Google Labs Listen Podcasts For Andriod

Google Labs has launched a new project called "Listen". This new app helps you find, download and listen to podcasts on your phone or tablet. Currently the app is available on Andriod devices. For Android smartphone and tablet users, it offers a handy way of searching, downloading and listening to podcasts while on the go, without having to use a PC or a web browser for the purpose.Read More

How To Enable / Disable Windows 7 System Protection

Windows 7 includes System Protection feature that allows users to restore unwanted system changes without having to use Windows installation disk. It creates backup of system and user files that you've modified, so you can easily pick and use any previous version of files. It basically creates and saves information about your computer’s system files and settings on a regular basis. This feature saves all the modified files and other data to System Restore Point. In order to restore all previous versions of files, all you need is to use the Windows default Restore Point utility to restore the settings as well as files. By default, it is enabled on drive where Windows is installed, but you can enable it for other drives as well. To enable / disable Windows 7 System Protection, please go through the following steps.Read More

WiFi Connection Speed & Signal Strength Monitor

So you want to connect to the internet while sitting in the cafe or during a conference, you search for WLAN signal and get around dozens of results, what would you do next? Which WiFi connection will you join? Instead of wasting half an hour searching for the best connection that is both unencrypted and has the best signal, you can now find it out much more easily with Homedale.Read More

Email Alert Hotmail Notifier

The whole internet is full of GMail Email Notifiers, even we have covered some here and here. But it is quite hard to find any similar email alert tool for Hotmail. It is a fact that even through it has been rebranded as Windows Live Mail, the name Hotmail is still popular in many countries. Those who registered with this service still have email accounts ending with “”.Read More

BBC iPlayer To iPhone Downloader

iDownloade is a cross-platform tool that allows user to download DRM-free content from BBC’s iPlayer service. It can download both videos in .mov format and audio/songs in .mp3 format. To play the video on the computer, you will have to download Quicktime from Apple. Otherwise copy it directly to your iPhone or iPod Touch.

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Backup USB Flash Drive With FlashBack

Many people carry important data on their USB Drives, while others carry portable software that they can use while on the go. In any case, if you USB Flash Drives get lost or stolen, your data would be lost too obviously. To prevent your data being lost, it is always necessary to make a backup copy of it on the hard disk.Update: FlashBack has been discontinued. However, you can use BackUpAnyWhere to backup your Flash drives at any local or remote location.Read More

WinX Free Video To iPhone Converter

I have tried various different types of iPhone converters, some are too slow, some are buggy, some are crapware, some are adware, and some actually work. From those that actually work I use only one in my daily life.WinX Free Video To iPhone Converter is a simple yet elegant tool that works with just any video.Read More

Monitor Hard Disk With DiskLight.NET

In order to achieve better performance, it is very important that you should keep an eye on the performance of your hard disk. DiskLight.NET is a small user friendly tool which tells you how busy your hard drive is by mimicking the activity of your hard drive LED light. It is a very light-weight tool and does not consume much resources(less than 1 MB of memory). It just stays in the system tray and regularly updates the status information of your hard drive.Read More

Connection Monitoring Monitors Incoming And Outgoing Network Connections

The analysis of your network traffic is vital, ConnectionMonitoring is a small portable tool which observes all the incoming and outgoing network traffic. It was born out of the author's frustration to find a monitoring tool for his small home network without paying hundreds of bucks. This tool is basically designed for small networks only but can be used on medium sized networks too. Since it is a portable tool, all you need to do is run the executable file and it will start monitoring your incoming and out going internet traffic instantly.Read More

How To Increase Icon Spacing In Windows 7

Are you looking for a way to adjust the spacing between the icons on your windows 7 desktop? In Windows 7 now it is possible to increase the space between the icons. Simply go through the following easy steps to increase or decrease the icon spacing.Read More

Download Avast 5 Free Antivirus (Beta)

Today Avast has released the beta version of their upcoming Avast 5 Free Antivirus software for testing purpose only. The full version is expected to hit in October, there is no word if it will be released before or after Windows 7 launch.Update: Avast 5 has been released and can be downloaded here.Read More

USB Flash Drive Cleaner

When you connect the USB Flash Drive to either Windows or Mac OS system, they try to copy some files to it. USBDriveFresher is a free tool that prevents such files from being copied and therefore keeps the USB clean. In other words, it is a USB Flash Drive Cleaner.Read More

Clean/Clear MRU List In Windows 7, Vista, And XP

MRU stands for Most Recently Used, usually it is a term that refers to recently used programs, documents, or functions carried out by users. MRUClear is a free little utility that cleans various MRU lists in Windows. It can come useful for those users who want to protect their privacy.Read More

Customize Google For Firefox

There are millions of users who use Google and it’s apps daily. CustomizeGoogle is a Firefox extension that allows a user to customize the way Google and it’s apps are displayed. You can remove ads, enable filters, use Google suggest feature, add links to other web search sites, and much more.Read More

Download Windows Live Movie Maker 14

Microsoft is set to launch Windows Live Movie Maker 14 today. This latest version will allow HD video editing (16:9), apart from standard definition videos (4:3).

With the latest version you can edit the movies and upload them straight to either YouTube or Facebook(with the help of a plugin), burn them to DVD, and save them in either 480, 720, or 1080 HD video. There is also an option to play videos directly on your HDTV. The whole interface has been revamped and looks different from its old counterparts.

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BitFinder – Duplicate File Remover

You may not realize how many duplicate files you have on your computer, and its not a wise decision to keep them as they are merely a waste of hard disk space. If you search your hard drive then you will surely find many extra copies of documents, MP3s, photos, video, etc waiting to be removed.But you can not perform the search operation manually in each and every folder of your hard disk as this will take ages, give BitFinder a try. It will help you reclaim your valuable disk space and improve your data efficiency.Read More

XPDF – A lightweight PDF Viewing tool In Ubuntu Linux

If you have ever used any Linux based PDF readers then you might have noticed that most of them take a lot of time to render the PDF files especially if the file has high resolution images. Now, you can view your PDF documents quickly with the help of XPDF. It has a very user-friendly interface and it takes a significantly less amount of memory.

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How To Display Text On Windows 7 Taskbar

By default, the Windows 7 Taskbar only displays the icons for the running applications, hence sometimes it is difficult to judge what new applications are running unless you open them. However, Windows 7 allows you to switch between apps icons and apps' icons & labels on taskbar. If you want to show application name along with its icon on taskbar, you can choose to show labels with apps' icons.  It is very simple to enable text to be displayed on the Windows 7 Taskbar buttons. Please go through the following simple steps to enable apps' labels.Read More

Flickr2Frame – Flickr To Digital Photo Frame Downloader

Flickr2Frame is a great little standalone app that allows user to download images from Flickr to a Digital Photo Frame. This app was born out of the author’s frustrations with the Digital Photo Frames, he wanted to keep his parents updated with the latest photos but couldn’t find any app with such a functionality.

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