Windows 7 Command Prompt Supports Drag & Drop

Here is a short tip for those who don’t know. The Windows 7 Command Prompt now supports drag & drop of files. Which means that to enter the destination of any file you can just drag & drop it into the command prompt window. Update: I have seen this functionality in Windows Vista as well, but thought it could help those who are migrating from XP. But now a commenter points out that this functionality is available in Windows XP SP3 too. Read More

Windows 7 Security: What’s New ?

Microsoft is very confident in boasting that Windows 7 is the one of the safest operating systems. Windows 7 has enhanced many features from Windows Vista, some noteworthy improvements have been made to Windows 7's Security. Lets see what’s new in Windows 7 security. Read More

SetteMaxer For Windows 7 – A Simple Tweaking Tool

SetteMaxer is a light weight portable tool which lets you perform a handful of simple tweaks. It lets you perform common windows tweaks with a single click otherwise you would have to manually edit the registry or follow tiresome steps to get the same results. Read More

How To Disable IPv6 In Windows 7

You might have heard about IPv6, it is the latest address protocol that will eventually replace IPv4. From Windows Vista onward it has been kept enabled by default, but it is also a fact that IPv6 is not yet common and many software, routers, modems, and other network equipment do not support it yet. So it may be a wise approach to disable it for now. We can also disable it by simply unchecking it from the Local Area Network Properties window, but this is not a permanent way to get rid of it. It gets enabled again once the system is restarted, so in order to permanently disable it, open the registry editor in Windows 7 & Vista by clicking Start, then type regedit and hit Enter.

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Scan Short URLs With AVG Link Scanner

Short URLs are no doubt very useful, but the biggest downside is that you never know where they are pointing towards. Hackers can easily exploit the users by sending them short links which can steal their information. How would you know which short url is safe and which isn’t?

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Adjust Delay Time For Windows 7 Taskbar Thumbnail Live Preview

In Windows 7,  if you hover the mouse over any running application's button in the Taskbar, it shows the thumbnail preview of the running application with a close button. And if you hover your mouse cursor over the small thumbnail, Windows shows a live preview of the running application and it makes all other running applications windows transparent. If you are looking for a way to adjust this live preview delay time then this post will help. Read More

Microsoft SharedView – Share Desktop Screen

Microsoft SharedView is a great screen sharing  tool which is used to manage small meetings, as it lets you share your desktop, applications, or documents with 15 people at the same time. One of the perks of this utility over the other desktop sharing tools is that it works perfectly through routers and firewalls. All you need is a Window Live ID! Read More

Free Standalone Subtitle Converter

If you have written a subtitle for a movie and your media player fails to play it, then this is because the format of your subtitle is not correct. Different media needs subtitle of different formats, this is where Easy Subtitle Converter comes in.

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PlayOnLinux – Install Windows Games And Software In Ubuntu Linux

You might not want to switch to Ubuntu from Windows because you think that you will not be able to play many of your favorite games on Ubuntu or that your favorite windows program might not work there. Guess what? This is no longer an issue as Linux has done a lot to facilitate and provide windows programs. Read More

Windows 7 ReadyBoost – Boost Your System Performance

Before reading this post, I would recommend that you first skim through our previous posts here and here. The ReadyBoost concept was first introduced and used in Windows Vista, it has been inherited to Windows 7 along with some note-worthy enhancements. Lets see what ReadyBoost is and how we can configure it in Windows 7. Read More