Recover Deleted Twitter Messages/Tweets

Did you just write a long tweet and by mistake deleted it? If you are too lazy to write the tweet again, then Tweleted is for you. In other words, it is a free online service that can help you find lost tweets.

This is how it works, when you delete a tweet, it is actually only deleted from your profile and your followers cant see it too. But it is not removed from Twitter Search. This service uses Twitter API to compare the tweets in your profile and in Twitter Search, and then lists all those tweets that are not in the profile. It’s that simple.

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Share Music On Twitter With ListenTo.Fm is a free online service that lets you share music(both audio and video) on Twitter instantly. It writes the song name, shortens the link, and tags it automatically, all you have to do is to find a good music.
Update: This web service has been discontinued.
On the main page, you will find top 25 most played songs and music videos. If you want to share it, just click on the link and then select Share on Twitter. You can find the music by both Artist name and Song title using the Search on the left sidebar. If you do not find the music already on this site then you can enter the Artist name, Song name, and MP3/YouTube/Imeem link yourself, and don’t forget to enter your Twitter username. Read More

Batch Chat Enables Instant Chatting Over LAN Network

Do you have a LAN in Office or Home and want to chat over it? You don’t need some so-called LAN chat messengers and software. Meet Batch Chat, it is a tiny standalone tool that does the job for you in the most easiest way. It has a simple-to-use-text-editor-type of-interface.

Just copy this executable file in the Shared Folder and you are ready to go. There is only one single file that needs to be copied and there is no need for configuration of any kind. Users who want to chat can simply go to the Shared Folder on the Network and open Batch Chat, in other words, everyone needs to be accessing the same file.

There is no limit on the number of people that can join, but is better suited for a small group(10-15 people). Chat room members will be alerted each time a new user joins the chat.

Note: Make sure that everyone on the network has the drive mapped to the Shared Folder.

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Magnify Your Screen In Windows With Magnifixer

Magnifixer is a free magnifier tool for Windows that lets you magnify your screen up to 40x. You can place it anywhere you want, select the size, and choose any zoom level(magnification). It has been made specially for developers and graphic designers. If you are having a hard time reading a small text or you need a detailed view of the graphics you are working on, then this tool is for you.

Just run the tool and it will magnify the area where your mouse cursor resides. You will find 4 simple features on the bottom of the screen, Magnification level, Enable/Disable Magnifixer, RGB Color Values/HTML Codes, and Position of the cursor.

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YouTube Time – Link To A Specific Part In YouTube Video

YouTube supports deep linking, which means you can link to any specific part of the video. This feature is quite old, but comes handy in certain times. To specify a point manually, add the following syntax at the end of the video link ‘#t=1m20s’(you can change the values of m and s to change the number of minutes and seconds, respectively).

YouTubeTime is a free online service that adds the syntax for you automatically. It can come handy if you want to deep link multiple videos and are too lazy to add the syntax manually. It consists of 3 simple steps, copy/paste the YouTube video URL, choose the start time, and finally click Get Link.

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How To Protect Your Computer From USB AutoRun Virus

If you are reading this post, there is a high probability that you have been stuck by an Autorun virus, or the so called autorun.inf virus. It is a type of virus that spreads itself using the Autorun feature in Windows. The best way to avoid yourself from getting stuck by Autorun virus is to disable the Autorun feature, but disabling it will require some modifications to the Windows Registry. And what if you want to enable the Autorun again, later disable it again, and repeat this process frequently? USB AntiAutorun is a free portable tool designed specifically for the prevention of Autorun virus. It runs silently in the system tray, to disable the Autorun feature right-click the icon and select Actions and then select Disable Autorun For All System Drives option. Read More

Complete Review: Make A Professional Mosaic Photo/Picture

Do you want to create a mosaic photo to use it as a greeting card, or just to share it among family and friends? Foto-Mosaic-Edda is a free tool for Windows that lets you create a mosaic picture(which are made up of many small pictures) from your own collection of photos. In short, it is a mosaic photo generator.

To begin, first create a new Database and add the folders that contains the photos from which you want to create a mosaic picture.

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AutoRunnerX Launches Multiple Files And Folders When USB Drive Is Plugged In

Do you have multiple programs, or folders in the USB drive that you want to start every time it’s connected to the computer? AutoRunnerX is a free autostart tool for Windows that runs programs and folders when external hard disk or USB flash drive is connected to the computer. This can come handful when you have large number of portable applications in your USB drive.

To add a program, first click Add and then select whether to add a file or a folder. You can add as many files and folders as you want since there are no such limitations.

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Quick Burn Video Files To Playable DVD

DVD Flick is a free tool for Windows that can quickly burn videos of any format to a DVD with a few simple clicks. The DVD created can then be played on any DVD Player and Home Cinema Set. Note: DVD Flick is not a new tool, the first version was launched back in early 2007. It is an opensource tool and the developers routinely make changes and fix bugs. I am reviewing this tool here for those AddictiveTips readers who have not heard about it yet. Personally, it is my default tool for burning Videos to DVDs. To begin, first add videos by clicking Add Title. Every DVD can burn 4.3GB of videos, when adding video titles you will see the yellow percentage bar rising on the left side. Read More

Quick Launch Programs In Windows Using SliderDock

Want to launch an application quickly without having to find the right icon for the right program in a heavily cluttered desktop? Enter SliderDock. It is a free tool for Windows that lets you launch any programs quickly by rotating between them. Just run the tool and you will see a blue orb button on your desktop. Drag all program shortcuts to this Blue Orb and they will be added instantly. Now move your mouse pointer over to the Blue Orb and drag the mouse wheel up/down to rotate between these program shortcut icons. To open any program, simply double-click it’s icon. That’s it. Read More

GPU Z – Get Complete Details Of Your Video Card And GPU

GPU-Z is a free, lightweight, and standalone tool designed to give you detailed information on your graphic card GPU. It supports both Nvidia and ATI Graphic GPUs.

Just run it(no installation required) and it will detect your GPU instantly. The information for your GPU will be shown in a simple-to-use window. It displays some basic information such as GPU technology, size, release date, shaders, DirectX support, pixel fill rate, memory size, bus width, bandwidth, GPU clock, etc.

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Save Clipboard Content With Clipboarder Windows 7/Vista Sidebar Gadget

Clipboarder is a simple Windows Sidebar gadget that saves all clipboard history. You can view and access these saved clipboards with few simple hotkeys. All type of clipboards are supported, text, images, and files. They are displayed as a Preview in the sidebar. Apart from it’s simplicity, it also supports drag & drop functionality which makes it more easy to use. Just Install this gadget and it will load up in your Windows Sidebar. Now Copy anything and it will automatically appear in this gadget. The default hotkeys for switching between clipboards are:
  • Win + V (Previous Clipboard)
  • Win + C (Next Clipboard)
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Create Preview Thumbnails From Any Video File

Video Thumbnails Maker is free tool for Windows that takes multiple screenshots of the video and then create a thumbnail out of it. It supports wide range of video formats, such as, avi, wmv, rm, rmvb, mpg, flv, mov, vob, 3gp and mkv. Note that the video codec of all above  mentioned formats must be installed on your system before you can create their thumbnails, otherwise the operation will fail.

To begin, click Add folder or Add Files and add the videos. You can batch create thumbnails by adding multiple video files to the list. I tested this tool by creating thumbnails of a movie called ‘The Guardian’.

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How To Batch Convert Text Files To UTF-8 Encoding

UTFCast is a small tool for Windows that lets you batch convert all text files to UTF-8 encoding. It can convert a directory full of text files and keep the whole directory structure intact. What is so special about UTF-8 encoding? First you need to understand about Unicode, which as Wikipedia puts it, is a computing industry standard for steady and orderly encoding, representation and manipulation of text expressed in most of the world's writing systems. The most commonly used UTF encoding is UTF-8, used by over 50% of the global websites. Why? Because it is backward compatible with ACSII. Encoding a text to UTF-8 comes useful if you want to launch an application, website, or service to an international audience. Read More

Remove/Delete All Traces Of Internet And Computer Activity With Privacy Winner

Privacy Winner is a free privacy tool for Windows that deletes all internet activity traces and program activities instantly. With this tool you can easily remove your complete internet history, search history, windows history and chat history. It supports Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, and Firefox web browsers. Apart from web browsers, it can also remove traces of Internet Messengers(MSN/Live, Yahoo, etc), Multimedia software(Winamp, Real, Quicktime, etc), File Sharing tools(Azureus, Limewire, uTorrent, etc), Mail clients(Thunderbird, IncrediMail, etc), and important 3rd party applications(including Adobe and Google Desktop Search). Run the tool, select what category and program’s traces you would like to remove, and click Scan. It will scan all that you have checked and display a list of files. To permanently delete traces of these listed programs, click Delete All. Read More

Draw Lab Diagrams For Free With Chemix

Chemix is a free portable flash tool that lets user create diagrams of lab equipments and lab setup of Science(both Chemistry and Physics) experiments. It is specially geared towards students, since it is not a professional tool, it can be used for making quick presentations.

Usability is a piece of cake, just select an item from the top toolbar and drag them to the workspace. There are a total of 5 different categories with 8 items per each. To change the category, click the smaller unlabeled buttons on each side of the toolbar.

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How To Run Multiple Tasks In Windows At Any Date/Time

Sometimes we need to tell our computer what to do while we are away. Since this feature is not build inside Windows, there are many 3rd party tools that can perform such job. Once such tool recently grabbed my attention, apart from opening program it can also shutdown/restart your computer, take screenshots, and perform other tasks at any give date/time.

Ka Firetask is a free task scheduler for Windows, that can perform multiple tasks at any scheduled date or time. Apart from performing the above mentioned tasks, it can also run so called DNM Scripts. The tasks can be triggered via both hotkey, or a regular schedule.

To create a simple new task, go to Tasks tab and click New Task. Now enter the title of the task, select when the task should be executed and finally select the task action. When you have selected ‘Open File’ action, in the File dialog box type the destination of that file.

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Xrecode – Free Parallel Audio Converter And Extractor

Xrecode is a free audio conversion tool for Windows that can convert almost any audio formats. It supports vast number of audio conversions and can convert multiple files by taking full advantage of multi-core CPU(Parallel processing). Apart from audio-to-audio conversions, it can also extract audio from video files (avi, flv, mov, etc). This can come useful if you want to extract audio from music videos.

Just click Open and select multiple audio files that you want to convert. In the screenshot below you can see that I have selected 120 .mp3 audio files and 1 .wma audio file.

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How To Delete/Remove DLL Files Instantly

To remove unwanted DLLs we must clean the registry, and for this purpose we will use CCleaner. It is a great tool that comes in both Installer and Portable versions, and apart form cleaning the registry it can also remove temporary files of various browsers and 3rd party tools. Alternatively we will also use DLLArchive. Run CCleaner and from the left sidebar select Registry, now you will find Shared DLLs on top, make sure it’s checked. Now click Scan for Issues, and after the scan is complete click Fix Selected Issues to remove the DLLs.

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Change Any Drive Name In Windows With Drive Namer

Suppose you have two DVD writers installed on your computer, both drives are under different letters but have same name, i.e ‘DVD-RW’. There is no way in which you can change their drive names, you can only change names of local drives. This is where DriveRenamer(Direct Download Link) comes in. It is a free portable tool made by PhilKC from DonationCoder that allows you to rename any drive.

Now with this tool you can change the name of Virtual Drives, External Drives, or your DVD-RW Drives instantly. Simply run the tool, select the Drive which you want to rename and give it a name. It’s that simple.

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