Power Admin – Manage Computers & Access Windows 7 MMC

MMC stands for Microsoft Management Console and is a build-in feature that provides an interface for network administrators to configure and monitor systems. For network administrators, monitoring the systems over network, accessing MMC, and working with various snap-ins can be quite a daunting task. Read More

Install Bluetooth Driver In Windows 7

Recently we came across a useful app that can get your Bluetooth device to work with Microsoft Bluetooth Stack. If you have a Bluetooth device who’s driver fails to install in Windows 7 rendering your Bluetooth adapter useless, you can give this app a try. Read More

Batch Resize & Export Photos To Digital Photo Frame [Live Photo Gallery]

Digital Photo Frames are getting very popular nowadays, they can also be frustrating sometimes due to lack of functionality. If your photo frame supports a SD card, USB stick, or any other type of memory card, and doesn’t have the ability to stream photos directly from your computer over WiFi, you must be frustrated loading new photos(resizing and copying them manually).

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Repair/Fix Windows 7 Black Screen

The latest security updates from Microsoft are causing Some malwares can cause black screen to appear after the Windows boot up. This problem has not effected everyone, it is occurring for some Windows 7 and Vista/XP users only. The problem has been nicknamed ‘Black Screen of Death’. Update: It turns out nobody has observed the Black Screen yet and Microsoft Security Response Center has found that November Security Updates have not made changes to the Shell key in the Registry. But the methods listed below might fix the Black Screen problem if any malware has infected your computer and shows a black screen. Read More

Convert Your iPhone Into Wireless Laptop Numpad

The most selling laptops in the market have 15 inch screen, they all lack the numpad because there is no space to fit in. The netbooks are selling like hotcakes and same is the case with them. I didn’t find the need for numpad until I started working with Office Excel 2010.

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Fix Outlook 2010 Problem: PST File Repair Tool

Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 is quite stable but not perfect, if your PST file becomes corrupt then you will need a repair tool to fix it. PST stands for Personal Storage Table(also referred as Personal Folder File) and is used to store all your Inbox, and other information. If it becomes corrupt, then your Inbox will also get corrupted. Read More