Manage iPhone Music, Videos, Photos, Mail, SMS Without iTunes

Using iPhone as a USB disk, having SSH wireless access, custom ringtones, and many other benefits are something that the jailbreak community has long enjoyed. But what if you’re one of those who like to keep it original, or loyal to Apple, or just don’t want to jailbreak for whatever reason. What solution can you adopt?Read More

Disk Space Fan Is Awesome Eye-Candy Disk Analysis Tool

From time to time we need to analyze and find the files and folders that are taking the most space. Windows will only show the amount of space that is taken and free in a local drive, but it is impossible to determine which folders are taking the most space, specially when you have hundreds of folders with thousands of files.Read More

Import MySQL Database From phpMyAdmin To MS Access

phpMyAdmin is used for storing databases, with simple and dead easy interface, you can handle MySQL databases in a convenient way. But when it comes to exporting data to novice-user oriented applications, it doesn't support direct data migration. If you are looking for way for data migration/transfer from phpMyAdmin to Microsoft Excel or Access, then this post may help.Read More

Backup MySQL Database To Local Server

MySQL Backup Tool is an open-ource application built to backup the MySQL database. Unlike other MySQL DB retrieving application, it has a snappy interface and much easier to use. What makes it a stand-out app among the list, is the ability to back-up databases in different structures and provides security option over the backed up data to mitigate the probable of vulnerability and eventually makes database more resilient from any unauthenticated use.Read More

Excel 2010: Data Input Forms

Excel 2010 provides Data Input Form that helps users fill cells more easily. It enables user to create a Form for entering data, which saves a lot of time by providing a simple interface in which you can enter the data without hassling of scrolling the window and search records for editing. The Data Input Form feature lets you fill all the cells' values of a single record quickly. With this feature, you no longer need to move to the required cell in the spreadsheet manually and enter the data. Furthermore, it lets you move through the entered data using the next and previous buttons. You can easily edit the data, delete a record and create a new record from within the data input form dialog box.Read More

Excel 2010: Data Validation List

When you are working on a datasheet inputting the same type of data in the cells, it would become very monotonous to type same data over and over again. To prevent typing same data, you can make a list of data that will be used for any number of times, Excel 2010 provides a  Data Validation feature which is very handy for making lists.Read More

Excel 2010: Name Range

Writing formulas are easy in Excel. Sometimes, you need to deal with big datasheets and complex formulas, it could create a chaos, especially when accessing data by specifying its cell location. Excel 2010 built-in feature Name Range will help you in this regard. By using it, you can specify the name of the datasheet portion and then use it in the formula more easily and without hassling of remembering cell locations.Read More

How To Manage Your Twitter Following

If you’ve been using Twitter for quite a while, you may have noticed the huge number of people that you are following. You may also have a lot of people that are now inactive, or don’t use the service altogether. Such clutter can make it difficult to keep track of who you should actually be following. Read More

iPhone Control Through Camera Gestures – Apple Patent Reveals

Patently Apple has brought forth an interesting piece of information. A patent filed by Apple, published Feb. 25, 2010, by the US Patent and Trademark Office, reveals that Apple is considering a design to help users of iPhone control their incoming calls and voicemail by simply swiping their finger over the external camera lens.Read the excerpts from the published patent below.Read More

Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Mobile Comes To iPhone

The Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Mobile application for iPhone and iPod Touch has hit the iTunes AppStore.Acrobat Connect Pro Mobile lets you attend meetings on your iPhone and iPod Touch. You can watch and listen to live presentations including real-time presenter webcam video and screen-sharing demonstrations. See who is in attendance at any given time, and share ideas through live text chat. Meeting audio can be received via a VoIP broadcast using WiFi or 3G, or if on an iPhone, you may join a telephone conference call as well.Read More

Windows Search Indexer

We know that the default Windows Indexing and Search feature is quite slow, Everything and neoSearch are both excellent 3rd party tools that can quickly index your files and perform a quick real-time search as you type. There is however another tool that has been left in the dark called Index Your Files.Read More

Embed Data Sheet From Excel 2010 To Word Document

Excel 2010 includes a feature that helps users to embed and link different objects. OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) is a technique to insert data from one app in to another and update data accordingly. In this way, by using and linking the object of one application, we can make an updated copy.Read More

Excel 2010: Data Validation (Restricting Data)

In Excel 2010, by using Data validation feature you can ensure the data-type integrity by enforcing users to enter valid data from the range you selected. You can also write your own input message that appears before entering data, it helps users to acquaint with valid entries and error message that appear in case of any invalid data entered.Read More

Record Audio And Video In Office OneNote 2010

Microsoft OneNote 2010 allows users to record audio or video files, which is very useful to capture audio/video content that enhance or complement the content of your note. It facilitates users to record lectures or explanation of complex processes during meetings along with writing the notes. For audio & video recording you need to have a microphone and web-cam respectively.Read More

Advance Tweak Windows 7 & Vista With Vispa

Windows 7 and Vista tend to overload with features that a casual user barely ever needs, or even knows about. Specifically, these operating systems quite frequently communicate with their parent servers, and other servers like Apple, Google, etc when you have their apps installed, without the user’s consent or knowledge. This ‘snooping around’, while mostly harmless, would still not be preferable for most.Read More

Gizmo Central: Utilities For Windows Power Users

Gizmo Central is a set of utilities that simplifies day to day computing, and adds some color to it. It contains a set of modules that allow a user to perform various tasks from the convenience of cool-looking toolbars, and customize them as per his/her liking. This tool is basically aimed at power users, and contains some essential features like image mounting to a virtual drive, file encryption, database management, script runner etc.Read More