Batch Watermark Images

We have previously covered three tools that allow users to batch process their images, Image Tuner, ImageConverter, and Modi. Apart from various other functionalities in these apps, there is also option to add watermark to images. But this option doesn’t allow us to control the exact watermark in the image. Read More

Backup Any Folder to Dropbox, Without Moving It

Dropbox is a great way to automatically backup your data and get access to it from anywhere with an easy to use web interface. It even provides you with a full history of changes (added recently) and a versioning system, so you can always get back that accidentally overwritten file. Your free 2GB is extendable to 5GB just by inviting others to the service (the invitees get themselves another 250MB for free as well).

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Office 2010 Upload Center

Upload Center is a small tool that comes with Office 2010. It is in fact, a part of Save To SkyDrive feature we discussed earlier. When you upload multiple documents to your SkyDrive account, they are all added in Upload Center. Read More

Compress Files In Windows 7

Suppose you want to send a file to a friend over email, instant messenger, or via an online file sharing site. The quickest way would be to compress files to reduce the size, but rather than downloading a 3rd party tool for this purpose we will use the build-in Windows compressed (zipped) folder feature. Read More

Dwm.exe Process – Desktop Window Management

What is Dwm.exe?

Dwm stands for Desktop Window Manager, and is used to add graphical effects to your Windows Desktop like Transparent windows, live Taskbar thumbnails, Flip3D switcher etc. This process was first introduced in Microsoft Windows Vista and is now inherited in Windows 7 as well. Read More

Write Disk Caching In Windows 7

When you connect any storage device in Windows, you see a small icon in the system tray called Safely Remove Hardware And Eject Media. Most users have to first eject the device from here before unplugging. If you do not eject it, there is a high chance that the data could be lost since Write Caching is enabled by default.

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FlashRecall – Don’t Forget Plugged In USB Flash Drive

Did you ever forget the USB flash drive behind while leaving the computer in hurry? Since I use the laptop this hasn’t occurred to me yet but I have seen many corporate users in such situations. Once you plug-in the USB Drive, finish your work and leave, there are high chances that you will forget to unplug the USB and take it back home. Read More

Remote LAN Wake Up Tool

Wake-On-Lan means to turn on any computer over the network by sending it a small command. Network Administrators usually use Wake-On-Lan tools to turn on computers over the network before accessing/repairing them. Jimmy’s Magic Packet is a simple tool that allows network administrators to quickly wake up any computer via the MAC Address.

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Split Large XML Files Quickly

There are various tools that allow users to split large files, but what if you are looking to split a large XML file? XML stands for Extensible Markup Language and is the backbone of various modern document formats. Split That XML or OOXP Splitter is an opensource portable tool developed for only one purpose - splitting large XML files while keeping child-parent relationship, cardinality and XML validation intact.

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Disable Ease Of Access Button In Windows 7 Logon Screen

Windows 7 users might have noticed the Ease of Access button on the bottom left corner of the logon screen. This button allows you to use the Ease of Access features such as the narrator, magnifier, high contrast, on-screen keyboard, sticky keys and filer keys right from the logon screen. Read More

DISM – Command Line Tool To Manage Windows 7 Features

The Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool (DISM) is perfect for IT professionals and power users that want to manage the Windows components without using the GUI. It is a built-in utility in Windows 7 and Windows 2008 Server which lets you  manage windows features from the command line. It helps developers to handle many common system features and they integrate its commands into their scripts. Read More

Windows 7 In A Box Is An All-In-One Tool

Are you one of those users who have upgraded from Windows XP or any other OS to Windows 7? Chances are that you will be frustrated to find various features, settings, programs, and build-in tools. While you take a week to get familiarized with Windows 7, Windows 7 In A Box can help in the meantime.

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