Microsoft Excel 2010 PowerPivot


PowerPivot(formally known as Project Gemini) is a great analysis tool from Microsoft which can be used in both Microsoft Excel and SharePoint. It adds great computational power to your excel sheet and provides fast manipulation on large data sets(often in millions of rows), and streamlined integration of data. Once you have achieved faster results in your massive excel sheet then you can use SharePoint to share it further.Read More

Windows 7 Dependency Service Failed? View Group And Other Info

When your Windows boots up, various services are started as well. Those services that are dependent on other services or functions are called dependency services. If you are getting Windows 7 dependency service failed error is is probably because an important service has been disabled mistakenly by you, due to a wrong update, a malware software or a virus.

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FLVPlayer HD – Adobe Air FLV Media Player

FLVPlayer HD is a cross-platform FLV(Flash Video) media player developed on Adobe Air. Ofcourse VLC Media Player, Media Player Classic, GOM Player, etc are all able to play flv video files, even the default Windows Media Player in Windows 7 can play .flv format. But in some cases(very few) if the video or audio is lagging, then you can give FLVPlayer HD a shot.Read More

Microsoft Office 2010 Document Inspector

The Document Inspector feature of Office lets you check your document for hidden properties and personal information. As the co-authoring feature of Office 2010 is quite famous and many users work on the same document at the same time, it is a good idea to use the Document Inspector before you share an electronic copy of your Office document, such as in an e-mail attachment.Read More

Outlook 2010 Tips: Disable Attachment Preview

Microsoft Outlook 2010 has a feature that allows you to preview the attachments and documents if the handler is available for that particular file type. This feature may not be of any use to many users, since it can slow down the process of viewing an email(only if you have a low to medium-end computer).Read More

PowerPoint 2010 Tips: Change Default Slide Number

Whenever you create a new presentation, PowerPoint numbers it as default. If you are working on a larger presentation and other members are also involved, and lets say for example that your assigned portion of the task begins from slide number 10-21, then you will need to modify the default slide numbering mechanism of PowerPoint.Read More