NoDrives Manager Does NOT Properly Hide Logical Drives

Recently a few tech blogs covered a tool called NoDrives Manager that can hide the local drives. According to them, it can be used to hide important files that we don’t want others to access. The problem here is that this tool is not the best way to hide your important files. Be warned and do not use this tool to hide sensitive files. Read More

Clear Office 2010/2007 Tracking History

Do you want to protect your Word, Excel, or PowerPoint history? Are you afraid that some hacker can steal your documents via tracking history on your computer? eSecure Delete is an add-in for both Office 2010 and Office 2007 that can delete all computer tracking history straight from your Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document without having to leave it. Read More

Secure Folder – Secure Word & PDF Documents

Secure Folder is a newly developed lightweight app that allows users to quickly secure important files. There are two modes - Low Security and High Security. The low security mode allows users to encrypt the files so that they are not accessible over the network. While the high security mode can password protect the app so that no one is able to access the files(including other computer account holders)
Update: Secure Folder for Windows has been discontinued. However, you can check out Cryptor and Secret Data Manager to protect your files.
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Search Amazon Products By Price

Amazon Search By Price is a small add-on for Firefox that lets you quickly search for any products between a specific price range. Unlike other add-ons, it is 100% accurate and doesn’t show the products that are outside the defined range.
Update: Amazon Search By Price has been discontinued. However, you can use Ookong to check price history of products and get price drop alerts from Amazon.
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Download Facebook Photos

PhotoGrabber is a dead-simple portable tool that can quickly download all your photo albums and all photos where you have been tagged. Suppose there are 100 photos out there in various friend’s albums where you are tagged, this tool will download them all.

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DirectX 11 GPU Benchmark Test

Windows 7 comes with DirectX 11  pre-installed, Microsoft has made it available for Windows Vista as well. If you bought a new DirectX 11 compatible GPU card and are looking to perform a benchmark test then give Heaven Benchmark a shot. Read More

RcTunes – Control iTunes From Remote Computer

RcTunes is a small app that allows users to control their iTunes music playback from any computer over a remote network. If you want to control the iTunes on your main computer that is connected to home theater from any netbook or laptop, then this app will do the job.

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Windows 7 App Launcher SE-TrayMenu

SE-TrayMenu is a free light-weight tool which sits in the system tray and lets you access the most commonly used applications from a simple interface. You can consider it to be an alternative to the Windows Quick Launch feature. It also lets you specify the global hotkeys to access everything you want with one click. Read More

Optimize & Boost Solid State Drives For Longer Life

Solid State Drives have been in the market for the past few years and have gained popularity with the passage of time. Their working mechanism is different than the normal drives as these drives don’t have any moving parts. While a traditional drive has drive motors to spin up the magnetic platters and the drive heads, solid state drives uses solid-state memory. This is why these drives  ensure less power usage, faster data access and higher reliability. Read More

Windows 7 Virtual Desktop Manager

WindowsPager is not a new tool, but the latest update brings seamless integration to Windows 7. It is an opensource portable pager utility for Windows that creates four virtual desktops(also called virtual workspaces).

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Secure Password Storage Is Free Password Manager

Secure Password Storage is the LastPass for Windows desktop. For those who don’t know, LastPass is the popular Firefox password manager add-on. Secure Password Storage has been developed for the easy password storage and retrieval with maximum encryption. Update: AddictiveTips now recommends LockCrypt, a free awesome password and information manager for everyone. Read More