Espresso Reader Is Full-Featured Visually Appealing Google Reader For Desktop

In the last few years, we have come across many applications claiming to provide the best feed reading experience on the desktop. Personally, I have seen countless of them but none are actually usable. Today, after much searching, I came across Espresso Reader. Not only is it usable but is also visually appealing, easy to use, and has almost every functionality that a user would expect. It is also the first 3rd party desktop Google Reader application that I actually plan on using.Read More

gMote: Use Mouse Gestures To Access Useful Commands And Actions

Over time, keyboard shortcuts have found so many versatile uses that you just can’t help overlapping two or more different shortcuts meant for different purposes. With the shortcut keys for keyboard so tightly jammed and hard-to-remember, it’s high time you start looking for a better alternative to execute PC commands and actions. gMote offers a brilliant solution, enabling you to perform a wide variety of tasks, such as launching applications, opening menus, and much more all with the simple gestures of your mouse. Read More

Image Analyzer: Enhance And Retouch Photos Without Using Photoshop

Image Analyzer carries wide range of advanced features, options and tools which will greatly assist user to analyze different parameters of images. It is geared towards users who loves to analyze and enhance images either for fun or for professional use. According to the developer, “The program contains both most image enhancement features found in conventional image editors plus a number of advanced features not even available in professional photo suites”. In short, it allows you to enhance photos without needing to have Photoshop installed.Read More

Portable Windows True System Security Tweaker Offers 470 Tweaks

True System Security Tweaker, as the name suggests, is a Windows tweaker which offers more than 470 security tweaks to customize existing security and to add your own layer of security over the system. It provides password protection to prevent it from any unauthorized use whilst offering an option to reset all the tweaking and changes made to the system. Sounds brilliant, right?Read More

Transform Windows 7 Into Mac With Snow Transformation Pack

Windows 7 is quickly growing as a very popular operating system with its customizable features and appealing looks. Now, you can even transform your Windows 7 to give complete look and feel of a Mac operating system. Snow Transformation Pack enables you to swiftly modify your Windows 7 appearance so it takes on the Snow Leopard skin of OS X.Read More

Yahoo Launches HTML 5 Version Of Yahoo Web App For iPad

Yahoo has launched the HTML 5 version of their Yahoo Web App specifically for the iPad. This new version is packed with great features that include caching capability if you are disconnected from the internet, meaning the information you recently accessed still remains available even when offline. Read on for more information.Read More

WinScan2PDF: Scan Documents To PDF File Without Using PDF Printer

PDF printers, such as Bullzip PDF Printer and PDF24, have become popular tools used for converting text documents into PDF files. But the process of using a PDF printer to convert a scanned image to PDF file format is rather long and tiresome. It generally requires you to first scan the document to image format, then access the image, give Print command, select PDF Printer from the list of available printers, and hit Print button. Kind of headache, isn’t it? A better alternative is to use WinScan2PDF, a simple application that converts scanned documents directly into PDF format, without the need for a PDF printer. Read More

Notesbrowser Groups Multiple Notes Into Sections & Categories

We have come across many note taking applications such as WYSIWYG and LaTeX based Gwennel tool, KeepNote to maintain notebook hierarchy, and an XML based NoteFly. If you need a note taking application which is geared towards managing extensive number of notes and multiple kind of information, Notesbrowser is what you need. As its name suggest, it employs a browser having broad layout for creating notes in different categories and in multiple sections.Read More

SunlitGreen PhotoEditor Brings Multi-Channel Graph Level Curve And Layer Support

Previously we covered bunch of awesome image editing tools some of which are; Thumba, which is Silverlight based online editing tool, Imagina-uses 3D technology to revamp your images and finally Pixelitor, which offers layers support. SunlitGreen PhotoEdit is a portable photo editor, comes with editing tools and options which are necessary for advance image editing. The application is light on resources but the significant part is that it offers a fast image processing speed and can apply transformations over an hefty image in short period of time.Read More

Microsoft Mathematics Add-In For Word And OneNote

Most MS Office users need one advance mathematics tool for carrying out complex operations, evaluating polynomials, plotting 2D & 3D graphs, etc. Microsoft recently realized this very need and released an advanced mathematics add-in, supporting both Office 2007 and Office 2010. It encompasses a set of useful tools that serves the need of novice and advanced users alike.The add-on may come useful in instances where you are dealing with complex root, logarithmic, trigonometric functions as well as complex derivation and integration problems. Apart from basic mathematical functions, it has the ability to perform matrix operations including addition, multiplication etc. Using the add-in, you can quickly simplify algebraic expressions and expand them according to the requirements. As of now it is available for Word 2010, 2007 and OneNote 2010, but hopefully support for other applications will be added soon.Read More

Yadis! Backup: Real Time Backup With Versioning And Scheduling

Backup utilities have certainly out-numbered other applications in software categories primarily because of different type of needs from end-users. Yadis! Backup caters both amateurs and pros alike in a smart way, during installation it asks you to specify your skill level in using backup utilities, and then presents you with tools, options and features based on the choice.Read More

7 Inch iPad 2/iPad Mini To Surface This Christmas?

It seems as if Apple might be preparing to counter the Android tablet competition by losing some 'inches', since smaller 7" tablets by several manufacturers running Android have started to surface and gain popularity. According to IDG News, this screen size will likely be adapted for the iPad 2/iPad Mini speculated to surface in December this year.Read More

iGoSyncDocs: Sync Google Docs Across Multiple Computers [Desktop]

iGoSyncDocs is a desktop application that lets users access, download, and upload files to Google Docs across multiple computers. Using this application, you can instantly launch an instance of Google Docs on your computer. All you need is to enter the username and password to your Google Docs account. This tool will then import all your Google Docs files to your PC, allowing you to modify them just the way you like.Read More

Shutdown Timer Performs Action Based On Windows System Events

Back in July, Usman reviewed the latest version of TimeComX, a system automation tool with considerable improvement in its features and options. Today, we discovered another, arguably more viable automation program, Shutdown Timer. Though TimeComX takes on a totally new appearance and offers a much more refined UI, we believe it is totally out of Shutdown Timer’s league.Read More

Recycle, Delete And Shred Files With Multi Trash Gadget [Windows 7]

Generally, there are three ways of getting rid of unwanted files and junk data. Of these, the two common options are to send the files to the Recycle Bin or use shift + del to remove them permanently. However, the task isn’t completed at this point, and you still need to execute a third option of shredding the file so it cannot be restored via any means, such as, using Freeraser and Moo0 File Shredder. These file-removing options are commonly found in different software applications, but Multi Trash combines all three tasks to offer a combo file remover gadget that can recycle, delete and shred files at one platform.Read More

The Crab: Organize And Download All Related Information About Your Music Collection

Managing huge music library is a mess and music buffs have to look for different  workarounds to organize their music collection. Prevalently the album art, tagging and ID3 (V1 & V2) information is needed to begin with. If you’re dealing with huge music library then The Crab can help you out in organizing each music album out of your messed up music archive. While supporting all the eminent file formats, its intuitive way of finding information about the specified music files assists you in organizing files without much hassle involved.Read More