Promptu – Powerful GTD (Get Things Done) Windows Functions Launcher

We have covered a list of application launchers, some of which include, Executor, Blaze, Zum, and Launchy. Even though Windows 7 taskbar is revamped and eliminates the need of having a third-party application launcher, there are situations when you need to start web search or run some Windows functions regardless of where you’re in any application/folder, you can consider giving Promptu a try. It is more than just an application launcher which aims to enhance user productivity by offering full control over the system. It is built on GTD (Getting Things Done) principle, so it encourages user to focus on task which is to be performed. Read More

Ozone Suggest Web Results From 17 Sources In Real Time [Extension]

Ozone is a simple and smart Google Chrome extension which is designed to provide blazing fast search results in real-time from world’s most eminent search sources. Be it an article you are searching, Video, Images, Books, or your Facebook friends and updates, followers of Twitter, profiles at LinkedIn, files over at Google Docs & Dropbox cloud and so on, it covers all of them and shows the results under one hood with an option to edit the search engines list according to your requirements. Read More

CPU-Z Displays CPU, Motherboard, Memory, And Graphics Related Information

Earlier, we have covered many tools which are written to provide complete information on various system elements such as, SIV (System Information Viewer), Speccy, and SIW (System Information for Windows). These tools generally cater to almost all important system elements including physical memory, network-related information, USB ports, VGA/GPU, and other connected peripherals. CPU-Z is another informational & diagnostic tool which is designed to give users a detailed CPU insight. Despite being able to provide details on CPU, you can also know about  L1 & L2 Cache information, Motherboard model, Chipset, BIOS-specific details, Memory clocks timings, and installed graphics card. Read More

Download And Install ANDRODeNa Theme For Samsung Galaxy S

If you are a Samsung Galaxy S owner with root already, then it’s time to get some delicious hand-cooked Custom ROMs with exclusive themes like ANDRODeNA Glassica . This custom theme for Samsung Galaxy S comes from dena994, senior XDA Android Developer and hacker. The theme is pretty pleasant aesthetically with well placed widgets and excellently distributed onscreen features. One of the most intriguing factors associated with ANDRODeNa is exquisite black theming all the way up-to signal bars, battery, notification icons etc. Read More

Forward Multiple Ports And Create Simple Rules With Smart Port Forwarding

Port forwarding is required to accept an incoming request TCP-IP package from remote computer(s), so that communication between originating and target sources can be initiated. Port forwarding applications do nothing excepts simplify the whole process of creating a port forwarding rule. Like the previously reviewed Simple Port Forwarding - a tool which shortens the steps involved in forwarding port for listening incoming connections, Smart Port Forwarding is another application which promises the same functionality in a much simpler and smarter way. Read More

The Basic Guide To Backup Your Android Phone [For Beginners]

You might have rooted your Android device to explore deeper or perhaps you just like to keep it legit. Backup is one of the most important step when dealing with any sort of data storage devices. And Android is one of those. We all give highest priority to our contacts, messages and apps, and want to keep them all backed up, with some of us wanting to backup predefined settings as well. In this guide, we will show you how NOT to lose your data when your Android gets lost, stolen, or simply dies. Please note that all apps mentioned below will backup your data automatically, once successfully configured.

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CCleaner 3 Brings Drive Wiper Tool, HTML5 Storage Cleaning And More

CCleaner has come a long way since its first release as CrapCleaner back in 2005. Recently Piriform released the 3rd version of CCleaner, which includes new advance features and options to enhance the overall cleaning process. According to Piriform, major changes includes 64-bit native EXE written for x64 systems, Drive Wiper tool to securely erase content to free up space on drives, and cleaning support for HTML5 database storage and for MS Silverlight isolated storage. Read More

Download And Install MeeGo 1.1 On Nokia N900

Finally there is some great news for N900 owners as MeeGo 1.1 with dual boot capability has been released. MeeGo is basically a Linux based Smartphone / Mobile operating system that was jointly announced by Intel and Nokia at Mobile World Congress back in February 2009. Insider sources confirm that the only reason MeeGo was developed with Intel is because of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 not supporting Atom processors produced by Intel. MeeGo is not only Smartphones focused as this operating system will battle Android and iOS by running on variety of hardware i.e. touch tablets, TVs, in-car gadgets, netbooks etc. We believe that MeeGo like Android, will appear as “Stock” in lesser devices and with UX (User Experience) theming / branding on top.

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Only HTC HD2 Can Run Windows Phone 7, Older Windows Mobile OS Phones Are Out Of Luck

There is some bad news for Windows Phone owners waiting for the Windows Phone 7 ROM to be ported to their devices. According to Tito, XDA Windows Phone 7 Forum moderator, there is no phone other than the HTC HD2 that can handle Windows Phone 7 hardware requirement. Some hardware requirements for Windows Phone 7 are:
  • Cortex or Scorpion CPU [Snapdragon Processors]
  • At least 256 MB RAM
  • 8GB Flash Storage Is a Must
  • GPU Acceleration With At least Direct X 9 or Above On Board
  • 5 Mega Pixel Camera In This Case Is A Requirement Too.
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How To Decline / Reject Calls Easily On iPhone With EZDecline

Accepting and Declining a call on iPhone has always been an issue with some folks having no idea of how to turn down a phone call during crucial moments. But in case you have already jailbroken your iPhone, you can easily decline a call by installing EZDecline app from Cydia store. This, in my opinion, is a must have if you fear your high pitched ringtone going off during your professional meetings, classes etc. The hack is a simple one and you get a decline button along with answer instead of “Slide to Answer”. Read More

Activate FaceTime On iPhone 4 With FaceTime Hacktivator In Middle East

FaceTime is one of the best features introduced by Apple in iOS 4. It allows you to have video conversations with other FaceTime users over WiFi. However, if you reside in a country where the FaceTime service is not available yet or is being blocked, it's obviously useless to you, isn't it? Not anymore, as we've got some great news for you in this regard. If your iPhone 4 is jailbroken, we have found a little hack for you that will allow you to enjoy FaceTime in countries where the service isn't being allowed by the governments or Apple. Many of the countries in the Middle East have barred this video chat application owing to their ridiculous authoritative leaderships, and this hack should allow you to bypass such fanatic restrictions. Read on for the complete instructions. Read More

What Is Bootloader And How To Unlock Bootloader On Android Phones [Complete Guide]

If you are new to the world of Android hacking and rooting, then there are many geeky terms that might bamboozle you and might end you up with quitting the idea of rooting altogether. One such term that confused me too before I was trying to root my Nexus One long ago was “Bootloader”. I went through many online tutorials, hopped through infinity YouTube And Vimeo videos for a simple answer that why on earth I need to unlock my phone’s bootloader before trying to install any custom ROM or even attempting to root. Although I wasn’t able to acquire an answer at that time, but now as the time has changed and we have access to more refined information, the bootloader mystery puzzle has started to fall in place. So in this guide, we will be going through basic questions like what is a bootloader? Why you’d like to unlock it? and how to unlock? On our way, we will also see what threats a user faces when unlocking a bootloader. Read More

Free SMS Scheduler For Android Schedules Your SMS Messages

It gets annoying when you keep on forgetting that a SMS was required to be sent at a specific time but that time has not arrived yet. The idea is decent enough, only if you could easily schedule messages on your Android device. SMS Scheduler can schedule messages for you based on date and time, and you won’t have to worry about forgetting when and whom to send a message. Read More

Motorola Droid 2 Version 2.3.20 OTA Update Rolling Out Today [Guide]

It seems to us that Motorola’s favorite Android handset to date is Droid 2 as we are about to see yet another update Version 2.3.20 release being termed “eminent”. Although this won’t be something exotic like Gingerbread coming too soon for your Droid 2, but this update will surely help in revamping your handset’s usability etc. But as fate has it, Verizon will also be pushing a lot of branding bloatware with this update, meaning that your handset might not be acquainted to these branded apps if it is rooted. Read More

Complete Android Analysis With Android System Info

There are number of apps out in the Market for analyzing the Android system. Users end up downloading number of apps for different sort of purposes including but not limited to system usage, running tasks and apps, generating logs etc. Android System Info (ASI), gives user complete technical analysis regarding their device. It displays system and battery usage, managing tasks and apps, and logs based on counts and events. Even though you see your device as only a calling, texting and/or socializing tool, there can be times where your device might stop responding in a desirable manner, therefore, having a tool, such as Android System Info, can prove to be a lifesaver in all such scenarios. If nothing else, the app can help you with identifying the problematic area of your device, even if you aren't a geek. Read More

How To Unroot Motorola Milestone

Although you love your rooted Motorola Milestone, but at times there are some issues that can only be dealt by your carrier’s customer service. We already are aware of the fact that rooting voids any Android handset’s warranty but, you can revert back to stock too. Read More

Install Radioactive FroYo v2.0 Custom ROM On Samsung Moment [DJ07 Update]

We know most of you have updated your Samsung Moment to the all new DJ07 update. But incase you like rooting and going for custom ROMs, then noobnl, senior member at SDX forum, has the right ROM for you with DJ07 inculcated. Although the ROM is named as Radioactive FroYo v2.0 by the chef, but this is not Android 2.2 Froyo instead carries the Froyo Dalvik VM JIT. The ROM is optimized for great performance and battery life by removal unnecessary Sprint branded bloatware along with zero extensive theming.

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