Find & Clean Old Files From Your Hard Drive In Windows 7

If your hard disk is cluttered and you are looking for a way to clean some files that are older than any specific date, how would you do it? There are two methods, one by using the default Windows Explorer search feature and the other is using 3rd party tools called Clean Drive and File Searcher. Read More

Is Google Slow? Try Faster Stripped Down Version

When you connect to the internet using your mobile device or some wireless USB internet device on your laptop, the connection can be weak if you are traveling far from the city. Even though Google is quite fast, with slower internet connection the search results can take some time to load. So how do we solve this problem? Read More

Fix Windows 7 Crash

It is quite hilarious to hear when people say Windows 7 is crash proof. Please note that no operating system is ever crash proof and there could be many reasons behind every crash. Back in year 2008, we talked about an application called WhoCrashed which helped user determine the real cause behind the crash. Read More

Download Free Online Comics With Comics Fetcher

There are various online comics websites which are updated daily. If you want to batch download all of them, then it is possible with Comics Fetcher. It grabs all images from the archives but it can only download those comics whose strip addresses are numeric.

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Icon Maker Helps To Make Your Own Icons

Icon Maker is another perfect solution if you are looking to create high quality icons quickly. The requirement is that both dimensions of the source image must be equal and should be either 256px or less. Images of any format can be imported, but the output will be saved in 32-bit color with an alpha channel.

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Free Scan To PDF Software For Windows 7

I have seen various software that allow users to convert their scanned documents to PDF file format, but they all have one problem - they are expensive commercial apps. Then there are some free apps but they come with annoying restrictions. So far I have covered only one possible way to scan multiple pages and then save them as a PDF document. Luckily, I came across Scan To PDF(STP). It is a free tool developed to convert paper documents to PDF files. And guess what? It is portable. It can convert PDF files from scanned documents and JPEG images, you can also mix JPEG images with scanned documents. Read More

Myth: Speed Up Windows 7 Boot Up Time

We are covering various Windows 7 features extensively, but today we are going to debunk a popular myth . The myth is that Windows uses the core while booting up, so by increasing the number of cores via Windows System Configuration you can decrease the boot time. Read More

Save And Restore Desktop Session In Windows 7 With Cache My Work

Suppose a situation where you are running multiple programs, browsers, and are doing your work, suddenly you need to restart your system, what will you do? The best way is to memorize everything that is open during the session and try reopening them after system restart. But this is time consuming and is practically not a good solution. Read More

Windows 7 Batch File Rename, Copy, and Move

Suppose you went on a vacation to Paris, and now you want to move all files from the digital camera and rename them to Paris 01, Paris 02, and so on using this tool. Sadly such a feature is not available even in Windows, this is where 3rd party tools fill the space. Multifiler helps in renaming the files but it can also be a great tool for organizing files and images. And not only this, you can copy and move including Hidden, System, and Read Only files as well. Read More

Tweak Windows 7 Taskbar

Windows 7 does not allow users to tweak the taskbar except changing some default size, choosing the number of jump list items, etc. But what if you want to tweak beyond it? This is where 7 Taskbar Tweaker comes in. Read More

Auto Torrent – Schedule Torrent Downloads

Auto Torrent is a new opensource tool that allows users to schedule a download. This has lots of usage, if you are looking to download the latest version of any series, you don’t need to check it manually anymore. This tool takes care of all downloads. Read More