Analyze Your Data By Creating A Graph From Data Files In Text Format

YoshinaGraph is a free scientific graph utility for data analysis and presentation developed by a Japanese guy named Harukazu Yoshino. According to him,

yoshinoGRAPH has been developed just for myself to handle data of transport phenomena of organic conductors but I wish it also assists you to proceed your own research.

You can make 2D and 3D graphs easily from data files in text format. It is a small file but includes many basic and advanced features. To run this program you must have Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 installed on your computer.

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How To Make/Design Your Own ID Cards Online For Free

EasyIDCard is an online service that lets you design and create your own ID card. You can customize it, add your own effects, and do much more. You can print these cards using your printer for free, or order them online(not free) instantly. It saves you the process of outsourcing the ID card design to some company. Using this site you can easily create as many ID cards and order them online for a small price. Read More

How To Auto Update Your World Of Warcraft(WoW) Addons For Free

Note: This post is for visitors who love playing games, if you aren’t a gamer you can skip this post. I recently came across a tool made specifically for World Of Warcraft(WoW). WoWus is a free utility that detects your WoW game addons and list the addons that needs to be updated, it can also automatically update them for you. There are more than 10 million WoW addicts worldwide and I hope this tool will help someone out there. Read More

Create A Secure And Encrypted Virtual Hard Drive With CruptoExpert

CruptoExpert is a free security tool that lets you create an encrypted virtual drive to store your personal and confidential files. To understand how it works, you should first understand the concept of mounting an image file. What this software does is creates a secure image file, you can mount this image file and copy/paste your information easily to the virtual drive, and later you can unmount it. Mounting an image file means creating a virtual drive, when you mount an image, it’s content is shown in the virtual drive, i.e any information stored in the virtual drive is actually stored inside the image file. Nobody can access the image except you, since it requires a password.

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How To Suspend, Shutdown, Hibernate, Or Restart Your Computer After A Specified Time

TimeComX is a great utility which I came across recently, it puts your computer into different states after a specified time. It also works as an alarm clock with your own customized music. Suppose a file is downloading and it will complete after two hours, you can specify your computer to shutdown after two hours by using this tool. You can choose to play a sound after a few hours so that you can know that the task in your computer is complete, or it can just work like an alarm clock. Read More

How To Convert Real Media(RM/RMVB) File To Other Video/Audio Formats

RealMedia is a propriety format developed by RealNetworks, the parent company behind the popular RealPlayer. The extension of RealMedia is .rm and it can only be played in RealPlayer. RealPlayer is now almost obsolete but there are many users who are left with RMVB video files that are in RealMedia format which cannot be opened in any other media player. The options for them is to either stick with RealPlayer or convert them to other video formats so they can be played on their third party media player of choice. The above is not only true for media players; numerous devices and applications don’t support RealMedia file formats, this is where file converters come in to help. So far I have tried to convert many real media files to both video and audio formats using numerous tools but failed to get good results. RMVB Converter is a powerful real media file converter that seamlessly converts to other popular video and audio formats without compromising on quality. Read More

How To Search/Find And Download English Movie Subtitles With SubLight

There are hundred of websites where you can find subtitles for movies, but it is going to be an impossible task to search on all websites one by one, it is difficult to even memorize their names. Sublight is a powerful windows tool which enables users to search and download movie subtitles for free. It display the results in a list where you can preview the subtitles and download the one which is more suitable.

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How To Batch Rename Multiple Files And Folders In Windows Instantly

You come back from a trip after taking hundreds of photos, all these photos have names which are a combination of both alphabets and numbers. Now you want to batch rename your photos, there are tons of free tools through which you can do this but there is one tool that stands out from the rest. ReNamer is a powerful batch rename utility which allows you to quickly rename your files and folders in the most easiest way. What makes it stand out from the rest is the feature which allows you to add rules. Update: For more advanced renaming tools, check out FileGrinder and Advanced Renamer. Read More

Find Out Which USB Device Was Connected To Your Computer And Prevent Data Theft

USBDeview is a free utility that lets you check which USB devices are currently connected to your computer and also you can see which devices were connected before. This is the first thing to do when you feel that your data or information has been breached. It can be helpful in many ways, if you have an office computer and feel that someone might have accessed and copied some data from your computer, you should install this tool and find out the complete details. Read More

Download Free Music Albums From With BitTorrent

Are you in the mood to listen to some music today? We recently found a free website called, where you can find, discover and share music albums with the community for free. You can browse music either with album or artist names, all music can be downloaded with bittorrent. The service itself does not host any of the music. It helps users share and find both albums and artists quickly. Read More