Dell Streak Root Unleashed

Released just a few weeks back, the Dell Streak has been rooted as per today. This gigantic phone (or tiny tablet perhaps?) was first released in the UK and has been rooted only after weeks of it’s first release. The whole credit for this root goes out to Paul O' Brien at Modaco. If you've got yourself one of these and want to know how to root it, we've got all the details for you, so read on. Read More

How To: Record Video With Flash Light On (HTC Evo 4G)

HTC Evo 4G comes with an integrated powerful flash light and users are able to use their flash light while taking photos, for better photography in low or no light conditions. Now there is a way through which you can even record your videos in low or no light with your HTC Evo 4G’s flash on, using a handy app. While the app is built for HTC Desire, it works equally well on many other HTC phones, including the Evo 4G. Continue reading after the break for the complete instructions. Read More

BlackBerry Bold 9800 Specs And Price

Although lately our main focus here at Addictivetips has been to cover iDevices and Android, but Blackberry 9800 Slider made us write about it today. The reason behind that is this blackberry smartphone will not be the same old boring corporate looking gadget. In fact this time the Blackberry OS 6.0 installed on this device is all gearing up to mount this handset to an all new level of classic taste and design, and seems to be all set to make it the device of choice for many smartphone users. Read on for more details. Read More

Android Play Station Emulator Work In Progress

If you are a die-hard gaming fan and own an Android phone, then we have some good news for you! Our sources confirm that ZodTTD, the guy who is well credited for making your Play Station and other make games work on iPhone, has completed work for Play Station emulator on Android platform. Zod is gaming genius and has proved this by porting different hand-held freindly version of games like PS, SNERS, N64, Genesis on to different hand-held devices of which iDevices were the main focus. As it is imperative and well understood that running games on Hand-helds require some really impressive hardware throttling. But ZodTTD has confirmed that his first emulation build is working on his Nexus One better and more fasted it used to do on iDevices. It will be important that once this emulation app is released, you only try them on high powered snapdragon and Cortex processor phones, otherwise you might just end up with extreme lag and frame rate change ruining your game play experience.

Download Google Images In Bulk

Images, wallpapers, panoramas, are abound and can be found anywhere on the web. Searching for different sorts of images, wallpapers, is quite easy, and Google Images is the best option to go for. MultiImage Downloader lends a helping-hand in batch downloading original size images in bulk right from Google Images search page. Read More

Troubleshoot Office Add-ins With AddInSpy

Throughout the SRLC (Software Release Life Cycle) process of MS Office, Microsoft development team & other third parties begin creating small utilities for providing extra features to complement the official product. These add-ins helps get work done in easier way along with providing either missed out or advance functionality, if you are a power user of MS Office you might have came across hundreds of add-ins for different Office applications. Despite the fact that they provide extra utility, they can also contains code-anomalies and compatibility problems, thus eventually causing app crash, halt or lagging. Read More

Chrome Notepad Syncs Notes Across Multiple Computers

Chrome Notepad is a brilliant notepad extension that supports native syncing across multiple Chrome browsers. It is yet another reason to migrate from Firefox to Google Chrome. The best part is that it does not use any 3rd party server/service to sync notes, but in fact, uses the build-in bookmark/preferences sync functionality to synchronize the notes across multiple Google Chrome installations. Read More

Change Windows Desktop Icons Into Explorer List View

A lot of us have an habit of throwing files on the desktop for quick access. What happens when the desktop gets cluttered and there is no more space to add files, shortcuts, and applications? One solution is to use Ctrl+ Mouse Wheel method to make icons smaller (read the tip here) but there is another way which is equally (or better) effective. DeskView is a small portable tool that will change the Windows desktop icons into Windows Explorer list view in just one click. Read More

Speed Up Your Windows System With Soluto

Do you get frustrated as to what really takes that long to complete the boot process and are eager to know which applications prolong the boot time so that you can speed up the system? Besides many tips that are available nowadays pledging to give you complete dissection of your system and to find out the application that bogs down the system, many registry hacks have also been contrived solely to address this problem. Soluto however is a new service in town that provides a one-stop solution to view the complete anatomy of the boot process & allows you to change the application behavior which delays the boot process. Read More

Unlocking iPhone 3GS Baseband 05.12.01 Work In Progress

Great news iPhone 3GS users, we have confirmation that very soon we will have a baseband 5.12.01 unlock tool that will allow iPhone 3GS users running OS 3.1.3 to get rid of their baseband lock. It seems that the release of this awesome feature is really near as per the following twitter conversation between two iDevice hacking experts, as you can see below:
@MuscleNerd Will there be a unlock software out for 3gs 3.1.3 baseband 05.12.01 when the new iPhone 4g comes out? In reply, @EmmanueGT don’t see or give away your 3GS :) ( at same time, remember not to accept Apple FW upgrades in future)
We can assume that this baseband unlock will be released as soon as the new iPhone 4 is unveiled. again, if you are stuck on a locked baseband and want to abandon your iPhone, don’t do so and wait for 3 or 4 more days until the baseband unlock is released by the Dev team. It can be really frustrating to have a device that you paid for, without the ability to use it on a carrier of your choice when need be. It makes sense for carriers to want to keep you from switching to another carrier for everyday use when you've bought the device from them at a cheap rate due to your contract with them, there is still justification for using the phone on other carriers elsewhere. If you are travelling in an area where your carrier doesn't provide good coverage, or any coverage at all, you might want to swap your SIM with another pre-paid SIM. If you are roaming abroad, you might want to switch to a local carrier and save up on high roaming charges. There may be other legitimate use scenarios as well, in addition to these. We will keep you updated on this and will give you detailed instruction on how to go about unlocking your baseband 5.12.01 as soon as it is released. Update: The unlock for all basebands, including baseband 05.12.01 is out. Check it out here.

Completely Remove Ask Toolbar From Your PC

Most internet users would be familiar with Ask Toolbar. It is infamous for bundling and opting in with third party software. It also tries to set the homepage to automatically replacing Google and forces you to make it the default search provider! It clings with the system so strongly that you can’t even get rid of it using Windows default Add/Remove feature in Control Panel. Read More

Optimize Outlook Settings With Outlook Tools

Even though, there are hundreds of Outlook add-ins & tools roaming around, pledging lots of boxed up features and functionality, but none stands as productive & pervasive as OutlookTools. The main purpose behind it is to provide full-featured Outlook support along with allowing customizations over Outlook advance settings under one hood. It encapsulates a multitude of options to make the Outlook optimize instantly without indulging yourself in complex operations & tweaking with registry keys. Read More

How To Root HTC EVO 4G (Detailed Instructions And Links)

Those of you considering buying an HTC EVO 4G but concerned about having to wait till the phone is rooted, we've got some great news for you. The device has been rooted a day before it is even released and as always, we've got you covered. If you want to be able to benefit from all the root-only apps, hacks, tweaks and mods on your device, read on for details and our complete step-by-step rooting instructions. Read More

HTC EVO 4G Root Information To Be Released In Some Hours

Only one day is left in Evo 4G’s public appearance, and as per Matt Mastracci , EVO 4G Root procedure will be unleashed after exactly 24 hours. As per our information, this will be a comparatively easy rooting procedure that won’t require much effort from the users side. The root is very clearly tag lined with Painless Root For Your EVO 4G meaning that it will be something that a novice Android handler will easily handle. We have previously reported that some hackers at Xda-Developers have also been able to root their EVO 4G, so it will be worth noticing that who releases their Rooting procedure and files first. We also expect to come across instances where some EVO 4G and Android Fans will be able to root their devices in the stores where they will purchase. Keep a close watch on this post, as we will be updating it soon on how to Root your EVO 4G. Update: User toastcfh  of XDA forum has released the root process before Matt Mastracci and you can get the detailed instructions here.

Zoner Photo Studio: View, Edit, Manage, And Share Photos

Amongst the best image editing and management software, there are the big names like GIMP, and some really good newcomers like Imagina that we covered a while ago. Every now and then, one comes across some new software claiming features like never before, and they all want you to believe that they are the best of the lot. Zoner Photo Studio is one of the latest contenders but is different from traditional tools, it is an image browser, powerful editor, viewer, and manager build into one tool. Read More

DevVicky Word 2010 Is Free Alternative To MS Word

From time to time we keep seeing MS Word wannabe’s sprout, with little or no success. And with their 2010 offering, Microsoft has taken the entire word processing concept to a new height, with great mix of interface and features. However, not everyone needs the advance features offered by MS Office applications, and if you’re looking for a simple yet feature-rich word processor, check out DevVicky Word 2010. Read More

Top 6 Awesome Features Of IrfanView

Image viewing & editing tools are become indispensable nowadays, as the colossal influx of different image files & formats begets a question of choosing the ‘best’ among the list. You may think of installing two or even three image viewing & editing tools on your system, but we reckon that IrfanView is ample for this very purpose. It comes with multitude of plug-ins and files support, provides list of image processing features, and much more. Read More