Collect, Organize, And Share Your Ideas, Notes Or Thoughts Online

It happens with everyone that while using a computer they tend to come across some idea or a thought. Most people note such things on some word processor like notepad. But what if you have to write a note in your office computer, then at your friend’s computer and then finally at your own computer. How would you gather all these thoughts, ideas, or notes in one place? Luminotes is an online wiki notebook organizer where you can note down anything you want and access them online. In short, it is just your online notebook.

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How To Copy DVD Or Blue-Ray To HardDisk For Free

Many DVDs come with copy protection thus making it impossible to copy it to hard disk with ordinary DVD copy software. DVDFab HD Decrypter is an excellent tool that removes all copy protection from the disk and copies the content to the hard disk instantly. It also has support for HD-DVD, and Blue-Ray disks. It removes DVD protections such as CSS, RC, RCE, APS, UOPs and Sony ARccOS, and also removes AACS(Blue-Ray).

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How To Monitor MSN Messenger Chat Activity In Your Entire Network

Do you have a network at home and want to monitor all chat activities of your family members? Sometimes one must monitor the chat activity of their kids to keep them safe. There are many other uses of monitoring chat activities. I have found few software that do such jobs, but nothing comes close to Unipeek MSN Monitor. It is a powerful free monitoring tool designed to both monitor and save chat messages instantly.

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Convert Your Photo Into Painting, Sketch, Drawing, Or Cartoon With FotoSketcher

Do you have a photo and would like to convert it into something more fun? Try FotoSketcher, it is a free little app that automatically converts your photos into art with the click of a button. You can create professional art images, make greeting cards out of them, or simply print them out and hang them in the wall. According to the developer,
Different styles are available: pencil sketch, pen and ink drawing, various painting renderings. You can also improve your original photo with simple tools (enhance contrast, sharpen, simplify image, increase luminosity, color saturation etc...).
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How To Backup And Reinstall Your Windows Drivers With DriverMax

Do you want to make a backup of your drivers in case your Windows becomes corrupted and you need to reinstall it? And when you have installed the Windows, do you want all drivers to be reinstalled automatically without having to manually install them one by one? DriverMax is an excellent software that does exactly this. It helps in both backing up and reinstalling your drivers with a single click.

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How To Increase Your System Performance And Stability In High Load Situations

If you are true geek, there will be multiple programs, processes, browser windows or tabs, etc running on your computer. When you are running multiple applications your computer load increases, when the load is high your system might become unresponsive. To unfreeze your system you should check my previous post, today we will discuss preventing a system from getting stuck in the first place.

Process Lasso, if you have never heard the name before, is a small handy utility that increases your system performance in high load situations, therefore preventing your system from crashing or becoming unresponsive.

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View Complete System, Software, And Hardware Information With Free PC Audit

Did you buy a new computer and want to look out for some system information, or maybe you want to find out the information on installed software? To make sure you have got the right system, you want to check the hardware information maybe? In all above cases Free PC Audit solves the problem for you. It also comes helpful to those looking to update their driver.

This tool is designed to present the maximum information about your computer’s software and hardware in a simple-to-use window.

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How To Find Hidden, Biggest, Or Duplicate Files Inside Any Folder In Windows

There comes a time when the files inside the folder becomes cluttered. The content of the folder becomes so mixed up that it’s difficult to browse. This is where Simple Directory Analyzer comes in. It is a powerful tool that finds, analyzes and then displays the list of all file types in the directory, list of duplicate files, list of hidden files inside the folder. It is also able to sort your files by name, file type, location and size. It also enables you to draw graphs from your collected information. Read More

How To Tweak And Optimize Vista With Ultimate Windows Tweaker

There are thousands of hidden or difficult-to-access options in Windows Vista that tweaks your operating system to your need. There are hundreds of vista tweak UI tools that help you find such options, but nothing comes close to the software I tested today. Ultimate Windows Tweaker is a powerful freeware Tweak UI utility through which you can tweak and optimize your Windows Vista instantly.

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How To Create 3D Models, Animations, Or Movies For Free With Blender

Are you looking for a software through which you can create a 3D models, animations, or movies? Or are you looking for a software through which you can create a 3D game? In both cases, you can use Blender. It is a free powerful opensource tool which I just discovered today. It does a little more than what retail software does, and best of all it’s free. Seems unbelievable, right?

I thought the same thing when I tried it out today, but it surpassed beyond my expectations. Another great thing about this tool is that It’s available for all operating systems.

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Buddi – Free Financial Management Tool That Manages Your Budget

If you are inexperienced when it comes to financing, there are many free software out there that help you in managing your budget. Buddi is a free little app that helps you manage your finance with ease and requires little knowledge to run it. Everybody can use it, weather you want to manage your personal or small business finance, this program will exceed all expectations. Read More

How To Keep Track Of Your Training Or Exercise Performance With DailyMile

Do you exercise daily, keep track of it, or want to get expert advice? Do you want to share your performance with your friends to get motivated further? DailyMile is an online service that lets you track your performance, get advice, find other people who are training in the same category, find nearby races or competitions, share your performance with your friends, and much more.

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Monitor Or Track Your Computer Activity With Super WinSpy

All computers are trackable but monitoring them requires expensive and clunky software. If you are looking to find history of a user activity on your computer but don't want the hassle of having to search them manually in all places, you will find Super Winspy to be a nice little tool that gets the job done. It is a computer activity monitoring utility that is both powerful and free. It has some basic features that lets you monitor your computer’s basic activity such as URL history, Address Bar, Recent Documents, Search History, and more. Read More

WPClipart – Download 23,000+ Free Clip Art Images And Photos

Since the default clipart images that comes with Microsoft Word are not sufficient, there are thousands of free images available that you can use as clipart in your document. But searching for clipart images can be a real pain, since it requires a lot of time and effort.

I recently came across an excellent tool while searching for clipart images for my sister. WPClipart is a free graphic utility that contains more than 23,000 quality public domain clipart images and photos that you can use in Word processors. It comes with a build-in image viewer and editor.

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