meGUI – The Most Powerful Open Source Video Converter

Video converters are abundant, both paid and free ones, and developers tend to focus more towards simplicity, ease-of-use, etc to make it easier for an average Joe. meGUI is one of the most powerful open source feature-rich video converters out there, with less focus on simplicity and more towards performance. In a nutshell, it is targeted towards power users or the so called advanced users but that doesn't make the app much difficult to use. If you have tried plenty of video converters before then using this app would be a piece-of-cake. Read More

Ease Your Windows PC Life With Launchy

Launchy is a one-stop replacement for your start menu, desktop icons and shortcuts, file manager, and much more. It is a cross platform utility that can index almost everything and launch your files, programs, folders, websites with just a few key-presses. Read More

Disable USB Mass Storage To Protect Your Windows PC

While USB drives are one of the most useful devices when it comes to data exchange, they are also a pain in terms of spreading viruses and data theft. This is especially problematic in college or office labs, where students or workers frequently exchange thumb-drives and use them on unprotected systems. One infected drive and the administrator has to spend hours of maintenance work  on all networked PCs. Read More

Scan And Identify Best Wireless Networks With inSSIDer [Windows]

Wireless network scanners can come in really handy for spotting, identifying and troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks. One of the widely used free software, NetStumbler, has been hailed long for it's well-proven performance, but does not work well with Windows 7, Vista and XP 64-bit. inSSIDer covers up this deficiency by adding full support for the latest generation of Windows OS as well as supporting x64 architecture. In short, it is a more reliable alternative to NetStumbler. Read More

Multitasking Enabled in iPhone 3G & iPod Touch 2G?

Well we guess the hacking community is way faster than first thought. Apple announced that multitasking will never come to iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G, disappointing millions of users. Now, a recent iPhone dev has tweeted that multitasking can in fact be enabled on iPhone 3G, just by changing the switch to TRUE. Read More

Change Color Of Cells In Excel 2010 [Color Scales]

Excel 2010 have many data visualization tools which provide best way of presenting data either in pictorial representation or with advanced conditional formatted style. Color Scales is an advance level conditional formatting which allow users to show data scaling with different colors, this will eventually make data easier to comprehend by concerned audience, as they can easily infer overall evaluation of dataset by just glancing at spreadsheet. Read More

Dealing With Fractions In Excel 2010

Excel provides list of functions, features, tools and formatting styles which brings down the complexity of huge spreadsheets. Dealing with Fractions in Excel has been a problem because it always converts them in a different form. In this post we will guide you through the simple way to work with fractions in Excel spreadsheets. Read More

Merge Multiple Word 2010 Documents

Unarguably Word 2010 is a best word editor around, apart from providing basic editing tools and charting styles, it also provides an option to customize document in any way you want. Concealed by default, Word 2010 provides an option to add different functions, like for example, by inserting few lines of code you can merge Word documents without having to use any dedicated third party app. In this post we will be inserting few lines of code to merge all contents of documents residing in the same folder and show them in a new one. Read More

Prevent Automatic System Actions With Don’t Sleep

There are some programs which will try to restart your computer automatically after getting installed or updated. Don’t Sleep can help prevent such automatic occurrences. With this portable tool you can block automatic standby, hibernation, shutdown, log off, screensaver, and monitor turn-off. Read More

Create Resterized Images From Any Picture

Titled Printing, which is sometimes also known as Rasterbating is a procedure in which images are printed larger than a standard page. The program overlays a grid on the printed image in which each cell (or tile) is the size of a printed page and then prints each tile. A person can then arrange the tiles to reconstruct the full image. (source: Wikipedia) Read More

Save OneNote 2010 Notebook in Doc, Docx, PDF Format

OneNote 2010 has an inherent quality of saving notebook(s) in multiple formats, this could be very useful if you want to share notebook with others without thinking of compatible application being installed at the other end. It lets user convert the notebook(s) into different formats; Doc, Docx, XPS and most importantly PDF. Read More

Insert Background Image In Excel 2010

If you need to place an image on spreadsheet as background then Excel 2010 provides an easiest way around to do it. Setting a complementary image background would add up higher comprehension level for the intended audience and can provide them with visual overview of the datasheet. Read More

Excel 2010: Find Nth Largest Value With LARGE Function

Are you looking for a simple way to find out the rank of any given value from the data set? Excel 2010 provides a list of functions and ability to create custom formulas to solve a wide range of data problems. Excel 2010 includes a simple function namely LARGE, which allows you to easily show the current ranking of the any value in the list. It's an Excel 2010 built-in function that provides the easiest way to find out the rank from the data set. It lets users find out the standing of the specified value from the defined data range or values entered directly as an argument. Read More

Dragoman: Batch Convert Files Made Easy On Mac

File conversion is something everyone needs at one time or the other, and with various file types, having a load of converters doesn’t make life easy in any way. Fortunately, there are always alternatives, and free ones like Dragoman can come in really handy for cross format, quick, on-the-fly conversions. Read More

Updated: iPhone OS 4.0 Jailbroken!

Today Apple released the iPhone OS 4.0 beta to developers, and guess what? iH8sn0w has already jailbroken it! Check out his tweet in response to @DcMeese’s request for a custom 4.0 IPSW for iPhone 3GS after the break. Read More

Tweak Flash Components In Chrome With FlashPlus

Does it happen often that while viewing a video or playing a game online, there is no option to make it fullscreen? The video or game is too small to be viewed properly? Or you need to darken the background to watch/play it properly? Not all sites are like YouTube, this is where FlashPlus comes to rescue. Read More

ScribeFire: Blog Editor Add-on For Firefox

Most webmasters and bloggers are used to Windows Live Writer due to it's user friendly interface. However WLW is not portable and one cannot install it on his/her friend's or co-worker's computer. The solution to this problem is ScribeFire, a  full-featured blog editor add-on for Firefox which enables one to post articles while surfing for relevant material. Read More

Blaze: Automate Tasks That Arise From Everyday Usage

What do you want to do? Launch an app, search for something, compose an email, rename a file, delete or add files in bulk, solve an equation, and what else? Fortunately, Blaze would be the best choice for you since it caters everything. It is a freeware application launcher and automation tool that would return whatever on the planet earth you want in absolutely no time.  Take a whir of it to witness yourself. Read More