Drag And Drop Conversion Of Videos With Handbrake Using DropFolders

Video conversion is something that almost all of us have tried our hand at, one point or the other. Whether it is to make a video DVD Player-compatible, or to convert it so our portable media devices, aka smartphones and tablets, can handle the playback, almost everyone would've converted videos at least once. These days, choices among conversion software, especially the free ones, are numerous. One can arguably claim that Handbrake is one of the best free video encoding/decoding tools available out there. While the program itself has evolved quite a lot in terms of user friendliness and ease of understanding, wouldn’t it still be convenient if every single part of the process can be automated? Well, it seems developer Joseph Labrecque certainly thought so, so he created DropFolders. Read More

Increase Laptop Battery Performance With Aerofoil [Windows]

As a laptop ages, its battery begins to weaken. No matter how well you take care of it, no matter what steps you take, the battery is bound to weaken because that’s how they are built. Hence the importance of power management on such a machine increases perhaps twice as much as it would on a new one. Windows 7 comes with default battery profiles, but they lack automation. This discrepancy is overcome by using a small program Aerofoil, which performs automatic power management functions for your laptop. Read More

Install NXSense myTouch 4G ROM On Google Nexus One

Folks over at XDA have ported MyTouch 4G leaked ROM on Google Nexus one with a working Radio, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. eVil_D, senior XDA member, is credited for this port and this one is perhaps the second HD port on Nexus one after Desire HD’s ROM made it to this handset. Google Nexus One is a developer friendly handset which also makes it a favored device for carrying out different hacks and mods by Android hackers. Read More

VPlayer – Best Alternative To VLC For Android

VLC, one of the most used media players globally hasn't made its way to Android yet, despite having been made available for the Apple iPad in September. While there is news out there on versions for Android and iPhone being under development, we'll just have to wait for them as the porting seems to be in process right now. Its quite positive to say that a number of users search for VLC player once they get their hands on Android phones for the first time. In this article we will review the best current alternative for VLC - VPlayer. Read More

Resize, Rename, Convert, And Modify Images With Easy Image Modifier

Quite a while back we reviewed a very easy-to-use and simple image manipulation tool, Easy Image Modifier. The program has come quite a long way since then, and it has enough new features to boast to have caught our attention and get a review once again. The main purpose of this software is to let a user perform various every day image related tasks without going through the hassle of complicated interfaces, loads of unneeded features, multiple clicks etc. It lets you resize, rename, sort, realign, rotate/flip images, edit properties, change format, and so on. Additional functionality includes easy watermarking, changing format, metadata editing and even adding processed files to a destination of your own choosing. The portability of Easy Image Modifier is an added benefit. Read More

Create HQ Photobooks With Windows Live Photo Gallery Inkubook Plugin

Inkubook is a great new addition to Windows Live Photo Gallery that will give you a breezing experience of creating professional HQ photo books. Since Windows Live Photo Gallery is the one of the best platform to share photos and videos with friends and family, Inkubook being a Windows Live Photo Gallery plug-in offers the very same way to create aesthetic photo books and share them without much effort involved. Adding more, it offers a huge gallery for themes and layouts to make your photo collection more appealing and memorable. As far as the user experience goes, usage is pretty simple, you just need to specify a bunch of photos to create a photo book and rest it handles smartly. Read More

Task List Guru Is Complete Desktop To-Do List Software

In the past, we have covered a great number of task management applications, such as, TaskCoach, App For The Milk (a desktop application for famous Remember The Milk), PhiTodo, and Doit.im. Since almost every application claims to be distinctive and more productive than other, it seems that there is no limit on number of features which can be incorporated into a task management software. As we have seen a staggering number of task/to-do list managers, picking out one that perfectly matches with user needs is rather difficult. Today we have stumbled across another to-do list manager called Task List Guru. Beyond the obvious features of a to-do list manager, it encompasses one complete mechanism for project management, catering to priority customizations, independent note taking, task reminder with a buzz, and hierarchical task list with a huge list of different icons to visually differentiate all the listed tasks. Read More

Download Angry Birds For Symbian^3 Phones Now Available In Ovi Store

Angry Birds has become a phenomenon in the smartphone gaming world. Ever since Rovio released it on the iPhone, it has gained immense popularity and made its way to Android recently as well. While everyone is expecting Windows Phone to be the next platform for Angry Birds to nest in, there has been something completely unexpected that would make Windows Phone users jealous and Nokia users rejoice. Yes, Angry Birds has made its way to the Ovi Store for Nokia devices. If you are on a Nokia phone running the Symbian S^3 operating system, you can grab it right away. For more details on what this Symbian version offers and a list of compatible phones, continue reading after the jump. Read More

FFSJ Is The Fastest File Splitter And Joiner For Windows

When it comes to splitting a file into defined chunks, software which claims to be the fastest must be tried out first. Contrasting to several file splitters/joiners we’ve reviewed before like, File Splitter Lite, Cryogenic and File Tools, FFSJ is another file splitting & joining program which offers blazing fast file splitting speed with an equivalent pace for joining the chunks back. Furthermore, it integrates with Windows shell, letting you split and join files from right-click context menu. You can also a generate a MD5 checksum copy of a file for checking any sort of fabrications. Read More

Winamp Audio Player For Android Brings Wireless Music Sync

Winamp, a famous music player has been present on desktops for more than a decade. It finally made its way to Android and is completely free. According to the developers, it offers a complete media management solution. In this article we will review this app in detail and see up to what extent it is a complete solution. Read More

Sync iTunes Library Across Multiple Computers With MediaRover

Ok, so you’re an avid iTunes user with a decent music library collected over years. A friend, family member or colleague of yours likes your music collection and wants it, but there’s no easy way to transfer all those files to them. Or, you want to have the same music collection available at your home and work computers, but cannot figure out an easy way to do so? MediaRover comes to the rescue! Read More

Quickly Hide Your Browsing Sessions With underBrowser

Are you in an environment where you need to be constantly on the guard regarding your browsing activities? Perhaps an office or university where you want to be in control of who sees what you’re seeing over the internet, or maybe you’re browsing some private data that you want to keep away from prying eyes without losing your browsing session? Look no further then, because we bring you the underBrowser! Read More

Improve Collaboration With Your Co-workers To Increase Productivity

With the advent of internet the world has indeed become a global village, and hence the importance of collaborative working tools has increased manifold. Development and implementation of technologies like cloud computing, instant file sharing, and tools like Google Docs are a clear example of how much importance is now being paid to tools that can allow users to work on the same tasks simultaneously. Similarly, advances in VoIP, free video conferencing, IM etc have also shown that communication channels need to kept open for being more productive. The SSuite Office applications have a plethora of useful applications, and their Communication Sidebar is no exception. This application basically adds a sidebar to your Windows desktop with two basic functions: video/audio conferencing and file sharing, both over internet and local area networks (LAN), although the tool is more optimized towards LAN operation. Read More

Android Manager WiFi Syncs And Transfer Files Wirelessly To Windows PC

With Android phones, the most troublesome thing for users is the lack of decent PC-phone management solution. Most other mobile platforms have some official offering that makes this task really easy, for example, Nokia’s Ovi Suite, iPhone’s iTunes management system, and so on. Some vendors have their own in-house solutions which are not really up to the mark, the classic example of which is Samsung’s Kies. Hence users really appreciate any third-party solution that can ease their life when it comes to Android backup, restore and management through PC. Read More

Snippely Brings Notes And Code Organization Under One Window

If you’re in the habit of storing its and bits of text, quick notes, memos etc all over your hard-disk in small text files, with weird filenames like asdf.txt, abc.txt, note1, note2 and so on, this tool can certainly be a lifesaver for you. Snippely is a very basic open source text and code organizational tool that stores all your quick notes and texts in one place, categorized in groups for better management. Read More

Download PwnageTool 4.1 To Jailbreak iOS 4.1 On iDevices

Chronic Dev Team just released the new PwnageTool 4.1 that jailbreaks iOS 4.1 iPhone 4, 3g, 3GS along with iPod Touch 2G / 3G / 4G and AppleTV 2G. According to the official Dev Team Blog, couple of exploits namely Limera1n along with some other have been integrated within the package, making it the most powerful custom firmware iDevice jailbreak tool to date.

Read More

Put Virtual PostIt Notes On Desktop With Sticker

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’d have realized that we’re rather big fans of note-taking utilities. That’s because we find it really convenient to keep track of important little stuff by taking small notes out of it. Hence we keep experimenting with new products, and those that we like, we bring to you. So today, I give you another nice, lightweight and portable note-taking program, Sticker. Read More