Develop And Upload Websites Online With ShiftEdit

ShiftEdit is an online browser-based IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that packages multiple features for developing web pages. It supports website development in PHP, HTML, CSS and JS (Java Script). You can create, edit, and publish web pages, access and upload files through build-in (S)FTP client, and revise previously accessed/edited pages. It comes with couple of time-saving features like, code snippets and jump to line closing brackets to bring ease in coding. Read More

True Time Tracker Tracks Project Time To Calculate Work Efficiency

True Time Tracker is a small but powerful time management application that quietly runs in the background, noting down every step you’re taking to complete a task. It gathers information on website visited and applications started to let user measure time spent on working on/off the task. It records the overall traffic size, total active/inactive time whilst offering an intuitive billing tool to correctly bill your work. You can save client information, rate your charging per hour and other task related information. The most significant feature is report generation, it is capable of creating an extensive productivity report for general evaluation. Read More

Stylebot: Change Appearance And Apply Styles To Web Page[Chrome Extension]

Stylebot is an advanced Google Chrome extension to simplify customization of web pages in order to make them more adaptable. It is quite similar to FireBug - the most preferred Firefox webpage inspection extension among web developers. The distinctive feature is that Stylebot allows user to save the customizations made to the web page presentation and appearance, thus letting you load web page elements in any possible way. Read More

Analyze Formulas And Improve Excel 2010 Trace Precedents & Dependents Feature

Arixcel Explorer is an Excel add-in for analyzing formulas in depth. It enables you to find out all the cells positions and values which are related with the formula in question. Even Though Excel 2010 has an built-in feature to seek out precedents and dependants of formula visually by pointing out the cells which are either dependent or precedent of the cell carrying formula. Arixcel Explorer takes this very functionality to the next level, letting you view all the cells, ranges and nested functions of the selected formula in the same hierarchy in which they are applied. Read More

SLAG-FS: Music Playing Gadget That Syncs With Windows Media Player

SLAG-FS is a music playing sidebar gadget for Windows Vista and Windows 7. It comes with two viewing modes, one is the normalized compact view and other is a full screen display. It syncs with Windows Media Player playlists, letting you enjoy and navigate through your music collection with a single click. The full screen mode is designed for those who love to listen to music on big display setups or on theater televisions through HDMI or DVI (Digital Visual Interface). Read More

PeStudio: Check Compatibility Of Application Before Installation [Windows]

PeStudio is a portable tool to validate application before installing it on your system. Before installing an application, it is recommended to verify the installer for any potential threats, risks, and other OS-specific vulnerabilities, it is developed to verify application on said scales by providing a detailed report on each application’s signed/unsigned and obsolete function and library. It also checks for compatibility problems and lets you know whether the application supports x86 system, x64 system, or both. Read More

RegFileExport Can Export Keys And Values From Corrupt Registry File

RegFileExport is a command line application developed by Nirsoft for exporting data from offline registry file located on another disk drives. It is also capable of exporting registry keys and values from corrupted registry files, which comes useful in instances when you are unable to export registry file or even access it from Windows build-in registry editor. It requires two or three parameters to be passed for performing the operations correctly. Read More

SoundCloud Downloader Downloads MP3 Music From SoundCloud

SoundCloud provides an option to download music directly but sometimes songs are not officially released for download, and in most cases users reach their download limit. In such situations, users looking forward to download music can try out SoundCloud Downloader, which is a free desktop application that allows quick downloading of songs, one at a time. Read More

How To: Root Samsung Epic 4G [ADB Method]

Sprint’s version of Galaxy S, Samsung Epic 4G, is set to release on 31st August but the root is already out! Yes, you heard it right! Folks over at SDX-Developers have posted the rooting method two days prior to official launch. The method, for now, is the conventional adb rooting approach that is not recommended for novices. Read More

Download And Install CyanogenMod 6 Stable For Multiple Android Phones

There is some interesting news for CyanogenMod 6 fans and enthusiasts. According to AndroidSpin, CyanogenMOD 6 is now a stable deal and is available for 10 different Android based handsets. All the credit for providing us with stable CyanogenMod 6 ROMS for 10 different handsets mainly goes to Team Douche. (Yes, of course, it goes to Cyanogen himself too. In case you don't know already, Cyanogen is a part of this team.) To see the list of phones currently officially supported, as well as the feature list of CyanogenMod 6, continue reading. Read More

FilerFrog: Brilliant Windows Context Menu Shell Extension That Is Now Free!

FilerFrog is a brilliant context menu shell extension which was formerly a commercial product but is now a free open source software. It integrates with Windows shell to provide you the most important tools for performing routine file/folder manipulation actions easily and efficiently. The application facilitates user with exhaustive file-specific functions, some of which includes, Files extraction to/from folder, Copy/Move Files and Folders, Delete empty files and folders, Bulk renaming, File encryption/decryption, File split/join, Image manipulation, and Album creation. Read More

Play iTunes Music Library Online With Moof

Moof offers music buffs with an online application to access, search and manage their music collection. Previously we have come across mSpot (that allows user to upload music file to the online server for accessing them remotely). Moof is different because it lets you import iTunes library and then populate the list with all matching songs found in your music library. Read More

Get Feedback Over Rough Drafts And Ideas With Entri

Entri is a nifty collaborative online tool for getting suggestions/feedbacks from your Twitter followers before putting your document out to public. The idea is new and very intriguing, it will be helpful to bloggers, before publishing an article on a blog, it lets them roughly jot down the main points, ideas, new thoughts, etc., for taking diverse suggestions from their followers. Read More

MP3 Freund: Index Large Mp3 Music Library For Faster Search

MP3Freund can index your MP3 music library for faster search. It has a fast indexing mechanism, offers instant search with an ability to search by meta information, file name and folder name. It allows controlling of music player using plugins - at the moment only Winamp is supported. However, the opening of music files and drag & drop behavior will work with every media player. Read More