Confirmed: Android 2.2 Froyo Update For HTC Desire Will Bring 720p Video Recording And iTunes Sync

Yesterday we reported that Android 2.2 Froyo OTA update for HTC Desire users in Europe will be rolled out. But it seems as if the update is delayed until this weekend but the good thing about this delay is, that you will be able to record HD 720p quality videos on your unlocked European HTC Desire. This is simply awesome as 720p recording is the most craved for feature in all high end handsets including the iPhone 4. Read More

Add Applications As Favorites To Quickly Kill Their Processes In ProcessKO

Killing an application’s instance needs multiple steps to be taken, as it is required to open Task Manager, find the application’s instance and finally end the hanged process. Although application crash is a common phenomena, it does not happen much frequently with stable applications. If you are a developer or a software tester, then you may need to close the ceased processes of the application being tested. To shorten the time to kill its process, you can make use of ProcessKO, which provides a wonderful way for this sole purpose. Read More

SiteVerify Displays Visited, Non-Visited And Dead Links In Website

Validating each anchor tag in your website is a cumbersome job, especially when you're maintaining huge content over your blog or even on a simple static website. SiteVerify is a simple application to check anchor tags, which are referring internally to other pages/links of the websites. The main usage can be observed in an instance when you’d need to validate all the links and find out the dead ones. Read More

Cas Creates A Collage Of Images

Cas is a freeware which lets user create a collage in JPG format of all specified images. It indexes all the images into one, albeit indexing is comprehended differently, here it is simply referring towards creating a huge image which shows all the specified images in thumbnail size or of whatever size you choose. Despite being an image index creator, it also allow users to insert the image file name with its respective image in index image. Read More

Mareew Free Eraser Deletes Files Permanently From Hard Drive

Mareew Free Eraser is an application that pledges to remove files without leaving any traces back and make them completely non-recoverable. Deleting the file in orthodox way does leave some traces and let anyone retain data back by using a staunch data recovery tools. According to the author, it is especially built keeping in mind the importance of maintaining confidentiality of the data even after deleting it from the system. Read More

Samsung Galaxy K Specs And Price

Finally there is some exciting news for Korean Samsung Galaxy S Fans because a Galaxy S variant : Glalaxy K will soon be available on SKT. The device has some key differences from Galaxy S, despite being similar in many ways. If you are interested in buying one of the two but are confused on which one to go for, we have the detailed specs of Galaxy K right here for you, along with the key differences there are between this phone and Galaxy S. For details, continue reading after the jump. Read More

Disk2vhd Creates VHD And Allows Script Creation Of Virtual Hard Disks

VHD stands for Virtual Hard Disk, it is Microsoft’s Virtual Machine disk file format, which is used to hold physical drive content to install/run on Microsoft Virtual PC or Hyper-V VMs. Tools that can convert specified part of physical hard disk into VHD format are not abundant, and some which are made open to public have relative complexity levels. Disk2Vhd is one simple tool to create VHD version of physical disk to use in MS VMs (Virtual Machines). The distinctive part is that you can run this application on online systems as well. Read More

How To: Install Official Android 2.2 Froyo On HTC Droid Incredible

Finally there is some interesting news for HTC Droid Incredible users waiting for their OTA Froyo update to go live. In case you have a rooted Droid Incredible, then you can flash this ROM. This custom ROM for the Droid Incredible is actually based on the Android 2.2 Froyo OTA Update leak. The ROM chef has added Super User, Busy Box and certain other add-ons in order to enhance the usability of this firmware. Read More

TaskmgrPro Shutdown Scheduler Integrates With Windows Task Manager To Schedule System Shutdown

TaskmgrPro Shutdown Scheduler is an application which integrates with Windows Task Manager to let users schedule Windows shutdown and other related functions such as Restart, Hibernate, Windows Logoff, Lock, and Monitor Off/On. You can set a timer to trigger the specified functions and let it forcibly close all the running application after the countdown ends. Read More

Quickly Switch Network Settings With NetCon Manager

NetCon Manager is a simple utility which lets user create multiple profiles to carry different network settings. It comes useful in instances when you are required to use specific type of network setting with different IP address, gateway, and especially DNS server address. It allows you to create profile on-the-go without having to change the settings manually, which is a bit tiring. You can instantly switch to other profile having specified network settings and create as many profiles as desired. Read More

How To: Root Motorola Droid X With One Click

Life gets easy for Motorola Droid X users as they can now root their devices with a relatively easy rooting guide. This guide is far simpler and easier than its predecessor which required you to have comprehensive rooting and command interface knowledge. Here is the step by step guide on rooting your Motorola Droid X easily. Read More

Sophos Windows SEPT Prevents From Malicious Shortcuts And Protect Against Microsoft Vulnerability

Considering the fact that all Windows versions have serious security vulnerabilities and are highly prone to malicious programs, code snippets, patches and scripts. They all are potentially dangerous and can have destructive implications. Windows icon handler however improved a lot, but still has loop holes and lacks in verifying malicious shortcuts as threats. Sophos Windows Shortcut Exploit Protection Tool addresses the very same problem by installing a new icon handler for Windows shortcuts to validate whether they are lethal for the system or not. Read More

Shotty: Screen Capturing Tool Supporting Aero-Glass Effects

Screen capturing tools serves greatly in getting your chalked-out procedure across and to make your audience understand a complex task. Windows build-in screen capturing function is not feature-rich and lacks many important options. Shotty is a full-featured screen capturing tool. The most prominent feature it offers is that it supports Windows Vista and Windows 7 Aero-Glass effects and take screenshots with semitransparent border along with active window’s shadow. It also provide an array of features like; cropping the taken image, caption image, marking specific area, inserting text, etc., with an option of uploading images to eminent image hosting websites. Read More

Swiff Player Plays SWF Files And Can Be Used As Alternative To Adobe Flash Debugger

Adobe Flash Professional suites are extensively used for creating animations and application applets, these applets are generally exported into SWF (Shockwave Flash) format to embed into Web pages. Adobe Flash Professional suite offers a simple debugger to run SWF files separately, but this poses a question that what if you need to run SWF applet without having to install Adobe Flash suite or using a debugger. This is where Swiff Player comes in handy, it is designed solely to run SWF animations and application applets while supporting hardware acceleration for experimental purposes. Read More

MF Shutdown Manager: Schedule System Shutdown, Restart, Hibernate & Perform Other Related Tasks

Scheduling system shutdown and other system functions comes in handy especially when you’re downloading or installing a big package which doesn’t require much attention but a lot of time. In such situations, MF Shutdown Manager may lend a helping hand to schedule system shutdown, locking workstation, system restart, hibernate, toggle monitor off/on and lot more. It lets user set a timer to trigger the specified task and offers numerous other useful features such as; system cleanup, monitor power saving, etc. Read More

Moo0 Anti-Recovery Erases All The Recoverable Data

It is recommended to permanently delete all the data before selling out the system, but permanently means that deleting the data without leaving any chance of recovering it back. As there are many staunch recovery tools are available, thus there is always stand a chance of  recovering the data. Moo0 Anti-Recovery is a free tool which ensures that precious data would not be retained in any possible way. Read More

TreeSize Free: A Simple Tool To Analyze Disk Space

Disk analyzers shows the complete anatomy of the system by allowing user to view size of each folder, analyze disk usage, and provides other features to optimize disk working capacity. TreeSize, however, not full-featured disk analyzing utility, but lets user view the size of files & folders in a structured tree. The shining part is that it integrates with right-click context menu, allowing user to launch it anytime to view size allocation of each folder and file. Read More

NetRouteView Is A GUI Alternative Of Windows Build-In Route Utility

Windows has a build-in utility for checking and modifying the default network route called route.exe, which can only be used in CLI based environment. Considering the need of having simple interface to view routes, NirSoft's NetRouteView is a free portable application, which is a GUI alternative of Windows route utility. As user-friendly environment is always preferred, it displays all the routes on your network in multiple columns. The informatory columns provides information like; Gateway, Mask, Interface IP address, Protocol type, and lot more. Read More

Enhance Employee Productivity With EasyTime

It can be difficult to figure out if your employees are productive enough. EasyTime is a free application that helps determine the productivity of employees. It works silently in the background and determines the time an employee spends while executing different tasks on the computer. Read More