Desktop Google Translator

Geniale Translator is an Adobe Air app which unlike AIRTranslate has far more options. It has the text editor which is geared towards IT workers and almost everyone else. AIRTranslate is good for simplicity but if you need a professional desktop translator, then Geniale Translator takes the prize. Read More

How To Restore The Default Settings Of Start Menu In Windows 7

If you have performed some tweaks with your Windows 7 Start menu and messed up the settings and don't exactly remember how to revert back to the original settings, then this guide is for you.
Note: This post is targeted towards those users who have upgraded from Windows XP and are new to Windows 7.
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Speed Up OpenOffice With Simple Memory Tweak

If you are a Linux user then the best available native tool for word or document processing is OpenOffice. It works great and has fulfilled the needs of industry professionals over the years, lets see some great tweaks which you can apply. Read More

The Easy Guide: Sync Subtitles Using Subtitle Workshop

There are various techniques and tools that allow users to sync subtitles. Most users who are looking to sync subtitle with a movie are no computer experts, they are common users who need a quick solution. In this post I will follow the step by step guide which will help you sync the subtitles with a movie. In short, the whole process is quite easy. Read More

RegShot Now Supports 64-bit, Works With Windows 7

RegShot is a great portable tool that allow users to quickly backup and compare the changes in registry. If you don't know it already: it's the best alternative to making a quick (customizable) snapshot of you system's registry and files (can use file checksums), do some changes and then compare the differences. Gives nice undo/redo registry files, an HTML report of the changes and the option to save the snapshots. It helps users find which changes have been made to the registry by any software. Read More

6 Ways To Free Disk Space In Windows 7

Disk space matters a lot, if you are running short of disk space then its important that you should consider removing unnecessary files, programs, and features, so as to avoid consuming more space. Let me share some common ways to free up space in Windows 7 without using any third party tool.

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Disable The Maximize-Minimize Windows Animation In Windows 7

The Maximize-Minimize window animation was first introduced in Windows Vista and has made its way to Windows 7 as well.  No doubt it is a cool feature and give a sleek eye-candy look and feel, but on the other hand it really isn't as important if you running a low-end computer. Disabling this effect is really easy and as a result it will make it more speedy and responsive. Read More