Remove Background From Your Photo Without Using Photoshop

Sending your images to a fellow photo-editing specialist only to remove backgrounds is a relic of the past. Today, a number of innovative 'alternatives' allow you to achieve the same professional results, sitting at your home--that too, for FREE!  One such application that gives you the ideal background cutout is Photo Cutout Guide. Read More

Desknotes: Create And Manage Sticky Notes, Sync With Outlook

Desknotes is a freeware that lets you create sticky notes on your desktop. You can use it to take important messages, reminders and to-dos on your desktop. The desk notes that you create can also be configured to display a reminder when the time for a particular event lapses. Lastly, this tool also enables users to sync their notes with MS Outlook. Read More

Norton Power Eraser: Last Resort Against Malwares And Viruses

Viruses can be a nuisance, especially if you've tried every measure but still find them lurking in some software or hardware piece and significantly affecting your work. And after having tried several antivirus applications, if you still don't get the desired results, then you're just left with one final resort--to perform a full PC reinstall. But before you take this drastic measure, there is one more option you should execute. Run a Norton Power Eraser aggressive virus removal scan. However, keep in mind that this program is only to be tried as a last resort, if everything else fails! Read More

VTzilla: Scan Unknown Emails, Suspicious Websites & File Downloads In Firefox

VTzilla is an add-on for Firefox that makes it super simple to scan the Internet with VirusTotal. The add-on not only lets users scan suspicious files and emails before downloading them, but even supports URLs. What’s more, you will find the option to scan a particular file embedded in the context menu of Firefox, making the entire virus scanning process all the more easier. Read More

Download JailbreakMe Source Code By Comex

Comex, author of JailbreakMe, has finally released the source code of this awesome jailbreaking tool. This can be of interest to anyone who is looking to get into hacking iDevices and developing applications for Cydia. JailbreakMe can easily be called the most simple, easiest and painless jailbreak method ever to surface for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. In what follows, we will see how to get the source code of JailBreakMe and compile it ourselves.

Read More

DRS Armor X10gx Tablet Specifications

You might have never heard the name of DRS Technologies but  you are about to, and with authority! DRS Technologies has unveiled a new tablet named DRS Armor X10gx, which has been developed exclusively for military purpose. It happens to be running Windows 7 Ultimate and offers AT&T and Gobi wireless broadband to keep the user online. We've got the full spec sheet for you right after the edge, so read on for the details. Read More

Vdrive Maps Any Folder As Temporary Or Permanent Virtual Drive

If you have to work on a particular folder or set of folders for a prolonged time period, then accessing all the many directories just to reach your destination folders can be quite troublesome and time wasting. A better alternative is to use Vdrive, also called Virtual Driver, a freeaware application that lets users map folders and directories to virtual drives. You can even assign a drive extension to the selected folder and give it a label of your choice. Read More

CollageIt: Create Impressive Collages For Free

Back in 2009, we covered a powerful collage making application, called Shape Collage. It offers advanced features that are yet to be found in other similar applications. However, some users need a much simpler collage maker, and that is exactly what CollageIt aims to bring. It is a simple, lightweight, and user-friendly application that helps you set up picture collage instantly in just three steps. While the program automates most of the complex, collage creating task, users still have their say in the overall layout of the images. Read More

Desktop Reminder: Free Task Planner Software [Windows]

Desktop Reminder is a free task planner for Windows that offers quick options to let users manage tasks and to-dos efficiently. You can use this application to keep track of missed, urgent and future tasks. Furthermore, reminders for events can be set several weeks or months prior to the event, just to ensure that you never miss an important task anymore. Read More

Muro: Online HTML5 Drawing Tool From deviantART

Muro is a feature-rich HTML5 based drawing tool from deviantART which caters almost everything you’d think of. Be it effects, filters, sharpening tools, uniquely designed brushes, it covers all with a sheer brilliance and ability of weaving a ton of tools together to create a drawing which you’ve always wished to draw. Adding more, you can easily share your drawings with other deviants for taking opinions and suggestions. It lets you share the artwork on deviantART gallery and provides you a list of designs to start off with. Read More

Schedule Files And Folders Deletion With Autodelete

Autodelete is a freeware that automates the task of deleting files and folders. You can select any folder and specify a particular time after which it is to be deleted (all files in the folder will be permanently deleted). The application will automatically delete files that are older than the specified time period. A log of all deleted activities can also be created. Read More

Skype Multiple Accounts Login

Are you looking for a solution to login to multiple Skype accounts simultaneously? CalimSkypeLauncher allows users to sign in to multiple Skype accounts at the same time. With this application, you can open multiple Skype accounts for your professional and personal contacts and keep all of them running at the same time. Read More

Accounts Tuner: Advanced Security Settings For Windows User Accounts

Accounts Tuner allows users to access added security settings for Windows accounts. You will not be able to change some of these settings using the build-in User Accounts in Windows. It is a freeware application that must be installed on your system. You can launch the program, even if you do not have administrative rights; however, in this case, you can only view system information that is displayed on the application’s main interface. If, on the other hand, you logon as Administrator, you can edit all enhanced security settings for your user accounts. Read More

GooReader: Search And Read Google Books From Desktop [Windows]

If you’ve been looking for an application that would solve much, if not all of your digital book-reading needs, then you should give GooReader a shot. This application makes it very simple for users to look up and read books or to save them to PDF. Books can be searched using title, author or book ID. To convert and save the book to PDF format, you will have to get the paid version of the program (costs $19.95). You can download Google Books for free using previously reviewed, Google Books Downloader as well.

Autonito Opens Websites In Incognito (Private Browsing) Mode [Chrome]

Google Chrome offers users the option to browse the Internet in Incognito mode. In this mode, you can browse the Internet without having to worry about your browsing history being stored. While switching to Incognito mode requires you to either use hotkey  Ctrl + Shift + N or open an Incognito window from Options menu, now you can type an address, e.g, or to automatically launch it in Incognito mode. This feature is offered as a brilliant extension, called Autonito. Read More

Download iOS 4.0.2 For iPhone 4, 3G/3GS And iPod Touch

There's news in the Apple arena - iOS 4.0.2 for iPhone 4, 3G/3GS etc has just been released. A jump from iOS 4.0.1, this firmware update patches the exploit that allows iDevice users to jailbreak their devices with JailbreakMe, while making no other changes at all. If you are on a jailbroken iPhone, you should not install this update, or else you will lose jailbreak. However, for all others, it is a recommended update because the PDF exploit used in iOS 4.0.1 to jailbreak it can be used in other negative ways as well by malicious users. Read on for more details and download links. Read More

How To: Root Android Devices With Universal Androot App

There is some great news for Android users looking for some painless universal root method or application. As one-click rooting has gained immense popularity among the masses so now you can also root any supported Android device with Universal AndRoot Application. This application is free and all you have to do is to install it in your device using a 3rd party file manager. Read More