TCPView Lists TCP and UDP Endpoints [Windows]

TCPView is a powerful utility that displays an extensive list of TCP and UDP endpoints on your system. It shows all the relevant information in multiple informatory columns ranging from Process, PID, Protocol, Local and Remote Address, to, Sent Packets, Received Packets, etc. Importantly, it lets you view the all the information in real-time to keep you updated with all the running process. Read More

NetTraffic – Network Traffic Analyzer

NetTraffic is a free network analyzer that checks network regularly to let you keep tab on bandwidth usage, downloaded/uploaded data count and displays other network specific history. Similar to previously reviewed Networx, BitMeter, and WinPcap, it has an efficient statistics finding mechanism which lets you view the history of network usage over a specified period of time. Whilst showing stats on graph, charts and tables, it also provides other statistics tools to find out the total time spent on the PC. Read More

iSendr – Send Large Files Online Using P2P Technology

Do you often find yourself in need of sending large files to your friends, family members or coworkers? While there are countless services out there that allow you to send files to others, most that are easy to use have limits on file size, and those that support large file sizes are either complicated or require a paid subscription. iSendr is an on-demand P2P web-application which aims to bring ease in transferring files without much effort involved. Since it uses P2P technology, it offers absolutely no limit on file size and lets you transfer even an enormous sized file in only two simple steps. Read More

Document Press: Compress MS Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access

Document Press is an attempt from developers of 7-Zip compression utility to compress Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access files instead of using other generic compression software, which might not be effective in compressing MS Office documents. It is a small portable tool which was released back in 1999 (Yes, I know it is more than a decade back) and has not been updated since. The version is still 1.0 and the reason for reviewing it today is because we found it to be working with Office 2010 as well. Developed for older versions of Office, the official support, as mentioned in the user's manual, is for .doc, .xls, .ppt, and some more document formats only, but we found it to be working with .docx and .xlsx too. Read More

Samsung Galaxy U Specs And Price

Samsung has just introduced a new phone in its Galaxy Android smartphone series in Korea - the Galaxy U, that seems like a CDMA variant of the Galaxy K with some differences. The announcement has been made official today for the Korean market and has been priced at USD 682. We are not sure if the phone is headed to other markets or not, or when is it going to be available elsewhere but if you are in South Korea, you can get your hands on it right away. Read on for the spec sheet. Read More

How To: Install LIVE HD Wallpapers On Your iPhone iOS 3.x And 4.x

Are you an iPhone owner who has just seen one of their friends with an Android phone showing off their fancy animated Live wallpapers, and have since been craving to get those on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad running iOS 3.x or 4.x? While there hasn't been any official update to iOS bringing such Live wallpaper support, we have found a free app available in Cydia that allows you to set different animated Live wallpapers in crisp HD quality on your jailbroken Apple device running iOS 3 or 4. Read on for more information and installation instructions. Read More

How To: Turn Off Multiple Apps On iPhone Running iOS 4.x With A Single Tap

iPhone users who have upgraded and jailbroken on iOS 4.x can now easily switch on/off multiple apps running in background using Remove Background SB. This Cydia app is a must have for all jailbroken iPhone and iPod Touch users who are a bit lazy in keeping tap on apps running in the background. Closing the apps running in background increases your phone’s battery time too. Read More

Nikon D3100 DSLR Specs And Price

All you DSLR lovers out there, we've got some great news for you!  The specs of Nikon's latest DSLR i.e. the D3100 have been made public. The best thing about this new camera from Nikon seems to be the improved in-camera menu as well as enhanced AF control. For more information and the spec sheet, read on after the break. Read More

Cameyo – Free Application Virtualization Software For Windows

Many IT workers find it frustrating to deploy applications quickly across multiple computers, this is where Application Virtualization comes in. While application virtualization technology has been around for years, good application virtualization products have been expensive and complex to learn, according to the developer of Cameyo. The free open-architecture application virtualization product that combines the best application virtualization technology with simplicity. Read More

LG C900 Windows 7 Phone Specs And Price [Images Included]

As the Holiday season draws near, more leaked images, specs and features of mobile phones are getting released every day. The buzz today is regarding the Windows 7 OS geared Samsung Cetus mobile phone of which we just posted before any official announcements. LG is also in the Smartphone race and right after their first Windows Phone 7, the LG C900 Windows 7 Phone (also called LG Optimus Quantum 7Q) has also made it to the surface. Engadget has some exclusive imagery of the device along with a little insight into the phone’s specs and features. Read More

Download TinyUmbrella 4.02.04 To Save SHSH Blobs On iPhone And iPad

Notcom, iPhone hacker and developer, has made the new version of TinyUmbrella 4.02.04 public. This new build of TinyUmbrella will allow iPhone owners to save their SHSH blobs for iOS 4.0.2, 4.0.1, 4.0 and 3.x. This version of TinyUmbrella is also compatible with iPad running iOS 3.2.2, so you can now also save your iPad’s blobs using this software. We will advise you to save your SHSH blobs because this is the only way identified yet which will allow you to downgrade your iOS device’s software to previous versions. Read More

Apple Files Patent To Allow Remotely Disabling Devices If Unauthorized Usage Detected

There is some interesting buzz going on regarding a recent patent filing by Apple which will allow the company to disable electronic devices if found guilty of “unauthorized” usage. We don’t really know what to cook out of this story but here is what SlashDot has to say about this:

Apple yesterday applied for patent to allow remotely disabling electronic devices when 'unauthorized usage' is detected. The patent application covers using the camera to take pictures of the unauthorized user and using GPS to determine location, and it involves ascertaining whether the phone has been hacked or jailbroken, using that as criteria for detecting 'suspicious behavior.' The patent would allow the carrier or any other 'authorized' party to disable or restrict the functionality of the device. Is this Apple's latest tool to thwart jailbreaking?"

Read More

Firesay Voice Recognition Controls Firefox With Voice In Windows 7

Where voice recognition has grown fairly common in the mobile industry, especially with apps such as Google Voice and Blackberry Voice Recognition, the same still requires sophisticated software and hardware solutions to be just as effective in computers. But Fairsay, an innovative add-on for Firefox changes all this, introducing voice application control to web browsers for the first time ever. Read More

WindowShades Adds Colored Overlay On Screen For Better Viewing

WindowsShades is a portable screen color adjustment tool to create tinted overlay which can be easily configured by defining the color and opacity. Along with these primary adjustments, it offers many other color-specific settings to overlay specified color on screen for better viewing. According to the developer, it is built for notebook users who need one full-fledged color adjustment application. Read More

Organize, Rename, And Tag Music Files With TagScanner

TagScanner is a comprehensive tool for organizing and managing your music collection. It supports widely used file formats and offers extensive set of tools and options for editing meta information: tags. It can also rename files in multiple ways which are based on diverse tag information, generate tag info from filenames, and perform text transformation from tags & filenames. It offers support of ID3 (V1&V2), Vorbis comments, APEv2, Windows Media and Mp4 (iTunes) tags. Read More

DNS Benchmark: Local And Remote DNS Nameserver Performance Benchmark

DNS Benchmark is a benchmark utility which is developed to analyze open DNS servers speed and other response-time related parameters to let you decide which DNS server should be used. According to the developer, it is built to check ‘How fast and reliable your ISP’s DNS server is, when compared to other open DNS servers’? It conducts several tests and generate a detailed report, which lets you do DNS server reliability and speed comparisons. Read More

ScribeFire Next For Firefox – Also Released For Chrome & Safari

Back in April, we reviewed ScribeFire, an awesome Firefox add-on which is a fully-featured blog editor that provides a convenient solution for writing and editing blog posts as you research relevant material online. Late last month, ScribeFire launched its newest version for Firefox, called ScribeFire Next (version 1.2). The developer also released version 1.2 of this extension for both Safari and Chrome. Read More

Chameleon Folder Allows Quick Folder Navigation From Anywhere

Chameleon Folder is a nifty application with two purpose - first it lets you quickly access favorite and frequently used files and folders from anywhere, and second that it makes navigation much faster. You can customize the menu and access it from windows explorer, save/open dialog box, archive extract window, desktop, etc with a simple middle click (usually associated with mouse wheel) or any user-defined hotkey. Read More