Windows 7 Media Center Browser

Media Browser(formally known as Video Browser) is a personal media aggregator that runs on Microsoft Media Center platform. In layman’s term, it is a media aggregator plug-in for Windows 7/Vista Media Center that takes all you recorded, digital, or ripped media and presents you in a simple and easy-to-use interface.

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Clean Up Text File With Text Cleanser

Have you ever received a document or text file containing redundant junk characters? Does the text contain lots of Asterisks, Hyphens, Empty Spaces, etc? If all of the above are true, you have come to the right place.

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Search/Find Files In Multiple Locations

Multi Path Files Finder is an app for network administrators who want to search for files in multiple UNC paths and local paths. If you are an average computer user and don’t know what UNC stands, this is probably not for you. Read More

Faster Google Analytics Code

After Google announced Public DNS to speed up URL resolve time, Google Analytics rolled out a new tracking technology called Asynchronous Tracking. There are reports from webmasters that Google Analytics tracking code can sometimes stop responding and slow down the overall load time of the website. Read More

Google Quick Search Box In Windows 7 Taskbar

So many people have asked about the small Google rectangular icon next to Windows 7 Start Orb on my taskbar that I have finally decided to publish this post. Originally, Windows Quick Search Box was introduced for Mac only, but Google has included it as part of Internet Explorer 8 toolbar too.

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Auto Login And Lock Windows 7

Personally, I find the feature of Windows allowing users to disable the logon screen, totally unsecure. When you enter the password on the logon screen, it takes some time to load windows explorer and all startup programs. This can also be quite annoying and time consuming. So what is the solution? Read More

Download Picasa Photo Albums

Developers tend to take advantage of Flickr’s popularity, this is why you will find many tools related to it, but now Picasa is growing at quite some fast pace too. Today we will review two opensource tools which allow users to download photo albums from Picasa.

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Is My Computer Free Of Virus? Find Out With Norton Security Check

Norton Security Check is a free online service which tests your computer’s exposure to a wide range of online threats. If you don't have any antivirus or malware detection software installed, then using this free online service will give your system a through scan to  find out if it is infected with any malware or virus. It also helps in determining the internet security needs. Read More

Microsoft Office Publisher 2010: What’s New?

Microsoft Office Publisher is a well known application by Microsoft which lets you create brochures, postcards, newsletters, websites, e-mails and much more. Millions of people are using it to manage all their marketing activities. We are in the process of reviewing the main products in Microsoft Office 2010, such as,  Word 2010, PowerPoint 2010, Excel 2010, Outlook 2010 and OneNote 2010. Lets see what new additions have been made to Office Publisher 2010. Read More

Stop/Prevent Installation In Windows 7

Recently I got an email from a reader who asked,

I'm a Mac user; my family has succumbed to the price wars and bought a PC with Windows 7. I have created a user account for my 8yr old son who quickly downloaded Google chrome! How can I prevent users from installing software? Any suggestions?

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Free Up Memory In Google Chrome? Purge Memory

Google Chrome’s Task Manager is quite handy, it can be launched by hitting Shift+Esc hotkey. It is useful in a sense that you can easily end a certain page(process) without having to crash the whole browser and restart it. Chrome is able to handle it well because it assigns a separate process to each page, thus making it faster. Read More