Unblock Blocked Attachments In Outlook 2010 / 2007

Emails are prone to viruses and malwares and one can easily embed malicious code in them. Outlook provides an optimal way to prevent users and lessen the vulnerability by blocking some files’ formats which can easily get infected. This poses a question that what if you are sure of the sender and need to access blocked files. Code Two Attach Unblocker is an Outlook add-in which allows user to unblock list of file formats which are by default blocked.Read More

WinGuard Pro 7: Block Software Installation, Lock Task Manager, Windows Explorer, & More

WinGuard Pro 7 is an application that allows you to password protect a program, folder, and drives, lock task manager, windows explorer, and block software installation. On launch it requires password-setup, where you can use the default password too. Password protecting any program is fairly simple, hit the Protect a Program or Website link from Welcome tab or directly access it from Access Control tab. It will list major applications which you can lock by putting a password. You can also put password on any current running tasks, click on Browse button, select the task from the list and hit Lock.Read More

How to: Downgrade iOS 4.1 to iOS 4.0

Yesterday we reported that iOS 4.1 has been released and many of the users have already updated their iPhone 3G/3GS, iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 2G/3G using iTunes restore. The jailbreak turnaround was really quick with this iOS update as the jailbreaking procedure remained unchanged for iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G on iOS 4.1 with redsn0w 0.9.5 Beta 5.

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Strip, Replace, Deduplicate, Prefix File Names With Bulk File Manager

Despite the fact that many programs have been contrived especially to bring ease in managing files and folders yet there is a need of an application for performing batch operations over enormous sized data. Bulk File Manager is built solely to address this very need. It is a simple application which enable users to perform multiple operations over the set of files in specified location. The primary goal is to add a prefix to set of files, remove a repetitive text from files’ names, replace text, and remove all duplications.Read More

How To: Jailbreak iOS 4.1 On iPhone 3G With Redsn0w

iOS 4.1 Beta ( developers Only) version has been released and now is available for download Via apple developers website. There is some good news for iPhone 3G users who have already updated to the latest iOS 4.1 and are looking to jailbreak their devices. The latest beta of iPhone Dev Team’s redsn0w can jailbreak your iPhone 3G running iOS 4.1 like it did for the iOS 4.0.Read More

View And Inspect Network Traffic with SmartSniff

SmartSniff is a portable network application developed by NirSoft to view and inspect network traffic which passes through your network adopter. It captures all TCP/IP packets of network traffic and represent them as the sequence of conversation between clients and servers.Read More

eFuse Will Make Motorola Droid X Root Extremely difficult

Motorola Droid X is set to go public tomorrow and without a doubt this handset is an excellent high-end Android device. Mororola Droid X might sound pretty interesting to any regular Android user with high processing power and 8 MP camera etc, but there is some bad news for Android fans who like to root and flash custom ROMS on their devices. Motorola has introduced eFuse which can permanently brick your phone in case you try to acquire root access or try to flash a custom ROM.Read More

Paragon Go Virtual Free: Advanced Migration and Virtualization Tool For Windows

Paragon Go Virtual is a tool that allows you to migrate from physical hardware platform  to virtual environment.  It lets you to convert any physical system running Windows (later than 2000) with all applications, settings, and user configurations as it is to a virtualized system. It has a build-in support for eminent virtualization tools such as VMware, Microsoft Virtual PC and Oracle Virtual Box. Read More

Calculate Your Monthly Mileage With Monthly Mileage Calculator

Monthly Mileage Calculator is an application which stores all mileage information in a small database. It can track visits per date, visits per location and total mileage easily. Pretty useful if you work for a company which requires extensive traveling. You can either calculate it for personal records or because you want reimbursement from office at the end of every month or week.Read More

BulkFileChanger: Change File Attributes In Bulk

BulkFileChanger is another useful application from NirSoft which lets you change multiple attributes and meta information of all sorts of files which mainly includes; Last access, Modified , Created date, etc. It comes useful especially to keep track on files having different dispersed attributes by allowing user to edit files’ properties. For instance; if you’d need to change the file(s) attributes copied/moved on specific date, changing each property is a tedious job, you can change the meta information (properties) stored in them by making use of this application.Read More

PowerArchiver 2010 Is Free Compression And Archiving Utility

PowerArchiver is one of the best compression utility out there developed by ConeXware. They’ve recently changed tracks and are offering their eminent product free for personal use, which is a stripped-down version of standard PowerArchiver yet provides many feature and options to make the most of it. For those who don't know, it supports a huge list of features and formats ranging from famous Zip, ZIPX to CAB, open source 7-Zip, to ISO, BIN , including Nero’s NRG.Read More

NexusImage: Dims Background While Viewing Image

Many image viewers come with too many options and features and give less emphasizes to the overall aesthetics. Contemporary applications doesn’t include features which ultimately enhances image viewing and other relative features. Unlike other applications, NexusImage is a portable image viewer which mainly focuses on enhanced image viewing experience.Read More

MiniFolderBackup: Backup, Synchronize And Export Folders & Files

If you have a need of backing up small amount of data on regular basis and are looking for one dedicated tool which is capable of creating backup and sync files promptly, try out MiniFolderBackup. It is a simple little utility which is built keeping in mind the daily need of creating backup to keep users on the safe side without fearing loss of precious data.Read More

Download Opera Mini 5.1 For Android OS

Opera has always been on the forefront of the mobile browser scene since the days when Windows Mobile and Symbian were the leading smartphone platforms. For quite a while, Opera Mini has been available as probably the fastest and lightest browser for Android that doesn't compromise much on features. Though so far, it has held a beta tag. Though finally, Opera has decided to take a step further and has freed Opera Mini from its beta tag on Android OS. Currently Opera is becoming the most preferred mobile internet browser throughout the world, with approximately 61 Million unique users already using it.Read More

FM Radio On Nexus One And HTC Desire Coming Soon

We've got some interesting new for all you Google Nexus One owners out there who were looking to get FM Radio on their handsets: Android developers and hackers at XDA Developers forums have been able to enable FM Radio on a Nexus One as well as its HTC-branded cousin the HTC Desire, and soon an installable package or a custom ROM containing this feature will be debuting. Read on to learn more.Read More

How To: Download And Install SwiftKey Beta On Your Android Phone

Finally there is some good news for Android phone owners who were waiting for the multi-touch keyboard, Swift key, to appear in the Android market. This keyboard is simply magical as it can predict your next word by parsing through your previous SMS writing style and data. A must download for Android users who love to send their sms’s quick and neat!  This release is open to public and any once can download and install this app using native Android Market.

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Taksi: Take Screenshots & Record Videos Of Games

Taksi is an open source utility which allows you to take screenshots and record video clips of your favorite games and other 3D-graphics application. It also supports user-defined key mapping and allowing them to register hotkeys to quickly either capture screen or to start recording video in uncompressed HD AVI file. It is inspired from Fraps, which offers the very same options for taking screenshots and recording video.Read More

ZTE Blade Specs And Price

Over the past few months, Chinese manufacturer ZTE has became a major player when it comes to Android handsets manufacturing and production. Lately we got some news that Orange was about to introduce a new Android 2.1 device in the UK and we now have confirmation that this device happens to be manufactured by ZTE, and is called the ZTE Blade. The phone was on display in Mobile World Congress but it seems most tech reporters didn't take much notice of the device. Want to learn more about the device and what it offers in terms of specs? Read on after the jump.Read More