Check Integrity Of Files In Windows

Checking integrity of a file is the best way of telling whether it is corrupt or not? SFV and MD5 are two common formats used to check the integrity of files. Before we begin, here is what Wikipedia has to say about both formats:

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Change Your Default Browser In A Single Click

If you are a web developer or just another addicted internet user, using multiple browsers makes sense. Not all features that you want can be found in one browser, so how will you make another browser as your default. Just a note to the beginners, when you make any browser as default all links are then opened using the that browser.

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Three Ways To Capture Screenshot In Ubuntu Linux

In many cases you need to take screenshot of your system's desktop or any running application, whether you are having problem with some application and you need to report it or simply want to share a funny bug with your friends. Ubuntu offers various  tools to take screenshots, we have listed some commonly used ones here.Read More

Install And Use Inkscape In Ubuntu Linux

Inkscape is an open source, cross platform Vector Graphics editor just like CorelDraw. It supports wide range of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)  including shapes, ellipses, text, markers, clones, transforms, gradients, patterns, and grouping. It can import a number of formats such as JPEG, PNG, TIFF and works with SVG, XML and CSS standards.Read More

iTraffic Monitor – Network Monitoring And Reporting Tool

Even through we have covered previous network bandwidth monitoring tools here and here, we believe iTraffic Monitor is a real winner since it utilizes WinPcap(Advanced Network Filtering capability). If enabled during installation, you will be able to filter out local LAN traffic and certain IPs. A feature that lacks in all freeware network monitoring tools for Windows.Read More

Fotografix – Free Lightweight Photoshop Alternative

If you are looking for a lightweight tool for image enhancing, graphic designing, and image editing, then nothing beats Fotografix. It is a very lightweight portable tool(366KB when zipped and 713KB when extracted) which contains the very basic features of Photoshop. It is obviously not a Photoshop replacement but is quite an alternative for quick editing on the go.Read More

Get Full Control Over Windows Services With SrvMan

So you want to perform common tasks related to Windows services such as create new services, delete existing services, or change service configuration without restarting the system? SrvMan can help. It is a small useful portable utility that comes with both Graphical Interface and Command Line mode. It can create both Win32 and Legacy Driver services. According to the developer, it can also be used to run arbitrary Win32 applications as services (when such service is stopped, main application window is closed automatically).Read More

Prevent Laptop Theft And Data Loss With LAlarm

LAlarm is a free software for laptops(running Windows) that prevents both data loss and theft. HDD(Hard Disk Drive) crash are common occurrences, it can crash either due to logical or physical disk problems. Most people are not aware of such problems until the hard disk crashes and the data become irrecoverable. LAlarm will alert you about both logical and physical error.

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Get Facebook Notifications On Your Desktop

Are you a facebook addict who wants to get each and every type of notifications of your friend's activities? Instead of having to log into facebook after every few minutes you can know get all notifications on your desktop.

FBQuick is a free desktop notifications tool for Windows that will notify a user of each and every update instantly. Whether it’s Walls, Pokes, Messages, Photos Tagged, Friend Requests, Shares, Group Invites, or Event Invites, you will be notified instantly on the desktop.

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Batch Resize, Rename, Convert, Or Watermark Your Images With Image Tuner

Suppose you want to upload your images to Facebook or any other website, we all know that it takes a lot of bandwidth to upload images and most ISPs have put some limits on it. After all sites like Facebook, MySpace, etc never keep the original image, they always resize and compress the images. So instead of uploading your original photo, wouldn’t it be better if you can resize and compress the images on your computer and then upload them, thus saving the bandwidth?Suppose another situation where you went to a  photography tour and came back with hundreds of photos, how would you add your personal watermark to all of them or rename them or convert them to another format?Read More

Install And Use Picasa In Ubuntu Linux

Picasa is a free tool offered by Google to organize, edit, and share photos. You can manage, crop and add description to your photos. Further, it also offers the facility to upload your organized photos to Picasa Web Albums. It is one of the most popular desktop photo organizing tool available today.Read More

Two Elegant And Beautiful Themes For Firefox 3.5

Firefox 3.5 release is coming soon and one of the first thing you should try are the themes I have reviewed below. If you want to get a sneak peak at the latest Firefox 3.5, you can download the release candidate. Most Firefox themes are too dark while others are too dull, choosing the best Firefox theme is indeed a difficult task. Below you will find the themes to be simple, elegant, and beautiful that are both soothing to the eyes and improves the overall look.Update: Firefox 3.5 is out now! Go ahead download it and then try the themes below. ;)Read More

Sanvient – A Powerful Clipboard Tool For Repetitive Text

We have covered few clipboard utilities before, they sure come handy in different circumstances but but when it comes to copying and pasting repetitive text, they do not handle it quite well. Suppose you want to paste four different words or sentences repeatedly, what will you do?

This is where Sanvient comes in. It is a powerful clipboard utility for Windows but the developer likes to call it an ‘Input Support Utility’. It not only helps the general users, but also helps the developers because it supports copy/pasting of file, regex, key, command, and scripts as well.

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3 Tips To Customize Main Menu Bar In Ubuntu

Ubuntu's Main Menu Bar contains three menus, Applications, Places, and System. The Application menu contains a hierarchy of sub menus, from which you can start the applications that are installed in your system. The Places menu offers quick way to navigate to directories in your system and the System menu lets you set preferences for your system and you can also find various administrator's applications here.

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Install And Use Specto In Ubuntu Linux [Desktop Notification]

If you visit a website(forum, wiki, etc) quite often and it does not provide RSS feed facility then how will you know when it is being updated? Instead of visiting a website repeatedly,  Specto can solve the problem for you.  It is a very useful desktop notification tool that lets you monitor changes to the wiki pages, blog posts, forum threads, your email inbox, and even files and folders in your system. It is a light-weight application that resides in system tray and only pops up notifications when it detects changes in your configured notifications (called watches).Read More