Windows 7 Registry Cleaner

Windows registry can become clogged after heavy activities and Windows 7 registry is no different. You will find registry keys left by uninstalled programs, trail applications, and badly programmed software. Once your registry gets filled with junk/useless keys, it directly effects your system performance. So which utility would you use to clean up Windows 7 registry? I have found Auslogic Registry Cleaner to be the best.

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Windows 7 PDF Reader & Printer

PDF being the most popular format for sharing documents is continuing to get more and more famous. Sadly, Microsoft has not added native support for PDF documents in Windows 7. The only way for users to read or print PDF document is to find a good 3rd party tool.Read More

Lunascape Is Faster Than Firefox 3.5, Shows Latest Benchmark Tests

Even through Firefox is our favorite browser here at AddictiveTips, we are always open to testing new browsers and using them open heartedly. We reviewed Lunascape browser version 5.0 last year, but it has come a long way since then.

Yuki Sekiguchi, the COO at Lunascape contacted me a few days back giving me an update of their latest version of the browser(version 5.1.3). He mentions that, “It is equipped with the latest rendering engines, including that same version of Gecko with Firefox 3.5.1 (security hole patched version) and we achieved even faster JavaScript speed than Firefox itself.”

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Gnome Tray Services – Quickly Start/Stop Services From Ubuntu System Tray

You can make the configuration of the services(e.g disable services) from System > Administration > Services in Ubuntu, but if you need to start or stop any particular service then you need to run commands from terminal. Gnome Tray Services application lets you manage services from your system tray. Once installed, it gets launched in the system tray and you can click its icon to start and stop the service you want. It is only supported for Ubuntu and Debian. Installation is a bit tricky, but follow our steps and it will be up in no time.Read More

Deskcretary – Clean Up Your Windows 7 Desktop

So many people have the habit to place their files on their computer's desktop, also many of us usually save their downloads on their desktop. If you continue this old practice, your desktop becomes a real  mess and you are even unable to find any files from it. Worst of all it also it becomes very time consuming for you to clean up your desktop manually. Don't fret yet, Deskcretary will help you out.Read More

Quickly Send VoiceMail Using JDVoiceMail In Windows 7

Do you find it boring to type long emails, just like me? Now give JDVoiceMail a try. It is a free tool which lets you send voice messages to anyone's email addresses. It records your voice message in the compressed .wav or.mp3 format and send as an attachment in the email. It is a very light-weight and easy-to-use tool, and best of all there is no special software needed on the end of receiver to listen to your message, he/she can simply listen to it in Window Media Player or any other audio player.Read More

How To Disable Unwanted Services In Ubuntu Linux

It is a well known fact that all Linux based system works with services. A Linux service is an application that is either runing in the background waiting to be used, or carrying out essential tasks. When you install Ubuntu, there are many services which are enabled by default. Whenever Ubuntu starts, it also starts all these services, there could be so many services which you are no longer using or you have never used them before, so do you think that there is any need to start these services every time on the system boot up? The answer should definitely be "No" because these services are consuming your system's resources and also slowing your system's boot process.Read More

Backup/Archive Tool For MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, GMail, And Others

If you use various email clients or email service and want to backup all your mails along with the attachments, it can be quite difficult. But thanks to MailStore Home, backup is only a click away. It is a free tool that can backup popular desktop email clients and web email services such as, MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Mozilla SeaMonkey, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, GMail, and others(through IMAP or POP3 should be supported by that email service provider).

It has a build-in algorithm that prevents duplicate emails or attachments to be archived, it makes sure that out of two or more copies, only one(original) copy is backed up. If your email client is not supported, you can still backup the emails by importing any one of the following email files – EML, PST, or MBOX.

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What Is Cloud Antivirus – Review Of Panda Cloud Antivirus Software [Screenshots]

What Is Cloud AntiVirus

Unlike traditional antivirus software, cloud antivirus refers to the type of antivirus that runs on the cloud(remote server). Cloud Antivirus will scan all your files through the internet and run the tests on their own server, in this way it won’t disrupt any of your computer activity nor will it slow down your computer.Another benefit of cloud antivirus is that instead of having to update traditional antivirus software routinely, it automatically updates the virus definitions in the cloud and then scans your files to see if it is infected with any of the new virus. It saves the headache of having to manage the antivirus software daily.Read More

Add Tabs To Windows Explorer [Tabbed Browsing]

Tabbed Browsing is one of the fastest way to browse, every browser from Firefox to Internet Explorer now makes full use of tabs. But sadly Microsoft has not included tabbed browsing feature for Windows Explorer in the upcoming Windows 7 and missed it out in Vista too. Luckily, you can now add tabbed browsing feature in Windows Explorer by using a 3rd party tool if you are on Windows XP or Windows Vista(32-bit).Read More

How To Rotate Windows 7 Logon Background Screen

Microsoft's Windows Vista and XP have no support for changing the default logon screen, but  in Windows 7 you can use the Logon Screen Rotator tool to  rotate the logon screen during every logon. Now, there is no need to play with the registry settings, you can easily change the logon screen of your Windows in a couple of clicks only. Once you have installed the application, you will be able to select up to 10 images which you would like to use as your logon screen backgrounds and then those images are rotated each time you logon giving a cooler look to your Window 7.Read More

Visio For Ubuntu Linux – Dia Diagram Editor

Dia is basically inspired from Microsoft Visio, it can be used to draw many different kinds of diagrams. It has special objects which let you draw many types of diagrams like ERD (Entity Relationship Diagrams), UML diagrams, flowcharts, and network diagrams easily. Whatever type of diagram you need to draw, whether it is some map or some plan of any room of your house, it has the full ability to cater to your needs and helps you produce a precise and professional-looking diagrams within minutes.Read More

Process Explorer – Alternative To Windows Task Manager And Resource Monitor

Windows Task Manager and Resource Monitor are the first things that come to a user's mind when he/she is facing any problem with his/her system's performance. If you are looking for some advanced tool in this regards then you should give Process Explorer a try. Task Manager does not give you much details about the processes, but Process Explorer displays running processes in such a format that it not only shows process names, but also displays program icons and other data, such as description, image, and processor time.Read More

How To Enable Indexing(Tracker Search Tool) In Ubuntu Linux

Tracker Search Tool is the default search tool in Ubuntu which is used for locating files and folders on your computer by name or content. It is a very handy tool that lets you do a full-text search against your files, and it uses the categories to group similar files together. You can launch it from Applications > Accessories > Tracker Search Tool.Read More

Add Mac Look To Your Windows 7/Vista Desktop With Nexus Dock

Nexus Dock is a free dock application that gives fast access to your most frequently used applications. It provides you features like multi-dock system, live icon reflections, magnification, document thumbnails, and keyboard navigation, along with complete customization. When installed, it looks more like a Mac dock.Read More

VLC Player 1.01 Released – Download Now

It’s been only 3 weeks when VLC Player 1.0 was launched and the guys behind VideoLAN has since been hard at work. Today, they have officially released the update(version 1.01) with some minor bug fixes and improvements. The entire change log can can be seen here, but there is one interesting addition to the Mac version - Added options to disable support for Apple Remote and Media Keys. Apart from the fixes, a few translations have been updated as well.Read More

How To Create A Professional Flash Photo Gallery With SkyAlbum

SkyAlbum Photo Gallery Builder is a free photo tool for Windows that allows user to create high quality flash photo galleries. Unlike other tools, it is fully customizable when it comes to editing and organizing photos. So why use this tool instead of using some other tool for the same purpose? Because it has more broader options and features that you won’t generally find elsewhere, and best of all it is free.It has a total of three steps, Select Photos, Add Themes, and Publish. We have covered each of them in details below.Read More

Customizing Ribbon In Microsoft Office 2010

The Ribbon is basically a panel that houses the command buttons and icons and it also organizes commands as a set of tabs. The ribbon consolidates the functionality previously found in menu, toolbar, and many task panes into one area, and thus as a result,  it  increases both productivity and usability. It is not a new concept, Microsoft introduced it in Office 2007, but Office 2010 has implemented it with some enhanced features and it also lets you customize the Ribbon. One of the important things is that now it is not just limited to MS Word and MS Excel, Outlook also implements this feature.Read More