Word 2010: Write In Columns (Magazine Look)

Many times you are required to write documents in columns, most magazines are printed in two column. You can split-up in certain ways but the most easiest way around is to let Word 2010 know that we will be writing in columns. This post will be focusing on how to split the simple document in two columns Read More

Excel 2010: Scatter & Trendline

If you have been caught up in the maze of numbers and values all day long in Excel, then it would be fascinating to create scatter graph for your datasheet. With Scatter graph & Trendlines you will be able to grasp the trend of your data. With this data visualization tool you can help your audience to understand the crux of the datasheet by visually conveying them what data actually means, and most importantly help them to comprehend the trend of your datasheet values. This post will put some light on it. Read More

Insert Slicer In Pivot Tables & Charts – Excel 2010

Excel allows user to filter data in numerous ways. Using Slicers, you will be able to depict the datasheet fields more comprehensively. This feature lets you to slice your data by showing only the element stored in the tables.  However, the real usage of Slicers can be seen with pivot table. Unlike Pivot table, which pivots down the datasheet, it enables you to compare and evaluate the data from different perspectives. This post will explain how you can use Slicer with Pivot Table and Charts. Read More

Outlook Automatic Duplicate Remover

Sometime Outlook folders are overwhelmed by loads of data, containing lot of duplicates content, such as, emails, attachments, contacts, notes, and so on. Removing them manually can get very frantic and tedious. AODR is a free, portable tool which facilitates users to remove duplicate content in Outlook, it has a dead simple, nifty and intuitive interface, which lets you to choose folders to scan and remove duplicates from Outlook 2010/2007/2003. Read More

Outlook 2010: Apply Rules on Text Messages (SMS)

Outlook Rules Wizard lets user apply new rules over sending and receiving emails, but it would be even more useful to apply rules, when you have subscribed to a Text Message service, which integrates with Outlook 2010. This post will cover how you can apply rules on text messaging, with a simple example. Read More

Camera Tool Function In Excel 2010

With Excel 2010 Camera tool, you will be able to take a snapshot of a selected datasheet portion. This enables you to place a live picture anywhere in the worksheet, you can apply different styles, colors, and designs over it. Apart from taking an exact screenshot of the highlighted data set, it also syncs the data with the image; whenever you make changes to the original data set, live image gets updated, showing you the latest cells values. You can easily copy the snapped data set to clipboard and share with others. Moreover, all image related effects can be applied over the data set snapshot. When you select the image, image tools tab appears on the ribbon, allowing you to change the orientation of the image and apply different styles. In this post, we will guide you through the process of enabling Camera feature on the quick access toolbar and applying different effects over the data set snapshot. Read More

Excel 2010: Convert Number Values Into Time

There are many ways in which you can enter time into cell, but Excel has an built-in function which facilitates users to convert values into time format, by using this function you can convert data in hrs:mm format, and hrs:mm:sec format. It automatically shows military time format against the suitable values in the cell. This post covers how to change values into time format. Read More

Add Any Program Or File To Windows Startup

Many programs do not come with an option to start during Windows startup, forcing users to manually start the program every time they login, which can become quite difficult and annoying after some time. AutoEX not only solves this problem but does much more than that. Read More

Display Tuner – Change LCD Display Monitor Settings

Every monitor comes with some buttons to tweak the display settings, such as, brightness, contrast, colors, screen position & size, and so on. Controlling and adjusting these settings can be difficult sometimes. Try Display Tuner. It is a simple tool which reads the monitor’s DDC controls to check the current settings and then allow users to change it easily, all from within Windows. Read More

Create And Embed Skype Signature On Your Web Page

Developers, Authors, Webmasters, and everyone else who wants to connect with their clients and customers can now add a Skype Signature on their website or forum. Skype being a popular VoIP client is used by more than 300 million users worldwide, thus adding a signature makes sense. Read More

Cover Fetcher Downloads Album Art From Last.fm

Last.fm is a popular internet radio site for music and what better way than to download the album art from there for free? This is exactly what Cover Fetcher does. It is an opensource tool that grabs any album cover art provided you know the artist and album name.

Read More

Open & View Any File With Universal Viewer [Windows]

File viewers are these days abundantly available, with many great solutions offering a wide range of functions. Perhaps one of the most popular ones out there is Total Commander Lister, which offers a wide variety of plugins and file type support. Today, we bring you something better, with the name of Universal Viewer. Read More

Easy And Fast Batch Image Conversion With Profiles

Image converters and manifold, with every new product claiming to do wonders. They also offer a rich set of features and formats, and with Windows 7 even the built-in MS Paint application allows basic image conversion (scaling down size, changing format etc). However, most of these solutions require a lot of manual processing. What if you have a collection of thousands of pictures? What is the easiest solution? Read More

Excel 2010 PMT (Payment) Function

Excel Payment (PMT) function is extremely useful when you need to know the monthly payment amount on full loan/credit payment, it actually evaluates amount to be paid monthly on the basis of credit amount, interest amount, and time. The basic parameters of this function are rate, nper (number of payments), pv (present value), and fv (future value), so if you need to calculate an amount which also considers these parameters, then this post will help. Read More

Upgrade Microsoft Office Starter 2010

After releasing Office 2010 Starter, Microsoft will be looking for more customers to switch from Starter to final version or upgrade it, It seems like Microsoft will be anxiously waiting for the Starter users to give-up using this version, containing such minimal features and Advert pane, the link to upgrade Starter version is right in front of you. Read More

Outlook 2010 Search Indexing

Indexing is a phenomena which saves the location of files and other content to make search real fast. It is very beneficial especially when you have loads of files or dealing with a lot of content. Windows has an inherent quality of indexing different locations including Outlook folders, and content. Once Windows 7 has the location from the index, then you can retrieve the data by moving directly to the location without invoking the search process. In this way, indexing can be considerably faster than scanning through all the folder to find the content or particular file. Outlook content, files, and folders have also been indexed consistently, if you want to change the way Windows 7 has been indexing Outlook 2010 content, then this post will help you a lot. Read More

Share Keyboard & Mouse Between Multiple Systems With Synergy+

The only problem with Synergy, a popular opensource tool that lets you share one keyboard and mouse between multiple computers, is that the application hasn't been updated since 2006 and users were left stranded with many bugs. Now a bunch of developers have taken the code, added Windows 7 support, and fixed the bugs themselves. Read More

SuggestRun – Windows Run Dialog Box With Suggestions

Before Windows 7, Run dialog box used to be a very important part of Windows operating system. Now half of the commands can be used in Start Search without having to visit the Run dialog box but still the importance remains. With suggestions becoming an increasingly important part of search, Microsoft have failed to implement this functionality in Run dialog box. Read More