Download Photo Albums From Facebook Using A Firefox Plugin

There are times when you need to download your friend’s photo albums on facebook. Some might argue that it is a breach on one’s privacy, but i disagree. Suppose you and your friend go out for a trip, he brings the camera and take photos all the way, finally he uploads them to facebook and tags you. Now you want to download these photos, instead of downloading them one by one you can save plenty of time by downloading the full album with a single click. FacePAD is a free Firefox extension that lets you download any photo album from facebook instantly. It is dead simple to use, once you have installed this add-on, right-click the Album name and select Download Album with FacePAD as shown in the screenshot below.
Note: FacePAD for FireFox has been discontinued.
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iExporter – Export iTunes Playlist With A Single Click

Alright, not a single click, but with maybe three clicks you can easily export your iTunes playlist and listen to your music on any other player. iExporter is a free portable opensource tool that lets you export your iTunes playlist instantly. Even a five year old can export the playlist using this tool, seriously.

Note for those who don’t know what exporting means: When you export the playlist, you are in fact exporting the mp3 files which you can play on any other media player.

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Set Different Wallpaper/Background For Each Monitor In Multi-Monitor Setup

If you have a multi-monitor setup, then you know how hard it is to change wallpapers or background colors for each desktop. Windows will automatically extend the wallpaper in the first monitor to other monitors as well. If you want to keep different wallpapers for each monitor and change them frequently then it is almost impossible to do it from within Windows.

Wallmaster is a free opensource tool which allows you to set different wallpapers and background color for each monitor in a multi-monitor setup. If you have two monitors with different resolutions, it will automatically resize the wallpaper for each one of them. It can be used as a complete replacement for Windows Desktop Background option, even if you don’t have a multi-monitor setup.

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How To Remove Obsolete Or Unwanted Items From Windows Registry

Sometimes when you uninstall a program and the uninstaller turns out be be corrupt, you have to manually remove the program from your computer by deleting the folders and shortcuts. But how will you remove registry items? Some of these registry items are left due to program errors, misapplied registry hacks, etc. Problems also arise when users transfer or delete programs without realizing that many registry entries are aiming to the old location. When such unwanted registry keys are left untouched, it can directly effect your computer’s stability and performance.

There are many registry cleaners out there like CCCleaner, etc, but one tool has recently garnered my attention. Little Registry Cleaner is a free opensource utility for cleaning obsolete or unwanted items from Windows Registry.

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How To Upload A File To Multiple File Hosts At Once For Free

Looking for a way to upload a file to multiple file hosting providers at once? We all know how hard and time wasting it is to upload the same file on multiple files hosts one by one. Gazup is a free online service that lets you upload any type of file to nine different file hosts at once. These file hosts include, RapidShare, MegaUpload, FileFactory, MediaFire, zShare, NetLoad, UploadBox, Badongo, etc. This is how it works, you upload a file to Gazup server, it then mirrors the files to multiple file hosts, and finally shows you a unique download page.

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Dexpot – Free Virtual Desktop Manager For Windows

Do you have tons of work and want to manage them easily? When you open multiple programs, the desktop gets cluttered which effects the workflow. This is where Dexpot comes in, it is a free virtual desktop manager that lets you create up to 20 different virtual desktops. For example, by default there are four virtual desktops, you can use one for browsing, one for presentation, one for chatting, and one for some important office work. You can switch between these desktops easily with a simple hotkey.

Below is an example of four different virtual desktops running on my computer.

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How To Zoom And Draw During Presentation With ZoomIt

Giving a demo of a software/service or giving a presentation is very common these days, but to understand them properly is not easy. ZoomIt is a free tool that lets you zoom and draw while giving presentation or a demo, in other words it enlightens your presentation so that it can be easily understandable.

It sits on the system tray and can be activated by using custom hotkeys. Press Ctrl+1 to activate zoom and start zooming in/out using the arrows keys or mouse wheel, to finish zoom mode press Esc.

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How To Convert Text To Speech Online For Free

Ivona Online is a free online service that lets you easily create a voice from any text. All you have to do is to enter the text and click Play button, and it will start reading the text line by line automatically. There is no limit on the number of words you can enter. If you are a webmaster or a blogger, you can use it to give your visitors a choice to listen to your posts. You can select the voice which you want to use in the speech, there are currently five different voices available: Jennifer(USA), Eric(USA), Jacek(Polish), Ewa(Polish), Carmen(Romanian). I prefer Eric since his voice is louder and clearer. Read More

How To Split Your Monitor Into Multiple Display Regions With Maxto

Maxto is a free tool that lets you split your monitor into multiple regions. It can come helpful if you want to keep track of multiple applications or want to work on 2 or more projects simultaneously, in other words this can be used for multi-tasking which can save you hours every day. It can also work on your second monitor if you have a dual-monitor setup.

When started for the first time, the program will load in the system tray, the screen will be grayed out and you will be shown options to either split the screen vertically or horizontally, you can split the space as much as you want.

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How To Reinstall Trial Software After Trial Period Has Expired

One of our reader asked a simple question, “Do you have any idea how to reinstall trial software? (after trial period)?” A simple Google search shows that most people are looking for it’s solution. I have two methods which you can try, one of them should definitely work.

Method 1: Backing Up Registry

Most trial software add a key in your system registry by tweaking it. When you uninstall a software after it’s trial period has expired, all files are deleted except the keys in the registry. Therefore when you try installing it again, it detects the key and gives you a message like for e.g, “Your trial period has expired”. So the best way is to make a backup of the registry before installing any trial software. And when finally your trial has expired, you can uninstall the software, restore backup and try installing the software again. I have written a post explaining the steps of making a backup of your registry. Read More

How To Customize The Command Prompt(cmd) In Windows Vista/Windows 7

Do you like the default Command Prompt screen in Windows? If not, then you can customize it to your needs by changing the layout, font, and color. There are many reasons why users customize their command prompt, some increase the width because they have to write long codes, some change the size of their fonts to look bigger, etc. The default command prompt style is too common these days, to make mine different I changed the background so that it can match the Windows 7 wallpaper on the desktop.

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How To Remove All Effects Of A Virus From Your Windows System

If a virus attacks your system, the first thing you will do is to remove the virus with an anti-virus software. But what then? Your system will still likely to remain corrupted. This is because some types of viruses usually tweak the system registry and file systems. If you remove the virus, your system registry and file systems will still remain corrupted. Virus Effect Remover is a free opensource tool which helps you to remove the effect of viruses from the Windows Registry and File System easily. Also it can detect the registry error caused by a virus.

You must have noticed that some viruses disable task manger, registry editor, folder options, etc, you can use this tool to enable them back instantly.

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Image Resizer Powertoy Clone For Windows 7 / Vista

Image Resizer 2.0 is a clone of an original Image Resizer Powertoy build for Windows XP. This clone has been created to extend the support to non-XP and 64-bit versions of Windows (including Windows Vista and Windows 7). What are Powertoys? They are additional programs that developers work on after a product has been released. This tool adds Image Resizer in the Windows right-click context menu making it easier to resize an image with a click of a button. Read More

How To Convert Zune Playlist(.zpl) To Windows Media Player Playlist(.wpl)

Microsoft’s free Zune software is a great place for managing your music collection, for $15 a month you can have access to unlimited music downloads and 10 DRM free downloads every month.You can download and manage your music playlists, but these playlists are not compatible with Windows Media Center. ZplToWpl is a free opensource tool that converts Microsoft Zune playlist to Windows Media Player/Windows Media Center compatible playlist.

My Advise To Microsoft: Making Zune playlist compatible with Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center gives users a choice to listen to their music anywhere they want. Wonder why nobody is buying Zune? One reason among many is that it’s not compatible with other Windows Media software, so for God’s sake fix this issue fast.

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How To Split A Webcam Between Multiple Applications Easily

You cannot use your webcam with more than one application at a time and there is no such option in Windows to make it possible. If you want to collaborate between multiple people who are in multiple IMs, then you will need to split your webcam. SplitCam is a free virtual video clone tool that connects multiple applications to a single video capture source. At maximum you can connect 64 clients to a single video source. In other words, it splits the video stream coming from the video source and tunnels it to numerous other client applications such as ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, Skype Video, Camfrog, AOL AIM, Pal Talk, etc.

Just install and run this tool, click Video, and select your webcam from the list of available devices  as shown in the screenshot below.

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