Add MKV Support In Windows 7 To Play Matroska Video In Media Player

Recently I came across an interesting piece of add-in developed by DivX called DivX Tech Preview that adds support of Matroska (MKV format) to both Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center in both Windows 7.  Microsoft certainly brings a whole of improvement in Windows Media Player. It can now play almost any format seamlessly, but unfortunately it doesn’t play videos in MKV format. So what is MKV format? In layman’s term, it is a high-definition format that can hold unlimited number of videos, audio, pictures, and subtitles track inside a single container.Read More

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010: What’s New?

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010 like it's counterparts has been improved and updated with some great new additions. We are reviewing the noteworthy additions to Microsoft Office 2010 and have written a summarized posts on both Microsoft Word 2010 and Microsoft Excel 2010. Today we are going to give one comprehensive insight into Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. Lets see what new features Microsoft has added to it.

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Switch The Close/Maximize/Minimize Buttons To Left Side In Ubuntu

As you know whenever any window is displayed in Ubuntu, the three universal buttons Close, Maximize and Minimize are displayed on the right side by default. Ofcourse this is standard, but if you are left handed person or just want to change the buttons placement to the left side then this guide is for you.Read More

Comic Books Reader

Comics are a great way of entertainment and also help pass time. Back in old days, people would do anything to get hold of their favorite comic issues. But in today’s digital age, most people visit websites to find and read their favorite comics or books.Read More

Understanding Internet Explorer 8 Compatibility View

Windows 7 comes with Internet Explorer 8 by default in most countries. You might have come across some websites that are not properly displayed in Internet Explorer 8, this is because these websites were designed for Internet Explorer 7. Microsoft has addressed this issue in Internet Explorer 8 with Compatibility View feature which helps make websites that are designed for older browsers look better in Internet Explorer 8.Read More

Tune Up Your Windows 7 By Changing The Process Priorities

Do you think that any particular application is running too slow in your Windows 7? Sometimes the application we are using run quite slowly while other less important apps run perfectly fine, this is because Windows assigns equal priority to every program. You can increase the priority of any application by increasing the priority of it's process, in this way Windows will give more resources to a program who's priority is high. It is very easy to increase/decrease the priorities of any particular process in Windows 7.Read More

Clear And Disable The Recent Documents List In Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu lists the recently accessed documents in the Places > Recent Documents option. You should make sure this option is cleared and disabled if  you don't want others to see your activities. We will address the following two points in this post:
  • How To Clear the Recent Documents List in Ubuntu
  • How To Disable The Recent Documents List in Ubuntu

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Download Unofficial Google Chrome OS

We all know that Google Chrome OS is in development and will hit the netbooks by Q4 2010. But if you want to get somewhat geeky and try out Chrome OS, then you can install the custom-build Linux OS that puts Google Chrome browser at the center of everything.Read More

Hard Drive Powerwash Gets Rid Of All Junk Files In Your Computer

We have covered various cleanup tools, most has focused on removing clutter from desktop and registry. Some even clean up Internet temporary files. But wouldn’t it be better if you could perform a simple advanced cleanup that could remove all junk files left over by programs, log files, drive images, other cluttered files, and internet files in one go?Read More

Microsoft Office Excel 2010: What’s New?

Microsoft Office 2010 has revealed many outstanding features, we are continuously covering that latest additions and tips. You can read a summarized post on both Microsoft Word 2010 and Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. Today, we will see what new additions have been added to Microsoft Excel 2010. Although, it is a fact that Excel hasn't been touched as much as the other major applications in Office 2010, there are still some amazing additions in it. Lets explore them:Read More