neoSearch: Index & Search Shared Folders On The Network

The build-in Windows 7 Start Search is great for quickly finding a program or file, but not perfect. One of the biggest headache is that it cannot index shared folders in my Home network. Ofcourse there are plenty of 3rd party tools that can come to the rescue, one that recently gained my attention is neoSearch.Read More

Amazon Collection Manager & Explorer [Desktop]

Explorer Plus is an opensource desktop tool for the purpose of managing, exploring, and keeping track of all your Amazon collections. If you make purchases frequently and want to keep track of what you have purchased so far, then this app is for you. It allows anyone to browse the collection of books, movies, music, and games quickly.Read More

Quickly Select Complete Column and Row In Excel 2010

Want to quickly select entire current row or column in your Excel sheet to perform the a set of actions over all the data values present in the selected row and column? Often, while working on an Excel spreadsheet, users require to select the current entire column or row to perform required operations over all selected data values. This can be easily done using the mouse; all you need is to select the required row or column header in order to select the row/column, but wouldn't it be easier if you could select the required column or row using a hotkey combination? Luckily, Excel 2010 lets you select a current row or column with a simple shortcut key. Using Shift + Space on keyboard selects the whole row, while using the Ctrl+Space will quickly select the current column, letting you perform the operations over the entire row/column without having to move the mouse. If you select current row and then use the shortcut to select the current entire column, Excel 2010 will automatically select entire sheet including both the rows and the columns. However, if you wish to quickly select the column after selecting the row, first unselect the selected row and then press Ctrl+Space to select the curent column.Read More

Live Downloader [Windows]

We have seen many sort of downloaders, both desktop and as browser extensions that can grab videos from selected sites only. Live Downloader wants to replace them all. It is a desktop tool that can download both streaming video and audio/music regardless of the site they are on.Read More

View All Existing Name Ranges In Excel 2010

Name Manager is responsible for managing all the specified name ranges in Excel 2010. All you’d need is to bring it up and view and manage all the name ranges. You can edit them, create a new name range, and delete all the existing name ranges. To check all the existing name ranges, head over to Formulas tab and under Defined Names group, click Name Manager.Read More

BBC iPlayer Downloader

iPlayer Downloader is a nifty little app that can download DRM-free video(h.264) and audio(mp3) files from the BBC iPlayer service by pretending to be an iPhone. Downloading video from BBC iPlayer has been the toughest piece to crack and Paul Battley solves the problem by making an app that pretends to be an iPhone, a method that is both witty and clever.

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Excel 2010: Zoom Selected Portion

If you’re working on a huge spreadsheet which contain a lot of data sets, you may want to zoom-in selected area to focus on single data set. Excel 2010 offers Zoom-In selected area option which can help you edit the content easily without having to adjust the screen manually.Read More

Make Skype Auto Reply & Get Contact Message Alerts

VoiceGear Contact Alerter is a plugin for Skype that adds auto reply and notification features. You can set different alerts and auto reply messages for every contact, giving you more control on each one of them. There are four main features of this app - Contact Status Alerts with Text Popup and Sound Notifications, Contact Reminders, AutoChat, and Last Seen Status Info.

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Hide Chart Plot Area In Excel 2010

Excel 2010 offers a lot chart-specific features and tools which you can use to overhaul the chart in a way you want. Many a times it is not necessary to show the chart plot area, Excel also allows user to conceal Plot Area to make your chart look more clean. To do so, head over to Chart Tool Layout tab, from Plot Area drop-down menu, click None.Read More

Windows Encrypted Disk Detector

Encrypted Disk Detector is  a free command-line utility which checks mounted logical volumes to determine if they are encrypted. At the moment it only checks for TrueCrypt, PGP, and BitLocker encrypted volumes.Read More