FastCopy Offers User-Defined Buffer Size For Fast Data Copying

FastCopy is an opensource application which is built to speed up data copying process in Windows OS. On macro-level, its working is based on source & destination of data which is to be copied, i.e, two mechanisms are deployed to provide super fast data copying – if source & destination is on different HDDs, then reading and writing are processed respectively in parallel by separate threads. But if they are on the same HDDs, then reading is processed until the user-defined buffer size is filled. Once filled, data can be written anywhere immediately. According to the developer, it doesn’t use Windows cache for data reading/writing, so users wont be experiencing any lags. Read More

Media Center Studio – Customize Windows Media Center Start Menu Items

Even though Windows Media Center offers a nice set of tools bundled in different menus ranging from Extras, Pictures+Videos, to Music, etc., many users find some options & menu items absolutely useless, thus, want to customize the Start menu along with included tools/options as per their liking. Media Center Studio is a tool for users who want to customize their Windows Media Center. It is a WMC customization tool which emulates same layout to let anyone easily change the main menu titles, while options for removing menu items are also provided to keep only most frequently used options/tools. Read More

CopyAndPaste App Enables Easy Copy And Paste Function In Android Phones

CopyAndPaste App for rooted Android devices allows you to copy and paste text in your Android phone. The app is pretty simple but really handy, as before this there was no easier way to copy / paste text within your Android phone’s framework. The alpha release of this App inculcates OCR engine to copy the text within your phone’s framework. As this is still an Alpha release, so you can counter numerous bugs while trying to copy and paste text. According to the App creator, the OCR engine’s inaccuracy is the biggest bug identified so far. Here are some features of CopyAndPaste App for Android phones:
  • Launch Option Includes Longpress Search
  • Multi-Touch Handles
  • Ability To Work In Landscape Mode
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Fix Lag On Dell Sreak After Updating To Android 2.2 Froyo

If you recently flashed or updated to the official Android 2.2 Froyo on your Dell Streak, then you might be facing some performance lag while operating the tablet. Folks over at XDA have come out with a lag fix for Android 2.2 Froyo on your Dell Streak tablet. The fix comes in form of a .zip update file that plants a custom Kernel along with a custom build.prop. The performance tweak is added in the script for Android 2.2 Froyo on Dell Streak tablet. Currently, the fix is only applicable on 3.09 and 3.15 versions of Dell Streak with support for other model variations promised to come soon.

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Enable iOS AirPrint Service In Windows 7 For Wireless Printing

If your iDevice (iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad) is running iOS 4.2 or higher, you must be familiar with an intrinsic printing feature called AirPrint, which offers wireless printing of documents over Wi-Fi connection. This feature directly supports HP’s ePrint range whilst some printers from non-supported vendors are also reported to be working seamlessly via Windows and Mac. Today we’re bringing a detailed walkthrough to enable AirPrint on Windows 7. Before getting started, you need to configure your printer as shared in Windows, also make sure that you have latest iTunes installed on your system. Read More

Manage Documents In Windows Live SkyDrive From MS Office 2010 / 2007

Office Live Files is a handy add-in for MS Office suite applications allowing users to manage documents saved in Windows Live SkyDrive. The add-in is primarily developed for online documents management supporting all Office versions ranging from Office 2000 to latest Office 2010. The developer claims that add-in has been thoroughly tested in Office 2000/2003/2007/2010, therefore, no matter which office version you’re using, you can access and manage your online documents right from the Office Live Files tab. Moreover, it lets you organize, upload, and download documents from SkyDrive on the fly. Even though Office 2010 users already have SkyDrive integrated in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, this add-in offers better navigability for searching documents along with extra features for Office 2010 users to manage their document with great ease. Read More

Simple CSS Is Brilliant GUI-Based Cascading Style Sheets Editor

Editing documents’ styles written in markup language (HTML/XHTML, etc) is easy, once you get the hang of CSS language syntax. Even though understanding classes defined in CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) is not difficult, still many users find it challenging to edit document styles and formatting defined in CSS file. Simple CSS is out to simplify the creation and modification of external CSS files. The application is written for both novices & advance users, since it display all the CSS classes in a sequence, web developers would find it useful in quickly locating the class to edit its attributes whereas beginners wont need to learn language syntax, as it offers pull-down menus for each type of style to define the respective attribute value. Read More

Webbo Web Editor Brings Code Assist Code Completion, Server Preview, And More

Webbo offers a simple and elegant IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for both web developers and web publishers to develop and maintain websites. It is an opensource, lightweight application offering a great deal of features to organize code snippets and comes with Dreamweaver like editing capabilities with a very useful code hint option to provide users with range of coding options. Not does it only support a wide range of programming languages with syntax highlighting, it also allows user to view/inspect web pages with server-side technology support while offering seamless link with IIS (Internet Information Services). Adding more, it offers code templates to let users quickly integrate off-the-shelf components and start off with their project without writing the basic code structure. Read More

Jajuk – Advanced Jukebox And Music Manager

Jajuk is a feature-rich, aesthetically elegant music jukebox software that offers a huge set of intuitive features to organize your scattered music collection. It provides a great deal of novel tools which allows you to create, edit and organize playlists, manage album covers, streamline music files, filter files albums/artists and genre-wise, view user-defined artist information/biography and maintain & analyze your music collection statistics under one hood. Aside from a music management tool, it comes with minimalistic player to listen to your favorite tracks with basic playback options. Adding more, you can also rate songs, set favorites, and categorize music files into groups while real-time search feature is also available to quickly list down songs from like genre or artist. Read More

Inspect & Analyze Microsoft Installer Package With MSI Explorer

We have previously covered PeStudio and Kaliro App Explorer, the former utility offers a detailed overview of application compatibility with Windows OS editions and let users verify different characteristics for application’s DEP/ASLR and other included features while latter being a simple simple tool to verify Microsoft .Net framework based applications. Today we have another useful inspection tool called MSI Explorer, as its name implies, it has been designed to analyze MSI (Microsoft Installer) packages. According to the developer, it is primarily developed to prevent users from opening/rebuilding the entire setup project for changing MSI package content, since it lists down every little detail a developer needs to know about MSI package along with exact location. Altering a MSI package would certainly be easy once you know the location of embedded content (library/feature/function, etc). Read More

ChevronWP7 Unlocks Windows Phone 7 Handsets Easily

Got yourself a Windows Phone 7 device but not too happy with all the restrictions Microsoft decided to add to their latest smartphone operating system? We have some great news for you! WP7 developers and hackers Rafael, Chris Walsh and Long Zheng have released the first user friendly unlocking application for all Windows Phone 7 handsets, called ChevronWP7. Unlocking your Windows Phone 7 device is essential if you are looking to sideload experimental applications which access private or native APIs. Read More

Copy Multiple Items To Windows Clipboard With ClipCycler

Having a clipboard manager is almost essential to the kind of work we do. This holds true for almost any user handling text, and hence a good, free clipboard management program is essential. ClipCycler is a free, open source application with a memory footprint of under 500kB that lets you cycle between various clipboard texts with keyboard shortcuts. Read More

Hide A Message Or File In An Image With Free SilentEye Steganography Tool

Steganography is on the rising trend nowadays, especially among average/novice users. Such cryptographic techniques have been used by people belonging to certain walks of life for a long time of course, but as data-security awareness has increased amongst the masses, so has the need for blending data within different pieces to hide it from plain view. The main advantage that steganography holds over common techniques, such as password protection and encryption, is that steganography simply hides what you want to keep hidden, without making it conspicuous. No need to become an attention-catching neon sign for prying eyes! Read More

Wunderlist Is Beautiful And Easy-To-Use Task Management Tool

Task Management tools and To-do list managers can be abundantly found everywhere, and most of them offer a great feature set. They can also be very helpful for most people, simplifying work and making you better organized for increased productivity and efficiency. We have previously covered some really good programs like Task List Guru and GeeTeeDee, each with its own pros and cons. Recently, Wunderlist caught our eye. Read More

Fix Windows Phone 7 Forward Email As Attachment Bug

If you are a Windows Phone 7 user and use an email account that doesn't run on Microsoft Exchange protocol, you might have noticed that forwarding an email sends it as an attachment rather than in part of the message. Microsoft has duly acknowledged the issue and we hope they will be able to fix this minor bug in an upcoming update or release. Till an official fix is released though, we have found another way to resolve it. Read More

Install Android 2.2.1 Froyo Custom ROM On Sony Ericsson Xperia X10

There is some great news for Sony Ericsson Experia X10 owners looking to install the latest Android 2.2.1 Froyo on their handsets. Folks over at XDA have come out with a custom AOSP Android 2.2.1 Froyo ROM for Xperia X10 that is not only easily flashable, but also offers a bloatfree and neat user experience. Unlike Sony Ericsson, the Rom chef’s are keeping their build up to date with adding more features and removing bugs that are reported. Earlier we thought that only Samsung abandons it’s users after selling them handsets, but Sony Ericsson definitely beats Samsung in this regard.

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NetFront Life Screen Launcher For Android Is A Great Home Replacement Screen

NetFront Life Screen Launcher for Android is a home screen replacement like ADW and LauncherPro. The design and user interface of this launcher is seriously impressive and seems as if the guys behind it placed some well organized effort . The unique attraction of this home screen launcher is perhaps the ease through which a user can skim through their social media updates and phone data. Another intriguing factor associated with NetFront Life Screen Launcher for Android Phones is the 3D cube interface that somewhat reminds us of SBP tools during WinMo time.

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[Hack] Turn Your Windows Phone 7 Device Into A USB Drive

With every passing day, the hacking and development community for almost any device, platform or technology seems to be getting smarter. We have been witnessing the same for iOS, for Android, for gaming consoles, and now, it’s merely two weeks since Windows Phone 7 came to be, and already the hacker community is high on its toes trying to unleash the true potential of Microsoft’s newest mobile phone OS. Among these tricks and hacks comes the one to connect your WP7 device with your PC as a USB flash drive. Read More

TopWinPrio Gives High Priority To Active Application To Boost Performance

TopWinPrio is free program to boost the performance of applications that are active. According to the developer, it has an ability to change active application priority to high while keeping all the other applications instances on low priority to steer CPU usage for application which needs faster and high CPU response time. You will observe its real usage while playing games or using other heavy applications such as Adobe Photoshop Suite, Adobe Flash, 3-D Studio Max, etc. Read More

How To Cut Down And Manage Facebook Contacts On Windows Phone 7

Facebook has become an integral part of most of our lives, and more often than not people who we barely know end up in our friends list, just the way acquaintances would. With Windows Phone 7 comes true Facebook integration, and the content from the famous social networking service spreads out all across your shiny new device. Now, who’d want that Mr. ABC from down the lane in their contacts list whom they barely know? Unfortunately, with the default settings on Windows Phone 7, this is exactly what happens, i.e., when you add a Facebook account, all your friends get added to your phone’s address book. Read More