Temporarily Change Windows File Associations To Run File With Portable Applications

Coffee lets user associate files with applications which are residing in portable devices such as USB drives, External HDD, iPod, iPhone in disk mode, etc. The need of having this type of utility is abound but has never been addressed before.Consider the following scenario where you have a PC in which every type of media file is associated with WMP. Now if you are a VLC Player fan, carrying the portable version on an external device, then you will have to play each file manually on it, or perhaps changing the file association is the last resort. In such situations, Coffee will shorten the time of hassling with associating files to begin with and offers a simple solution without making any change to the host system.Read More

Allow Anyone To Upload Files To Your Dropbox Folder

Dropbox does not provide any functionality to allow other users to upload files to your account. This is a serious nuisance considering how may times we come across situations where we need users or co-workers to upload files so we can check them out. Such a functionality can also be useful when students or professionals are working in groups and everyone needs to upload files to one single directory.Read More

Install MiTime To Use FaceTime On Your Carrier Unlocked iPhone 4

Although we are not bent on introducing paid software or apps but at times they are the only solution to certain problems. Many of us have jailbroken and unlocked our iPhone 4 but we do miss FaceTime, which unfortunately doesn't happen to run on carrier unlocked devices. But now you can do FaceTime on your unlocked iPhone 4 by simply installing MiTime, which costs $5.99 on Cydia Store.Read More

LG E900 Specifications And Price [Image/Video Included]

Just a few days back, we reported about specs of LG's upcoming Windows Phone 7 device, the LG C900. It appears that the C900 isn't the only WP7 phone LG is going to bring to the market in the near future, as reports and BlurryCam™ pictures of another Windows Phone device by LG have recently started surfacing on the internet. Dubbed the E900, it seems to be a variant of the E900 without the QWERTY keyboard. For more information and the rumoured specs, read on after the break.Read More

HTC T8788 Specs And Price

As Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 OS is nearing its launch, we can see a number of devices sprouting up from all directions. Considering HTC's history of being a long-time Microsoft hardware partner and manufacturing nearly all the Windows Mobile devices in the past, it only makes sense to see most of these devices being from HTC. The latest one in the regard is the all new leaked HTC T8788 Windows Phone, which is bound for AT & T after release.Read More

Quickly Encrypt A File via Windows Right Click Context Menu

Encryption is an old phenomenon to secure file/folder through the process of ciphering it multiple times. We have come across many freewares that offer encryption on files and folders such as; SerCrypt (a simple encryption tool, suitable for carrying private text) and Secret Data Manager (a feature-rich file manager offering staunch encryption). Right-click Encrypter integrates with right-click context menu, offering a quick and easy way to encrypt your private files.Read More

Bopup Scanner Scans LAN To Resolve NetBIOS, MAC, IP addresses, HTTP servers

Bopup Scanner is a LAN Scanner which resolves multiple network-specific parameters and displays all the active nodes/systems connected over the network along with useful information on the main interface. Covering almost every aspect of previously covered network tools BuduIP and Zamzom Wireless Network Tool, it offers more detailed information about the connected computers, such as; User name, MAC address, IP address, and HTTP server. Useful for network administrators!Read More

Greenfish Subtitle Player Adds Subtitles To Streaming Movie

Greenfish Subtitle Player is a portable subtitle player which can only play SRT files, allowing you to overlay subtitles on any streaming movie. Since the interface is partially transparent and offers extensibility, it can be moved over any streaming movie being played online. Useful when watching movies online that are in foreign language and do not include subtitles.Read More

Display Detailed Information Of Available Wireless Networks

WirelessNetView is an efficient wireless network scanner from Nirsoft. Even though Windows 7 has a lot better way to detect and show information about available wireless networks, there is still a need of one complete scanner which can retrieve all information of wireless networks. WirelessNetView displays wide range of information which spreads across the window in multiple columns, some of them includes; Last Signal, Average Signal, Detection Counter, Security Enabled, Authentication, Cipher, PHY Types, First & Last Detected On, MAC Address, and lot more.Read More

Do It Again: Windows Automation Tool To Repeat Actions

Do It Again is an efficient automation tool which lets user automate a set of actions or tasks to perform them quickly without having to follow the lengthy procedure over and over again. For those who are not familiar with automation tools, think it as a Macro recorder that allows you to record set of actions to perform them later with a single click.Read More

Dell Aero Specs And Price

Today Dell announced their AT&T bound Android handset, Dell Aero. The device will be available starting today and is a mid-tier Android phone with some decent specs and features, and killer sleek and stylish looks. Read on for more details and the spec sheet.Read More

Desktops Is Windows Virtual Desktop Manager From Microsoft

We have come across plentiful of applications which offers multiple virtual desktops, such as, Deskpot (can handle up to 20 virtual desktops) and Windows Pager (brings live desktop views in taskbar). Desktops is another virtual desktop tool from Windows Sysinternals, which is both lightweight on system resources and very responsive. The distinctive part is that it uses Windows desktop object to make active application window bound with the respective desktop object.Read More

Kantaris Is Appealing VLC Player Based Media Player With Added Functionality

Kantaris is a new media player developed by Christofer Persson, a computer science student at Lund University. It is based on the code derived from VideoLAN Media Player (VLC Player) and Bass Audio Library. The user interface looks quite different from the official VLC Player and is more similar to that of Windows Media Player. Since it is based on VLC Player, it can handle any media file thrown at it and the sound quality is great (thanks to Bass Audio Library).Read More

Add Or Replace Audio In Video File With Cute Video Audio Merger

Cute Video Audio Merger is an application to merge video and audio file into single video file. This comes useful when you need to overlap the audio of a video file with some other audio. The application comes with a codec pack which supports MP4, FLV, SWF, and WMV video formats and has an ability to add/replace the audio in video file without requiring any extra codecs.Read More