Mixxx Is An Awesome DJ Music Mixer Software

Mixxx is an opensource feature-rich & full-fledged DJ software contrived especially for Disc Jockeys to create mixed music. As DJs are always on the frantic look out to fuse list of squiggly musical pieces, this one provides hundreds of options and features to let you insert and customize intrinsic sound qualities. It includes thousands of pre-defined sounds which you can easily change & customize according to the tone of music playing at background. Read More

JoinEXT Will Join Files via Windows Explorer Context Menu

How many times did you desperately need to join files? Do you use a dedicated tool having too many options & settings to go around with? If yes, take a shot of JoinEXT, which is free Windows Explorer shell extension to let you join files seamlessly. According to the author, it was especially designed for joining MP3s without much hassle & effort involved. Read More

Easily Recover Your Lost Data With RecoveryDesk

RecoveryDesk is a multi-lingual data recovery utility, which comes in handy to restore deleted files without much effort involved. Unlike other recovery tools available, it is small and efficient data recovery tool to restore precious data exhibiting complete files/folders tree structure. It allow users to completely scan the system for deleted files & folders and let them choose specific files & folders. While supporting almost all File allocation structure (FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, etc), it is capable of recovering data from other removable media such as; SD cards, CompactFlash, Multimedia Card (MMC), and a lot more. Read More

FTP Client FireFox Add-on FireFTP Review

FireFTP is a Firefox add-on built especially for those who’ve been using FTP desktop utility like: FileZilla and need to use it frequently for data transfer. Arguably it is the most eminent FireFox extension. Since we haven't covered it before, in this post we will be covering all the feature & options it offers for those who have missed it out. It does not provide many features & options when compared with desktop FTP tools, but is pretty useful as you can use FTP client right in the browser. Read More

Free Make Video Converter Is Brilliant Eye-Candy Advanced Video Converter

The software arena is overwhelmed with hundreds of awesome media converters. Every time we come across a brilliant media converter, we can't wait to test out for you. Amongst many media converters, Freemake Video Converter is another powerful and absolute media converting tool catering both audio & video conversions. It sports most eminent video formats such as; AVI, MP4, WMV, and 3GP. It has an ability to burn video to DVD disc on-the-fly. The long list of famous audio formats is also supported to instantly convert into MP3 format. The shining part is that, you can specify an image set to convert into video format and easily upload a converted video file to your YouTube account. Read More

Smutefy: Spotify Advertisement Blocker [Mac]

Spotify is a popular music service where you can listen to the music for free but hey, with free version comes advertisement which is run after every two or three song tracks. For some people it is fine because they get to listen to the music for free but if you really feel irritated, Smutefy is an ultimate application wich will help. It is developed to block Spotify ads while listening to your favorite music. Read More

HTC HD3 Specs And Price

Windows Phone 7 OS seems to be Microsoft’s answer to Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. Finally the details of HTC HD3 have emerged and this amazing plus stunning high-end device will be loaded with Windows Mobile 7 Firmware. Read More

ISOBuddy: Convert & Burn Disc Images (DMG,NRG, IMG, BIN, & more)

ISOBuddy is free utility which lets you convert multiple disk images into ISO image format and then burn it. The demand behind opting this application is primarily comes from different types of users, who frequently needs to create and burn images to optical discs. The shining part is that, you can convert Apple’s disk image: DMG format, Nero’s NRG and a lot of other eminent file formats into ISO image file. Read More

Fast Hard Drive Defragmentation With Smart Defrag

Even though Windows build-in defragmentation tool is easy to use and can be scheduled to automatically defrag selected drive(s). You might be thinking as to why go for a dedicated defrag tool? The reason being, Windows intrinsic defragmentation tool is not that efficient in  terms of defragmenting data and especially in speed. Smart Defrag is a free and powerful defrag tool, which promises you to instantly defrag your data. It is both efficient and optimized fragmentation analysis algorithm proven to be one of the best when it comes to other defrag tools available. Read More

Mount Disk Images With VirtualCloneDrive

Virtual Drive phenomenon was popped-out specifically to get rid of hassling with inserting CD/DVD over & over again for using the application. Though Virtual Drive applications are abundant, one of the easiest we found out is VirtualCloneDrive. It is small free utility which enables you to mount images (ISO, BIN, etc) quickly. Read More

Add ‘Up One Level’ Or “Click To Return” Button In Windows 7 Explorer

By default, Windows 7 Explorer comes without 'Up One Level' button, i.e, for moving back to the previous window.It is not a big deal to not have any specific button for this very purpose, as you can click on the previous folder name in address bar to navigate back to the previous folder. But considering that many users have been having a hard time to completely get acquaint with revamped Window UI, today we bring forward a step-by-step guide to specifically add an Up button. Read More

Cog: Simple And Fast Music Player For Mac

You must have enjoyed the powerful iTunes for playing music on your Mac, but as it is human nature sometimes one gets bored of the same iTunes interface and wants some change, or an alternative player. As you might be familiar that iTunes is a very heavy application which consumes a big part of your memory resources, this article will also guide you to find an alternative option which is lightweight, small and can play your audio files only. Cog is one of the best options to play your multiple audio file formats - simply and elegantly. It is a freeware open source audio player for your OS X. Read More

Zipeg Is A Handy Archive Extractor [Mac]

Being a Mac buff, you must have enjoyed it's vigorous functionality of archive decompression, but perhaps also be familiar with two shortcomings. First it does not support all archive formats, second if you want to extract only specified files from the archive, it wouldn't let you do that. Zipeg has been developed to overcome these problems and also add speed to extraction. Read More

Calme: Create Beautiful Printable Calendars For Free

Despite the fact that almost every PIM (Personal Information Manager) software carries calendar to let user easily schedule tasks, meetings and appointments, they severely lack full calendar customization support. Considering this downside, Calme, however, is not a PIM software but allows to you make a fully-customized calendar & planner in hardcopy. It holds multitude of options & features to create an intriguing and flamboyant calendars. Read More

FileSeek: Advanced Search From Windows Explorer Context Menu

Most search optimizers & tools comes with heavy indexing processes, they can be quite useful in terms of providing instant search but some back-end indexing can heavily bogs down your system performance. In this regard, FileSeek is a lightweight yet powerful tool built especially to provide prompt search results without running any instance for indexing system’s content. Furthermore, it comes with multiple options for optimizing the search results such as; Query controlled-search and exclusion of files & extensions support. Read More

Hide A File By Encoding It Into An Image

Hallucinate is a small utility built to conceal all sort of files into an image file. As the name suggests, it actually hallucinate users by camouflaging the file format. You can disguise any file of any format into an image file leaving others to consider it as a mere image. Furthermore, encoding algorithm is quite efficient in terms of keeping image quality same as before encoding. It also comes with a decoder to easily extract embedded file out of image. Read More

AT&T Pushes First OTA Update Changing Carrier To 7.1

We first reported about AT&T using 7-14 days OTA update cycle which our source confirmed. He also mentioned that he saw 6 month worth of OTA updates in the server. Now the same source has double confirmed us that his iPhone has received a mandatory update from AT&T which has updated the carrier to AT&T 7.1. Read More