Poladroid Is An Awesome Polaroid Image Maker

Poladriod is one nifty application having stunning and intriguing interface which will give you an indelible experience of converting digital photos into polaroid like images. It supports all eminent image formats whilst offering seamless way of converting photos into high quality polaroids.Read More

Pop-up History: Quickly Access History Items In Google Chrome

Internet browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, display history items directly from the browsing window. Unfortunately, you wouldn’t find the same feature in Google Chrome. You will have to navigate the options to bring up the history in a separate window, which is something that can cause you to lose focus. A better option is to use Pop-up History, an extension for Chrome that lets you bring up the history items directly from any browsing window.Read More

How To: Install Flash On iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Disappointed at the lack of Flash Player on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch? Really want to be able to browse Flash websites and play Flash games on your iOS devices, but tired of Apple deciding never to bring it to its smartphones, tablets and portable media players? If your iOS device is jailbroken, you don't have to wait any longer for this. Yes, we've got great news for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch owners who were looking to see Flash content on their iOS devices. Read on for more details and complete installation instructions.Read More

Batch Sort Multiple Files And Folders With FileSieve [Windows]

Copying or moving multiple files can be very difficult and time-consuming. FileSieve makes the task a great deal simpler by allowing you to instantly shift files from one location to the other. This application has two special features; (1) it is programmed to enable users to complete the copying task (no matter how large) in 5 simple steps, and (2) it offers up to 13 different methods (or options) in which you can move files.Read More

Apis Ceratina: Automate Your Repetitive Tasks With Macros [Windows]

Applications which offers macros support are always highly preferred as it is one of the best way to repeat a set of performed actions to complete a task. MS Office suite applications are exemplary in this regard, where it is widely used to quickly repeat the set of actions for performing required task with an ease and in quick succession. Considering the importance, wouldn’t it be great if you can use the same functionality in Windows to perform monotonous tasks with an equivalent pace?Read More

ThinVNC: Windows Remote Desktop via HTML5 Web Browser

The latest HTML standard HTML 5 eliminates the need of using dedicated third party tools and plugins like Adobe Flash, MS Silverlight, etc and provides seamless video playback option to users. As it is considered a major step towards markup language, ThinVNC is probably the first service that fully utilizes HTML5 to provide users with useful remote desktop solution. It offers remote system accessibility on all HTML 5 supported web browsers (Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc).Read More

Check System Security Level With Security Analyzer

Security Analyzer is one simple application which displays the installed and Windows build-in applications which are vital to prevent your system from different security threats and vulnerabilities, albeit, Windows 7 Action Center displays all the relevant information, this tools shows the overall security status while offering list of actions that needs to be performed to improve the security level.Read More

TSR Watermark Image Software Is An Advanced Image Watermarking Utility

TSR Watermark Image Software is an advanced batch image watermarking utility, featuring all the options and features which are essential for watermarking images in desired way. Be it transparency, color choice, text or image watermarking, setting horizontal and vertical scales, image quality, supporting multiple output formats, it caters all whilst offering super fast processing speed. It has a build-in image viewer to view the resultant image that helps in carrying out watermarking again if some parameter went wrong.Read More

Samsung Gem Specs And Price

As the battle of “who produces most Android phones in 2010” continues, Samsung is coming out with Samsung Gem specifically for the US market. This handset seems to be a low-tier Android geared Samsung phone targeted towards entry level Android fans.Read More

AutoVer: Monitor & Automatically Backup Files/Folders When Updated

AutoVer is a sophisticated, portable backup manager that backs up data to another folder, drive or FTP server. The application backs up data in real time after you have configured it for the first time. Whenever you save a new file, the application will automatically create its backup. You can also specify the files that are to be backed up. Read More

Fix Different Sim Detected In Emergency Mode On Jailbroken iPhone

There have been several jailbreaking solutions for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad so far but among them all, JailbreakMe.com is perhaps the easiest and the most hassle-free way to jailbreak authored by the dev team to date. However there are certain glitches with this jailbreak method as of now. We have been tipped by some iPhone 4 and iPhone 3G/3GS users who got stuck at a “Different Sim Detected, Please connect to iTunes” screen after jailbreaking their handsets on iOS 4.0/4.0.1 with JailbreakMe. Luckily, there is now a solution to this problem, and we've got it right here for you. Details and the complete instructions after the jump.Read More

Clippy: Portable Clipboard Manager For Windows 7

Clippy is a portable clipboard manager. The application pops up from the system tray to display multiple items which were recently copied in its clipboard window. Any text that is copied will become visible in its semi-transparent application window. If you click an item in its clipboard, it will automatically save as copied text that can be pasted using hotkey Ctrl + V on any text editor. Other features are taking screenshots and quick Google search of any text in its clipboard.Read More

System Explorer Is An Advanced Task Manager And System Management Tool

System Explorer is an advanced task manager which lets you quickly view and manage system and user processes. Besides being a task manager, it also offers multitude of features and options to let user view all the elements which are related in some way or the other with System processes, Tasks, Performance, Shell extensions, Explorer handlers, etc. The main objective is to provide users with all the information related with system performance and memory & CPU usage.Read More