Double Commander File Manager Offers Advance Controls And Features

Double Commander is an opensource file manager which includes a list of useful features and tools to manage files and folders efficiently. It is inspired by an eminent file manager Total Commander and is absolutely free. The best part is that it offers user-friendly two paneled interface with all the handy tools & options to quickly perform the required task over specified files/folders.Read More

BFExplorer Is An Enhanced Tabbed Windows 7 Explorer

Previously we came across one full-fledged Windows Explorer called CubicExplorer, which provides multitude of options and features to explore your system. On the top of feature list, the tabbed interface helps user to quickly navigate through multiple locations. Recently we discovered BFExplorer, an opensource enhancement application that aims to replace the standard Windows Explorer found in Windows 7. At the moment it is in alpha build, supporting only Tab Toolbar, Glassy view, Basic Search, ExplorerListview, and Breadcrumbbar.Read More

Analyze, Generate And Manage Passwords With Password tools bundle

Password tools bundle is a free password analyzer, generator and manager. It’s a handy tool for analyzing password strength, generating new passwords and managing all your passwords so you don’t forget them. It offers three different features categorized under separate tabs; Analyzer, Generator and Manager to perform the respective password management related task.Read More

Tweak Me! Goes Portable, Adds Bunch Of More Tweaks

The developer has released an updated version of Tweak Me!. Besides offering a number of new tweaks for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, the latest version also includes a number of bugfixes that were reported in some of the previous versions. A portable version of the application is also available.Read More

FileMenu Tools Brings Advanced Context Menu Features To Windows 7 64-Bit

The developer has updated the ever-useful FileMenu Tools to support 64-bit OS. Now it can be used in both Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit simultaneously without having to download a separate file for each version. One interesting feature in the latest version is 'Run with Parameters', which adds option to run applications with Administrator privileges.For those who missed our last review, FileMenu Tools is a freeware that lets you add advanced features to your right-click context menu. The  application sits in the Windows Explorer context menu and can be accessed by right-clicking the mouse over any file/folder. It offers a wide array of options, including Copying/Moving files, Changing File Attributes, Advanced File Search and File Delete, Shred Files, Un/register DLL and more.Read More

How To: Install Android 2.2 Froyo On HTC HD2 Easily

Earlier we posted a guide on installing Android 2.2 Froyo on your HTC HD2. No doubt that the guide was targeted toward fellow geeks and enthusiasts who had some command line experience when it came to rooting and modding their cell phone software. Fortunately now there is a relatively easy method available that allows you to install Android on your HTC HD without going into the trouble of virtual machines, Linux etc.

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Download And Install Android 2.1 Eclair On Dell Streak

Undoubtedly Dell Streak is a powerful Android geared touch tablet that was pretty much made an underdog with Android 1.6. Finally there is some great news for Dell Streak owners looking to upgrade their devices to Android 2.1 Eclair without going into trouble of rooting and voiding warranty [Although rooting is legal, but it might still nullify your product’s warranty. Please check your supplier for more information regarding this].

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TicClick: 9 Positions To Quickly Adjust Active Windows On Desktop

Previously we have covered two efficient windows adjustment tools namely WinSplit Revolution and Window Manager, which assists user to quickly adjust the active windows on the screen. Window Manager offers nice grid interface to select the position while WinSplit Revolution can manage up to 8 different active windows positions. TicClick is however small but can handle 9 active windows positions with an ease.Read More

Simple Windows Port Forwarding Tool Goes Portable

Back in 2009 we covered Simple Port Forwarding tool. The application has come a long way since then. The latest version offers portability with a complete UI overhaul.Port Forwarding helps in instances when you’re using applications which requires you to forward port for easier data conversations and need firewall or router to send/receive data correctly to the right place. Manually setting up port forwarding is rather difficult and can be tiresome for novices as it requires advance knowledge. Simple Port Forwarding is built to bring ease in whole procedure of defining forwarding of ports without directly configuring your router.Read More

DuckLink Screen Capture Offers Auto Scroll To Capture Long Documents

Previously we covered two brilliant screen capturing tools called Greenshot and Shotty. The former being efficient in capturing specific region and offers user-defined cursor position while later offers HQ screenshots with Windows Aero-Snap and shadow support. Duck Link Screen Capture will be helpful for those who need to capture a long document or webpage, where scrolling is required (horizontally or vertically) to manually capture each region spread across the screen.Read More

Remove Background From Your Photo Without Using Photoshop

Sending your images to a fellow photo-editing specialist only to remove backgrounds is a relic of the past. Today, a number of innovative 'alternatives' allow you to achieve the same professional results, sitting at your home--that too, for FREE!  One such application that gives you the ideal background cutout is Photo Cutout Guide.Read More

Desknotes: Create And Manage Sticky Notes, Sync With Outlook

Desknotes is a freeware that lets you create sticky notes on your desktop. You can use it to take important messages, reminders and to-dos on your desktop. The desk notes that you create can also be configured to display a reminder when the time for a particular event lapses. Lastly, this tool also enables users to sync their notes with MS Outlook.Read More

Norton Power Eraser: Last Resort Against Malwares And Viruses

Viruses can be a nuisance, especially if you've tried every measure but still find them lurking in some software or hardware piece and significantly affecting your work. And after having tried several antivirus applications, if you still don't get the desired results, then you're just left with one final resort--to perform a full PC reinstall. But before you take this drastic measure, there is one more option you should execute. Run a Norton Power Eraser aggressive virus removal scan. However, keep in mind that this program is only to be tried as a last resort, if everything else fails! Read More

VTzilla: Scan Unknown Emails, Suspicious Websites & File Downloads In Firefox

VTzilla is an add-on for Firefox that makes it super simple to scan the Internet with VirusTotal. The add-on not only lets users scan suspicious files and emails before downloading them, but even supports URLs. What’s more, you will find the option to scan a particular file embedded in the context menu of Firefox, making the entire virus scanning process all the more easier.Read More

Download JailbreakMe Source Code By Comex

Comex, author of JailbreakMe, has finally released the source code of this awesome jailbreaking tool. This can be of interest to anyone who is looking to get into hacking iDevices and developing applications for Cydia. JailbreakMe can easily be called the most simple, easiest and painless jailbreak method ever to surface for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. In what follows, we will see how to get the source code of JailBreakMe and compile it ourselves.

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DRS Armor X10gx Tablet Specifications

You might have never heard the name of DRS Technologies but  you are about to, and with authority! DRS Technologies has unveiled a new tablet named DRS Armor X10gx, which has been developed exclusively for military purpose. It happens to be running Windows 7 Ultimate and offers AT&T and Gobi wireless broadband to keep the user online. We've got the full spec sheet for you right after the edge, so read on for the details.Read More