Free Microsoft Project 2010/2007 Online Viewer [.MPP Viewer]

Microsoft Project is a project management software that is branded as Office but is not available with Office suits, it is always available separately. We have discussed about viewing Word(.doc/.docx), Excel(.xls/.xlsx), PowerPoint(.ppt/.pptx), PDF(.pdf), and other popular documents online, but what about Microsoft Project(.mpp)?Read More

Notifier Plugin For Skype And Free Voicemail Logger

Maxa Notifier for Skype is a small plugin for Skype that is brilliantly outstanding. It makes the overall Skype experience more seamless and easy. It notifies you audibly when a contact’s state changes, thus making it easier for users to keep track of Skype when away from computer.Read More

Office 2010: Fix Office Document Cache Error

Some people are getting the Document cache error while playing with their favorite office application. Those who upgraded from the Office Technical Preview to Office beta are facing this problem and the core reason behind this is that the office cache also needs to be upgraded. If you are for any reason getting this error, the quick steps listed below will instantly repair the problem.Read More

Increase Windows 7/Vista Copy Speed With Talent Copy

What happens when you copy 500+ files together to another destination in the same hard disk? In Windows Vista and Windows 7, it could take forever depending on your system’s performance. By default, both OS use the default number of threads to copy the files. Even though Windows 7 copy speed is a bit faster, it is not enough for most users.Read More

How To Enable Remote MySQL Access In Ubuntu Linux

MySQL by default allows you to connect to it via localhost, you can not connect and make changes to it by directly connecting from some remote IP address. But it is a very common task, you often need to enable remote mysql access in order to access mysql server remotely.Read More

Bin Manager – Delete Old Items From Recycle Bin

Windows Recycle Bin lacks the feature to delete items on the basis of time. For example, if you wish to delete items which have been in the recycle bin for last 7 days, then there is no such feature available. Try Bin Manager, a small application which allows users to delete items that were moved today, yesterday, 2 days ago, 3 days ago, 7 days ago, or 30 days ago.Read More

Hide Windows 7/Vista/XP Taskbar With Taskbar Hider

If you want more space on your desktop, then it is recommended that you should keep your taskbar on auto-hide. The Taskbar Hider is a free, light-weight and portable application which hides the Windows taskbar with a shortcut key, a great way if you want to hide the taskbar manually.Read More

Windows 7 Desktop Cleanup Wizard – Clean Desktop

For those users of Windows 7 and Vista who miss the desktop cleanup wizard of Windows XP, here is an app which performs the desktop clean up operations for Windows 7 and Vista. Clean Desktop scans & detects desktop items which have not been used in the last 30 days and lists them down. You then have the option to delete them.

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Backup Microsoft BizTalk Server 2009 With BizTalk Backup

Microsoft BizTalk server is one of the most commonly used application servers which is used for the interoperability of multi-platform systems. BizTalk Server 2009 empowers customers to make informed business decisions. It provides Real-time data from geographically dispersed, yet integrated systems. If you are using BizTalk then let me introduce you to a free command line utility called BizTalk Backup which backs up the BizTalk application server.Read More

Ping Terminal – Graphical Tracert Ping Tool

You are probably already familiar with the ping utility, it lets you check whether the remote network host is live or not. Tracert is involved in the troubleshooting of network issues between two hosts. Ping Terminal provides you a graphical user interface to perform ping and tracert tests.Read More

Auto Update To Google DNS

Some users have reported an increase in browsing speed after switching to Google DNS. The usual method of switching the DNS to Google DNS is to change the Primary and Secondary Server IP. If your ISP has provided any other DNS it is recommended to back it up and this is exactly where the problem arises.

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Auto Change Windows Desktop Background

Those looking for a nifty little user-friendly desktop background changer should give DesktopSlides a try. What makes it stand out from the rest of similar tools is that it is free of any bloatware, takes minimum system resources, and allows user to filter wallpapers by screen ratio or screen resolution.

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