Desktop Notification Tool For Google Calendar Events

Looking for an awesome desktop notifier for events scheduled in Google calendar? Atchoo is a simple, smart, and elegant desktop notification tool that is both straightforward and easy to use. Earlier, we covered two tools for the same purpose, Gminder (for accessing and notifying of any Google Calendar events) and GCal Notifier (minimalist Google Calendar notifier). What makes Atchoo stand out is the eye candy notification alert showing Google Calendar event along with options to Dismiss or Snooze it for specified time interval.Read More

Check Servers / Hosts Status From Your Android Phone

Longtime readers will notice that we have covered countless desktop applications for checking the status of servers. Such applications ping a set of IP addresses at user-defined intervals to see if the server responds. If the server does not respond, it automatically alerts you. The only problem is that you have to remain glued to the screen.If you want to stay updated with the services running on your servers when out of office, HostEye is an app you should have on your Android device. It basically keeps a status check of all the services running on your servers. So now you have a keen eye on your servers no matter you’re physically present or not.Read More

Search Definitions, Videos, Pictures, And Sounds From Multiple Sources With Wikitup

Wikitup is a search engine which aims to bring ease in searching the widely-common content (videos, images, articles, etc) from your desktop. Every so often, we need to search for a particular video or image,  look up meaning of complex words/phrases, and translate a document into our native language. This application caters to most celebrated searching platforms to show results for specified search keywords under one window. It fetches content from multiple websites, for images it uses Google Images and Flickr, for videos it uses YouTube and Veoh, and results from Wikipedia and Wiktionary are shown against word/phrase or article search. Since it features Google Translate service, you can translate on the fly.Read More

Test Your Touch Screen After Buying An Android Phone

How would you test the touch screen of your Android phone? Keeping in mind that manufacturers are racing to fulfill the demand of Android phones worldwide, there are chances that some of them might get shipped with touch screen related defects. It is always recommended to test your device thoroughly before the warranty expires.You can simply test your Android phone’s screen parameters and multi touch ability by using Touch Test. The app shows pointers and trails that are supported by the OS and hardware, making it useful for both end users and developers. Some multi touch screens can only support up to two touch points.Read More

Smart Taskbar For Android Brings Quick Launch / Fast App Switching

There has always been a debate about which mobile platform handles multitasking better, Android or iOS. Being a regular Android user, I can assure you that even if you're not overly impressed with Android's stock task manager, there are plenty of apps out there that put you in control over the way in which tasks should be handled. Hence, if you are you looking for a faster way to launch your apps on Android, want to free up your home screen for more widgets, or don’t want to press the applications button too frequently, then Smart Taskbar is a quick solution for the above mentioned scenarios. This app has built in app organizer functions with speedy launch spots giving you a true multi-tasking experience. That is, by hitting a ubiquitous arrow at the right edge of your device's screen, you can recall your personalized task manager whenever you want.Read More

Project Schedule Is Free Android Project Management App

Project Managers are always looking to plan, organize, secure and manage resources using different PC/Mac Softwares. Having a defined beginning and end is key to any kind of project, be it small or large. Continuous strive to achieve your organization's long-term goals, in general, and the short-term objectives, in particular, is key to carrying out company tasks effectively, and a well-devised project plan is the best way to reach there successfully. You may already be using some sort of a desktop-based project management application to plan, monitor and manage your projects, but what if you were to keep a close tab on all the matters on-the-move?  Project Schedule is a simple project management app for Android phones that supports scheduling of tasks in Gantt chart and export them to CSV file.Read More

AddictiveTips v2.0 Coming Soon!

Apologies for the lack of posts lately. After designing AddictiveTips v2.0 for over a month, it is finally starting to come together. The next version of our design will be more social and user-friendly. While I keep myself busy on AddictiveTips v2.0, you will continue to see Android apps reviews by Saad and perhaps some freeware reviews by Usman. The Mobile section will also remain up-to-date which is managed by Ali.There are some interesting changes coming in the next redesign which will go live in 2nd week of October (if everything goes according to the plan) so I will hold off the surprises for now.Read More

Verizon HTC ADR6325 Merge Specifications

As the story of Android continues to unfolds with more and more devices being released almost every few days, there is yet another Verizon bound Android handset caught on the camera running HTC Sense UI  and hence unmistakably manufactured by HTC, that might soon become the latest to join the Android spectrum.  The phone is speculated to be HTC Merge, with a model number ADR6325. The phone seems to be equipped with one of the best 4 Row QWERTY slider keyboard to date. For detailed specs and more information, continue reading after the break.Read More

Firewall For Android Phone

Do you have a lot of data syncing and bandwidth hungry applications on your Android phone? Concerned about going over your monthly data plan because of cap? DroidWall can be a big help in such scenario by acting as a strong firewall. It can block internet access of any installed apps from either WiFi or 3G network. It can be customized as such that the bandwidth reduces once you are out of WiFi range and returns to normal once you are back in any remembered WiFi hotspot. Your phone must be rooted to run this app.Read More

How To: Enable FM Radio Tuner On Motorola Droid 2

In case you are Motorola Droid 2 owner with compassion for FM radio, then there is some great news for you. Folks over at XDA have unearthed a whole FM Radio in your Motorola Droid 2 which is serving the tuning purpose alright. We have no idea as to what exactly was Motorola’s aim to put this feature behind the bars, but we can tell you how to unleash it for sure.Read More

Enable HDR Photos And GameCenter On iPhone 3G/3GS With HDR/GameCenter Enabler

If you are have an iPhone 3G or 3GS and are running jailbroken iOS 4.1 but feel like you are missing out on some of the great new features of the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system such as HDR photography and Game Center, you are in luck! While there have been methods to do that available before, those have mostly been cumbersome, advocating a tedious SSH process in order to enable HDR and GameCenter for iPhone 3G and 3GS but fret not, as we are bringing you a much easier way to enable these. Continue reading for more information and the complete guide.Read More

Remove / Delete / Merge Duplicate Contacts In Android

Are you tired of constantly deleting identical numbers on your Android phone by manually searching for each number and deleting it? The reason for duplicate contacts is that you’re synced with Gmail and other services that have multiple contact entries, and this can get quite frustrating if you want to keep your contact book clean and organized. Contact Analyzer for Android helps you analyze contacts and then optimize them accordingly by deleting or merging identical numbers, emails, IMs, and postal addresses. For more information, continue reading.Read More

Install MeeGo on Nexus One, HTC Desire, and Dell Streak

Android users waiting to get their hands on the much talked about mobile OS – MeeGo, can now try it out on their HTC Desire, Nexus One and Dell Streak devices since the initial port has been successful. The MeeGo to Android port instructions are still pretty much raw for any non-developer enthusiast to digest. The philosophy behind this OS port seems to be interlinked with Android to iPhone port and Android to Windows Mobile on HD2. The port largely depends on creating one big .img file in the phone that further allows the developer to implant binaries and kernels from a different operating system.Read More

Turn Android Phone Into Local Web Server To Control It From Your PC

We at AddictiveTips love bringing to our readers all sort of apps and technical solutions that can help you with resolving and expediting your routine issues. Be it standalone apps meant to run on just an individual machine, or those intended to control a complete network. Therefore, as per the norms, let’s get into more network based applications. Earlier we showed how to simply control your computer via Android device. It is simply awesome that the opposite can be done as well. Paw Server allows your phone to act as a server and everything you do from your phone can be done via your computer’s browser i.e. using phone, SMS features, email and media. On top of all these basic features, your device can be used for development purpose as well as to test webpages, apps etc.Read More

Keep Installer Packages Up-To-Date With Ketarin

There are plenty of freewares that get released daily and the same number of them get updated too. How will you keep track of all these updated applications? One way developers try to tackle this problem is to provide a build-in option for users to check for updates, but what if you have a lot of installer packages that needs updating too?Read More

Discover And Download Music With Mulve

Mulve is a small (2MB) portable music downloader which aims to bring ease with speed in downloading and discovering a wide range of music. As far as music downloading applications are concerned, you may have already got acquainted with many tools, Mulve differs in the context of both downloading and discovering music. The developers behind the application are a bit reluctant in divulging the search sources, but certainly have worked a lot in finding and making them work with this music downloader.Read More