How To Speed Up Windows XP Boot Time

Do you want to speed up the boot time of Windows XP because its too slow? You are not alone, this is the first problem everybody try to solve. The time it takes to boot up Windows XP is the most tiring process that no one likes.

BootVis is a software developed by Microsoft specifically for the purpose of speeding up the boot time of your Windows XP operating system. BootVis was originally made for testing the boot time and then to optimize it so that it takes less than 30 seconds to boot up even on a low-spec computer. This tool is no longer available on Microsoft’s website but you can download it from here.

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How To Securely Hide Your Private Folders In Windows

Do you want to hide your files and folders securely so that it cannot be accessed by anyone with any software? There is a freeware security software called Free Hide Folder that hides your folder and makes it fully secure from unauthorized access.

There are many software out there which can hide your private folders, but there are equal number of software available that makes it possible to access such hidden folders, thus making your hidden folders vulnerable. Free Hide Folder is a great tool that I have been using to keep my folders hidden in a very secure manner, it makes it impossible for people to find your hidden folders, let alone accessing it.

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How To Resize YouTube Videos In Two Simple Ways

Do you want to resize a video on YouTube? The size for every embedded YouTube videos is 485 x 295 by default, it is somehow a standard size for all embedded videos. Resizing the video is now quite an easy task.

There are two ways in which you can resize the video, one is to edit the embedded html code, and other is to simply customize it within YouTube.

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How To Find A Registry Key In Windows Registry Quickly

If you are tech geek you would probably have modified, tweaked, or removed a bunch of registry keys manually. Every time you go to Windows Registry Editor to find some key, it is too difficult to find one, you have to keep pressing F3 to jump to the next key and so on until you finally find the key you are looking for.

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Find And Remove Duplicate Files Instantly

The availability of internet has made it possible for us to download almost unlimited number of files, and since the size of hard disks are huge it is almost impossible to find duplicated files. Sometimes there can be 2 or 3 similar files scattered around different drives and folders. In large numbers, these duplicate files can take quite a bit of hard disk space. Read More

Firefox Cache Files And Folder In Windows

So many people are searching for the terms Firefox cache folder, Firefox cache files, Firefox temp folder, Firefox temporary folder, Firefox cache location, and the list goes on. They all are somehow looking for a single folder called Cache, which is inside the Firefox Profiles folder.

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Change Folder Icon Color Or Add Custom Icons In Windows

Do you want to change the icon color of different folders in Windows? Or maybe you have made some custom icons and would like to apply it on different folders? If you want to better organize your folders by changing their colors or by adding your custom icon, then all you need is useful little software called Folder Marker. It supports 32-bit icons, and can work with several folders at once.

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