How To Speed Up Windows Shutdown Process

Are you frustrated that your Windows XP takes to much time to shutdown when your rushing to go somewhere else? If this is the situation that you want to shutdown the computer in hurry, you can make some tweaking to your registry so that it will help you to speed the this process. We have written much about windows registry in the past couple of weeks that it is used to store information and system settings.

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3 Great Ways To Send Large Sized Files For Free

Do you want to share large files up to 2 GB but unable to get through? The most common way of sharing files is to send as an attachment to the email, but most email services limits the file size of an attachment to 10MB,  20MB or even lesser which restricts you to send a small video clip or even a high resolution picture to your family and friends. Instead there are a number of free web services that allows you to share files up to 1GB  or even 2 GB. Sending large files has never been easier over the internet, we have selected the most reliable services for you to take a look at.

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Make Free Calls From Your PC To More Than 30 Countries

Are you looking for a way to call to any telephone number from your PC? Seems impossible, right? But remember, nothing is impossible. FreeRinger is one online service that lets you dial from your PC to any telephone number from more than 30 countries(they include, Argentina, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Switzerland, United States, United Kingdom, and many more).

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How To Browse Internet Privately And Securely Using Vanishd

Do you think someone is spying on the websites you’ve been browsing even though you have been clearing up your internet history and cache? If you are using a computer at office or public computer then your privacy maybe at stake because of spying software installed on the computer. Many Google Chrome users may think incognito mode is enough for stealth browsing but browsing with Vanished is much more than that. With Vanished you can browse any website privately and it allows you to hide the pages you want to surf.

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How To Add “Recovery Console” As A Boot Menu Option To Recover Your Windows XP Easily

Are your thinking about Recovering you Windows XP using recovery console? If that is the case then you may be asked to insert Windows CD into the CDROM and then start the recovery console in order to fix the issue. Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003 features a Recovery Console which provides a mean for administrators to perform wide range of tasks using a command line interface. To ease the situation we can install the recovery console as a boot option. Read More

How To Check Your System’s Uptime In Windows 7, Vista, XP

Are you an administrator and want to know the uptime of one of the systems connected? Or your system might have recovered from a possible power failure and you need to know the exact time? System administrators generally look up for the system uptime to either log off or shut down certain PC, there a re plenty of 3rd party applications that allow you to find the exact uptime of your system. We have listed some method to find the uptime using Windows XP, Vista, and 7's build-in tools. Read More

Access All Your Email Accounts From Gmail

Do you want to manage all your email accounts such as Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc from Gmail? Instead of checking different email accounts on their websites respectively,  you can now manage all your email accounts from Gmail. All you need is to enable POP3 from your Yahoo, Hotmail, or any other account, POP 3 is a protocol that enables your emails to be accessed through any email client like MS Outlook, Outlook Express, or Mozilla Thunderbird etc.

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Send Free Secure Encrypted Email With LockBin

Do you want to send some top-secret stuff to your friend? When you send an email using Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc the emails are never secure even if you use SSL, someone can read your emails if he knows how to capture incoming or outgoing mails. This is where LockBin comes in, it is an online service that lets you send highly secure encrypted emails without downloading anything. Read More

Optimize And Fix Registry In Windows 2000/XP Using NTRegOpt

Is your PC running extremely slow and keep freezing or crashing all the time? Do you receive mysterious error messages? These errors are generally caused by instable registry. Windows Registry is a part of operating system that stores settings and options of the system and it contains data including all hardware information, software user preferences, install and uninstall information. All the changes in the system are reflected and stored in registry. It is constantly in use of the operating system and because of this it gets bogged down easily.

NTRegOpt is a registry compactor that improves system performance, it works by recreating each registry hive "from scratch", thus removing any slack space that may be left from previously modified or deleted keys. The program does NOT change the contents of the registry in any way, nor does it physically defrag the registry files on the drive. The optimization done by NTRegOpt is simply compacting the registry hives to the minimum size possible.

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Upload, Move, Or Import Emails From Microsoft Outlook And Mozilla Thunderbird To Gmail

Do you want to move all your emails and contacts from MS Outlook, Outlook Express, or Mozilla Thunderbird to your Gmail account? You can move all your emails quickly to Google Apps Gmail account, but moving them to vanilla Gmail Account is tricky. This tutorial is about moving emails and contacts from desktop email clients to your vanilla Gmail account.
Note: To clear the confusion, Google Apps Gmail Account is an email address that ends with a custom domain name(e.g and vanilla Gmail Account is an email address that ends with Gmail domain(e.g
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How To Connect Two Computers Wirelessly Or Over A Home/Office Network

Note: If you want to create a VPN(Virtual Private Network) between two computers you can check this tip.

Are you looking forward to connect two computers or laptops wirelessly so you can share some files? Or do you want to connect them over Home/Office Networks? You can do this by creating a wireless ad-hoc connection which is a build-in feature of Windows Vista. But what if you are using Windows XP? Those people who are looking for a simple software that can do everything without touching any setting in their Windows, should check out WiPeer.

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Enable “Show Folder And Search Option” If Disabled By A Virus In Windows

In Windows, NoFolderOptions policy hides the folder options from control panel and even disables the Show Folder and Search options from the command under Tools Menu in Windows Explorer. If your computer is not a part of an office environment or any other organizational network than you might be having a risk of a virus which disables these options as a part of infection. This policy in the registry also hides the file extensions to known file types so that the virus may infect your system in stealth. To enable this option, follow these simple steps.

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Quickly Find Your Computer’s Last Shutdown Date And Time In Windows

Are you are curious to find out when was the last date and time the computer was shut down? If you are monitoring when the computers in the office environment or at home were last shutdown then you might want to know the exact date and time. Many office employees do not shutdown their computers and at home heavy downloader's might not remember when there last shutdown occurred.

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Create A Quick Ad Hoc Wireless Network Connection Between Two Computers In Windows 7/Vista

Do you want to create a quick network connection between two computers or laptops to share some files? Or maybe you want to share an internet connection? Windows 7 and Vista have a build-in feature to create a quick ad hoc wireless network connection, this means you can connect directly with another computer or laptop without the need of a router. Read More

6 Small And Useful Portable Applications That You Should Always Carry Around

Are you always carrying a USB Flash Drive around? If yes then you can get a lot of useful applications on your USB drive instead of just carrying them around with backup files. We have gathered 6 applications that will transform your USB drive into a power device for doing tasks ultra quickly on the go.

Note: If you don’t like carrying software on your USB because they will mix with other files, just like I worry. Then make a folder named “Power Tools” in your USB and move all these software there. You can later hide this folder and work with your USB like you normally would.

….And if you are an uber geek like me and always carry your iPod around, then it is better to carry these software in your iPod.

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Send A Free Fax Online To Anyone In US Or Canada With FaxZero

Do you want to send a fax to someone living in US or Canada for free? Or do you want to send a document online instead of printing it and then sending it via fax machine? It is possible to send a free fax online even if you don’t have a Fax machine(but you will need a fax number). The one service I prefer to use is FaxZero. It is simple, fast and needs no registration at all.

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Save, Store, And Manage All Your Passwords Online For Free With PassPack Password Manager

Do you use different passwords for different websites? It is difficult to remember all the passwords and even more worse to manage them. Those who forget their passwords have to use Forgot Password option in some websites. I have subscribed to more websites than I can count, and managing all the passwords is like feeding a hand to a lion! Thankfully there is one online password management service that rescued me from this mess.

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Find More Information On Background Processes In Windows With ProcessScanner

Do you want to know how many processes are running in the background of your system and how many of them are harmful? Or you think one of the processes is a virus but not sure about it? You can view the list of process by going to Task Manager, on the process tab you'll see how many processes are running simultaneously on your system. The number of processes are shown at the bottom of the task manager, but how can you separate legitimate processes with illegitimate ones is a question. Read More