LongBar – Alternative To Windows 7/Vista Sidebar

LongBar is a tile-based sidebar for Windows. It is based on Windows Longhorn Sidebar. Microsoft later replaced the Longhorn sidebar with Windows Gadgets. Those users who still love the retro Longhorn sidebar can use it once again thanks to Stealth2009 and the LongBar Project Group, who have resurrecting it back from the dead.

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Listen & Download Mp3 Songs For Free

Mp3Search is a newly launched service that has a large database of songs. You can listen and download to any song you want. What it is does is quite simple, it searches for songs in mp3 format in various popular file sharing servers, if it finds any then it will return the result along with two options – Listen or Download. Read More

Microsoft Word To SharePoint Converter

Want to convert a Microsoft Word document to SharePoint(MOSS)? Well now it is quite easy to convert Word documents into SharePoint content. Word To Share(Word To Moss) is a free tool developed solely for this purpose. Since it is an additional feature for SharePoint, you will also find a document(downloaded separately) with complete guide to using it.

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MiniTwitter – Simple & Easy To Use Twitter Client

Twitter is the fastest growing online service these days and according to multiple surveys more than 60% users don’t visit the Twitter page, they control everything through Twitter desktop clients. But if you are looking for a simple twitter client with some very basic functionality, then it is going to be tough.

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How To Enable RAR Support In Ubuntu Linux

We often come across lots of RAR archive files over the Internet and download them to our Ubuntu systems. By defualt the archive manager for ubuntu does not support RAR files and it is unable to work with them. You will need to enable RAR support, if you want to use RAR files in Ubuntu. Its pretty simply, just go though the following simple steps to achieve it. Read More

Wave Cipher – A Unique Way To Encrypt & Protect Your Files

The security of data is vital now-a-days, common tools for securing data use the password protection mechanism. Such a tool simply sets a password on the specific data file, so that a password is required in order to access the data file . But in this way, everyone gets the idea that it is a password protected file. WAVE Cipher is a small and easy to use tool that enables you to encipher and password-protect any file into a harmless looking WAV file. You can also decipher the file back to its original form. Thus your important data file is converted into a wav file and if some one tries to open it, he/she will only listen to some noise. Read More

Free Screen To Video – Save Screencast To FLV/AVI/WMV/SWF Video File

If you are looking for a software to record screen activity and save it to a video file, then you have come to the right place. For the past one year I have been looking for such a software, but couldn’t find any free ones out there. Recently a new tool named Free Screen To Video has launched which is a perfect screencast tool with great video output. Read More

USB Drive Backup & Restore Software

USB Image Tool is a free software that allows user to make a complete backup image of their USB Drive and then later Restore it when the need arises. What makes it unique is that fact that it allows you to create multiple backup images of your USB Drive.

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Download HD Yahoo Movie Trailers

In my previous post I reviewed MOV Download Tool, a program that downloads QuickTime videos(MOV file format). It turns out all trailers in Yahoo Movies site are streamed in MOV format too, but they use QTL format for their playlist which is another QuickTime format. QTL stands for QuickTime Media Link and is not so well-known format.

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Download HD QuickTime Videos In MOV Format

Websites like Apple stream all videos in QuickTime(.mov) format, which is followed by some other websites too. To play these videos QuickTime Player must be installed on your computer, the videos are then streamed by QuickTime web interface. This should come as no surprise since mov format is developed by Apple itself and they usually do their best to promote it. Read More

How To Enable Control Center In Ubuntu Linux

As a computer user you will be definitely familiar with the Window's Control Panel, its a central point to manage many system utilities and system settings. Ubuntu also includes a similar central control point, but its named the control center. Strangely, it is not enabled by default, you will need to make some changes to enable it. Go through the following simple steps to enable it. Read More

YASCU – Yet Another Screen Capture Utility

Yet Another Screen Capture Utility which is abbreviated as YASCU, is a portable tool that allows simple and effortless screen captures. It automatically saves these screen captures in the JPEG image format with a timestamp. Basically it is designed and optimized for the 3S’s size, speed and simplicity. It is no doubt helpful if you are going to create documentations, end user support tutorials, training materials and illustrations, etc. Read More

How To Disable Backup Data Files In Windows 7

Like previous versions of Windows, Windows 7 lets you tweak with core system utilities and change their functions according to your requirements. It includes Microsoft Management Console snap-in called Local Group Policy Editor, which enables you to change System and User Configurations. Apart from Windows core utilities, it allows you to enable/disable Windows features. For example, you can restrict users from accessing Windows Control Panel applets, disable Personalization options etc. You may know that Windows has the ability to backup user and system data files. This setting is enabled by default in Windows 7, but if you don't need the backup and restore function, then go through the following simple steps to disable automatic backup feature. Read More

Smart Way To Lock Your Windows 7/Vista Computer (PC or Laptop)

Most tips revolve around default Windows lock feature, but what if you want to lock the computer the moment you move away and unlock it when you come back? Blue Lock is the answer to this question, but it also works using the default Windows lock feature. The downside of the default lock feature in Windows is that you will have to manually enter the password to log back in over and over again. Read More

Test Internet Download Speed

When you get a new internet broadband connection, the company will mostly calm that you are getting the download speed as advertised, but this is sometimes not true. To verify their calm and to check how fast download speed you are getting from various servers around the world, try DownTester.

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