Download Missing Album Art For Your Music Collection

If you’re a music fanboy like me who is very conscious about organization of their music library, and particularly fond of Album Art (you have to admit, the wonderful iTunes and iPod cover flow looks bland without it), this tool will certainly appeal to you. Album Art Downloader is a free, open source software that does just what its name suggests: downloads album art.Read More

Generate Secure & Safe Passwords With PWGen

In the world of digital data and security, passwords play one most critical and important role. Your entire privacy, your data security, your secrecy and anonymity mostly is defined by the strength (or weakness) of your password. Most people prefer to use simple, easy to remember passwords, without considering that these are generally the easiest ones to break. Also, if you use the same password for everything, you’re again compromising yourself.Read More

ALLSubtitleSearcher Is Better Tool For Searching Subtitles From Context Menu

The developers behind ALLPlayer have come up with a new tool, one that brings convenience to subtitle search process. Yesterday we brought you Subtitles 1.0, a nice little utility that allows searching for any movie subtitles from Windows Exoplorer right-click context menu. ALLSubtitleSearcher, too, does the same, but with a more attractive interface and with more automation, automatically downloading the subtitle file into the same folder as that of the movie.Read More

Unlock Your Locked Domain Accounts With Lockout Fixer

When you talk about unlocking domain accounts, Microsoft’s tool Lockoutstatus.exe might pop up in your mind, but the tool lacks in telling about audit failure logs. Lockout Fixer is a small free portable application which not only helps Network administrators to unlock the domain locked accounts, but also tells about audit failure logs, written at the exact time of bad password or account lock out.Read More

How To: Install Game Center On iPhone 3G/3GS And iPod Touch iOS 4

The Game Center app was introduced in iOS 4 GM edition, but was excluded from the final and public release of iOS 4 for iPhone 3G/3GS and iPod Touch units shipped with iOS 4. If you have switched from iOS 4 GM to iOS 4 and miss Game Center after the update, fret not! While Apple may want to deprive you of it, we are here to help. Yes, you can still get the Game Center app on your iPhone or iPod Touch, but there is a catch - your device must be jailbroken. Wanna learn more? Read on.Read More

Download TED Videos With TED Grabber

TEDGrabber is a brilliant opensource application that generates link to every TED video which can then be downloaded easily. Once all video links are generated, you can export the list and use them to download video with any Download Manager.Read More

Free Windows Security Software Downloader

SSDownloader or Security Software Downloader is a portable opensource application that allows user to download multiple popular security software, both free and paid, from an easy-to-use interface. In layman’s term, it is a batch security software downloader.Read More

LG Ally Root Finally Achieved

We've got some good news for LG Ally owners who were looking to root their handsets in order to load custom ROMs and perform hacks or mods. LG's full QWERTY side-slider has finally been rooted successfully and you can root your device right now to enjoy unrestricted access to the Android device. Read on for more.Read More

Access Android Market From Your Computer

All you Android users out there, we've got some great news for you !The life of us Android users has just become much easier, as Google has finally decided to roll out a web interface of its Android Market, bring us access to the collection of all the hundreds of thousands of apps right from our web browser. To learn more about the latest website of the Android Market, read on after the jump.Read More

How To: Fix iPhone 3G/ 3GS And iPhone 4 iOS 4 Exchange Sync Problem

When iOS 4 was released recently, there were many users (including us) who rushed into the excitement and upgraded their iPhone 3G/3GS to iOS 4. However, soon some quirks were discovered, in addition to the known limitations of Apple's latest OS on the previous generation iPhones (like lack of multitasking etc.) One of the quirks with this upgrade was that many users were no longer able to  use Microsoft Exchange sync for synchronizing their Mail, Contacts and Calendar entries with their devices. In addition to this, some users who were able to do so complained of syncing at very slow speeds. If you are amongst the users effected by this problem, we have a fix for you. For details and the complete method, read on after the jump.Read More

Cisco Cius Specs And Price

The tablet world is booming ever since Apple released the iPad but there's a new entrant in the market that seems to blow out all competition. Yesterday, Cisco launched Cius – a new Android based high-end business tablet that boasts the most impressive hardware spec sheet for any tablet currently out there, and if marketed properly, it may become a major contender for the competition, capturing big-time tablet market share. More details after the jump.Read More

Install Multiple Versions Of Firefox With Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection

Mozilla Firefox, being the powerful web browser that it is, also happens to be one of the largely used ones. So much so that web developers often have to keep in view how a certain webpage would get rendered by the Gecko engine, the technology behind Firefox. With many versions existing and each having its own uses, it has to be taken into account that all versions of the popular browser are able to display the page as it should be.Read More

Redo Backup & Recovery – Live CD That Recovers Your Hard Drive

With the importance of digital data and information exponentially increasing in our daily lives, the need to keep data safe has increased manifold. Cloud services like DropBox and Microsoft’s SkyDrive are part of this family, while commercial system imaging solutions like Norton Ghost and Clonezilla make localized snapshots of your entire system, again preserving data. So why should one need a new backup and recovery software? Why Redo? Because sometimes, the most popular solutions don't cater to a specific scenario, and Redo is one tool which fills in just that gap, pretty neatly, too. Let's find out just after the break.Read More

Export Outlook Data In CSV Format [Outlook Backup]

As far as build-in Outlook 2010 export feature is concerned, it severely lacks data migration in bulk. Considering this downside, Code Two Outlook Export is a small yet powerful add-in which lets you easily export Contact list, Email information (dispersed in columns), Calendars’ items, Notes, etc, in CSV (Comma Separated Values) format. Furthermore, it can exports all the data spread in different fields. To foster that, you can specify as many export fields as you want from pre-defined list and can create a customized field for holding required information.Read More

Quick Launch Installed Programs Using Hotkeys [Windows]

One of the best ways to increase your efficiency is to minimize the time consumed between switching programs. This can also hold true when you have to locate a file buried deep down somewhere in your file structure. Not only these steps can slow you down, they may also cause frustration where you have to remember everything manually.Read More

Search Movie Subtitles From Right-Click Context Menu [Windows]

Here’s one program that would appeal movie buffs. Before I get into this, let me clarify that AddictiveTips does not in any way support or promote piracy, copyright infringements and illegal downloads of movies. However, since this software, Subtitles 1.0, can also search subtitles for legitimately purchased or rented titles from, say, Netflix, we consider it worth a review.Read More