Make ISO CD Image From Folder

ISO Creator is an opensource software that allows anyone to create an ISO CD image from a folder. You can also create ISO with virtual files if a tree representing a directory structure is given.

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Small Portable Minimalist M3 Music Player

M3 is the smallest portable music player you will ever come across. Combined with minimalist user interface, it is perfect for carrying on a USB drive. It contains no menu, simply drag & drop a music file and it will start playing instantly. Drag multiple music files and they will be added to the playlist.Read More

Enable Scheduled Optimization Of Windows Media Center

If you are a big fan of the Windows Media Center and want it to run smoothly then you should schedule the optimization. The Windows Media Center performs optimization itself to make it run more smoothly, please note that during the time it is performing optimizations, you can not use it.Read More

Windows 7: Run Batch File Before Sleep & On Wake

Windows batch script file a.k.a BAT file is used to hold a set of commands that are to be executed in a sequence in order to achieve one specific task. Many software developers like to create simple bat files for their applications before actual deployment to check whether major modules of the application work or not, so that end-users do not encounter issues while running the application package. Windows 7, just like previous versions of Windows, natively supports BAT files, and allows users to create and edit BAT files to perform required set of operations without going through the hassle of manually launching the programs or running the commands.Using BAT file is easy, as it just requires you to enter valid commands with source and target path to execute them. If syntax is followed and command path is valid, Windows quickly interprets the commands and runs them as specified by the users. Keeping the vast usage of BAT script files in mind, vbtrek developed an open source application for Windows called Windows 7 Suspend/Resume Control that allows you to run batch files before system goes into suspend state as well as after you wake the system from sleep state. Both supported modes are optional, which means that you can choose to run BAT file either before sleep,  after you resume the system state, or both.Read More

Microsoft Office 2010 Converter

Gone are the days when we needed 3rd party tools to convert Word documents , Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations to other formats. The Microsoft Office team has finally added useful formats to which you can convert your documents. Yes, Office 2010 has a build-in converter and is no other than the ‘Save As’ option.

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Disable Protected View In Office 2010

By default Office 2010 will open documents in protected mode that fail validation, have been downloaded from the internet, are located in potentially unsafe location and include attachments. Protected view opens the document in read-only mode thus minimizing the exposure to some potential security threat.Read More

Outlook 2010: Information Rights Management

Information Rights Management is a free service from Microsoft which sets specific permissions on your sent emails. If you want that no one should be able to print, copy or forward your sent emails to someone else, then all you need to do is sign up for the Information Rights Management Service. Its very simple, the only requirement is a windows Live ID!Read More

Microsoft Office OneNote 2010: Improve Battery Life

Microsoft OneNote is one of the best note-taking applications, it comes bundled with Microsoft Office. We have covered a detailed article on OneNote 2010 here. You will be astonished to read that if you keep the default OneNote settings while running it, it may significantly effect your laptop’s battery timing because it runs several operations in the background such as indexing, notebook syncing and handwriting recognition. These can place an unnecessary strain on your battery if you don’t need these constantly running.Read More

What Is BCSSync.exe Process? Business Connectivity Services Client Cache

Recently I got an email from the reader asking about a new start up item running called BCSSync.exe /DelayServices. Before we talk about BCSSync.exe process, you should know about Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Business Connectivity Services(BCS). BCS uses a cache to store copy of external data that is required by BCS solutions that are deployed on Office client applications.Read More