Browse Online Videos Socially From Desktop

With the advents in all kinds of social media, video sharing has become more and more popular. Take Facebook’s video sharing for example, it has become so easy to find and share videos of your liking with your friends and family. Even the most popular video hosting services like YouTube, Metacafe,, etc seem focused on bringing any user ‘recommended’ content based on the user’s viewing preferences.Read More

Easy Way To Learning New Languages With EasyWords

Learning a new language has never been an easy task. Not only does it require lots of practice, but also paper, ink, books, dictionaries and guidebooks involved. But wouldn’t it suit the tech savvy in you if you can learn a new language at the same time when using your PC. That was the thought behind the creation of EasyWords, a language learning assistance tool.Read More

Remove Unwanted Toolbars From Your System

Browser toolbars can become a real nuisance. Not only do they add clutter but also hijack your search engine, browser homepage, etc, and some are persistent enough not to let it get changed again. Then there are those who do not bring any useful functionality at all, except reducing the browser’s own speed as well as consuming internet bandwidth. When these toolbars are removed, they often leave behind traces, not getting entirely uninstalled from your system.Read More

Delete Flash Cookies Completely From The System

Cookie or shall I say, HTTP (Hyper Text Markup Language) cookie is a file carrying string of text holding private information. While surfing through the web, filling in forms, submitting login credentials, your web browser starts piling them up. This whole phenomena poses a serious privacy concern, as anybody can extract important info & breech confidentiality barrier.Read More

Remove Zune Software Completely

As name implies UnZoone is an app designed to completely remove Microsoft Zune software from the system. The main reason for using this app is Zune installation package includes multiple value-added apps. Upon installation, these apps get installed automatically along with registry keys & LIB files including numerous DLLs.Read More

Easily Move/Resize Windows On A Netbook [Windows]

Moving windows across your desktop isn’t something difficult at all, unless you’re using a netbook. Here, the small screen size combined with the smallish touchpads makes window management a real nightmare, with often the user getting frustrated at not being able to click at the right space, or the title bar of a window not being displayed in particular. For all such events, AltDrag is an ingenious solution.Read More

SnailSync: Sync Computers With Slow Internet Connection

Every time we come across a new sync tool, it promises extra features and options, and look more appealing than the one’s we tested earlier. Considering the fact that Sync tools are abundant these days, primarily due to comparing & syncing files is an irksome job to get along. Out of multiple options you have to sync files, SnailSync really stands firm, as it comes with simple IDE layout, easier to use interface, and most importantly ability to find the differencing files and make a single compressed file out of it. According to the developer, it is a perfect tool for synchronization of distant computers with slow internet connection.Read More

Windows 7 History: Recent Places

Just like Favorites, there is a feature in Windows 7 that is quite useful. Recent Places lists all folders that the user has visited in the past. It is like a recent history list similar to what most 3rd party tools offer. Provided that it is not filled with many features, it nevertheless does a great job in displaying the last visited places very accurately.Read More

Advanced Outlook Security

To decide whether to disable Outlook Security alerts or keep them turned on is rather difficult, as they consistently informs us about potential security threats and risks. But these security alerts could really get annoying at times, when it starts popping-up with unwanted and superfluous security risks & threats. To cope up with this, Advance Outlook Security may provide you a better solution to deal with the situation. It is a small but extremely powerful add-in, solely built to replace default security alerts. In layman's term, it gets rid of annoying security alerts.Read More

Rooted Android 2.2 Froyo Ported To Desire (DeFroST) [UPDATE]

[Update: May 31, 2010]Finally there is another build of this DeFrOsT rom, that has a functional Bluetooth and also all apps from the Market are now accessible. Previously ver 0.1 of DeFroST didn't possess these operations. You can download this new ver 0.4 DeFrost Full ROM here.  This version also doesn't require you to WIPE or Hard-Reset your Desire.Finally a developer named richardtrip has ported the rooted Android 2.2 Froyo to HTC Desire, which he named DeFroST. It is a semi-working built for those who can’t wait for their Desires to upgrade OTA.Read More

Samsung I897 Specifications

Samsung is really coming out with some absolutely intriguing Android devices since last week. Another powerful device has been spotted which is considered to be AT & T’s huge leap in the prevalent Android Smartphone market.Read More