Installation & Usage Of Top 12 Media Players In Ubuntu Linux

One of the perks of Linux is that it offers a large numbers of free tools and applications. Ubuntu supports a vast number of media players, below we have reviewed 12 of them along with their installation instructions and usage. The benefit of writing the installation instructions along with a short review is that it helps a user to install multiple apps easily without having to visit the product page. Read More

Display MS Outlook Calendar And Tasks Items On Desktop

If you use MS Outlook to mark your calendar or note some tasks then there is a good news for you. DeskTask is a free tool for Windows that displays all your Microsoft Outlook Calendar and Task items on your desktop. With this tool you can now now manage the Calendar and Tasks straight from the desktop instead of having to visit MS Outlook over and over again. Read More

Manage More Than Hundred Social Sites From Your Desktop With Nomee

Nomee is a unique service that provides a desktop tool to manage all your social sites in one place. It requires you to register and once you have done that the next step would be to create a Nomee card and share it with your other Nomee friends. It supports all major social networking sites, photo sharing sites, video sharing sites, and much more. The main objective of Nomee is to help you manage all your social sites from one simple desktop tool. Read More

Pin Multiple Folders On Windows 7 Taskbar

The most noticeable and immaculate feature of Windows 7 is indeed its taskbar. It is as robust as previous versions of the taskbars and offers a new way of interacting with the applications. You can pin any shortcut so that they can be accessed right from the taskbar rather than the desktop or start menu search bar. But like any other things there is one shortcoming, you cannot pin your folders to it, which you might want to if you access them more frequently. Here is a great way to access your favorite shortcuts right from your taskbar in Windows 7. Read More

Use Gtwitter As Twitter Desktop Client In Ubuntu Linux

GTwitter is a twitter application for Linux desktop. It is quite easy to post, reply to a tweet, read your friend's public timelines, etc. Once installed, its stays in your system tray and gets updates periodically so you don't need to keep your web browser open at all times. Lets see how we can install it in Ubuntu. Read More

2 Ways To Change Default Text Editor In Ubuntu

Ubuntu offers a wide range of text editors, some of them are installed by default and  others are free software which can be installed in a very easy way. If you are uncomfortable with the default text editor of Ubuntu or you want to use your favorite text editor program, then it is not a big deal. Let me share a couple of ways to achieve it. Read More

Batch Create Folders In Windows With New Folder Wizard

If you want to batch create folders in Windows with any numbering, prefix, suffix, etc then it can be quite a pain. New Folder Wizard aims to reduce this pain. It is a free little portable tool for Windows that lets you batch create as many folders as you like, the maximum being 20,000 folders at one time. Read More

Use BleachBit to Clean Unnecessary Files From Your Ubuntu System

BleachBit is a free tool to delete unnecessary files from your system. You can use it to delete cache, cookies, Internet history, logs, temporary files, etc and thus as a result you get plenty of free disk space by getting rid of junk data. It runs on Microsoft's Windows and Linux OS. Followings are steps to install and use it in Ubuntu. Read More

How To View Hidden Files In Ubuntu Linux

Alright, here is a short tip for those users who are new to Ubuntu. Just like Windows doesn't show hidden files by default, Ubuntu pretty much follows suit. In Linux based systems, hidden files  has "." prefix like .htaccess, .bash_history etc. Lets explore how can we view hidden files and folders in Ubuntu. Read More

Screenshoter Takes Screenshot Of Everything In One Click

Screenshoter aims to become a mainstream standalone screenshot tool with minimum footprint and clutter. From games to any application, it can take screenshot in just one click. It is portable utility that can take screenshot of both full screen and selected area. Currently it can only save the screenshot as either Jpg, Png, or Bmp format.

Ofcourse it does not compete in the same category as some major screenshot tools such as ZScreen and others, but is good enough as a stand-alone tool.

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3 Ways To Restart Gnome Without Restarting System

Gnome is a default and user-friendly desktop for Linux based systems. Sometime you can encounter such errors that your Gnome Desktop becomes unresponsive. Usually people  reboot the system to make it work again. Let me share some tips to get your Gnome refreshed without rebooting the system.

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Edit PDF Document In Ubuntu Linux With PDFedit

PDF is currently a well known document type and you often need to edit such documents. PDFedit is an open-source and free tool used for editing PDF documents in Ubuntu. It has very useful features like editing and marking text, drawing objects, inserting pages from other documents, rotating pages, and converting into XML formats. Read More

Fully Configurable Laptop Battery Manager For Windows 8 & 7

We have previously covered PC battery power management tools that allow you to keep a check on your laptop battery. Among them so far our favorite has been Battery Bar, but now a new contender has come that aims to be totally flexible and fully configurable, and yes it also supports Windows 7 / Windows 8 Aero Glass. BattCursor is a free battery management utility that aims to replace the default Power functionality that comes with Windows 8 and Windows 7. The application is highly customizable in terms of changing battery level indicator, system tray symbol, battery icon colors, power profiles, and battery level notifications. Read past the jump for details. Read More

Check Integrity Of Files In Windows

Checking integrity of a file is the best way of telling whether it is corrupt or not? SFV and MD5 are two common formats used to check the integrity of files. Before we begin, here is what Wikipedia has to say about both formats:

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