Download Album Covers For Your Mp3 Files With Creevity MP3 Cover Downloader

Many users like to organize their music collection with a custom and pleasing look that it helps them sort their content out later. Creevity Mp3 Cover Downloader does not directly organize your music collections but makes it easier by downloading cover arts of the album each music file belongs to. It has options to add, remove and search the internet for music album covers. Read More

Install Android 2.3 Gingerbread on HTC Incredible

If you are an HTC Incredible owner, have been following our mobile section lately and were disappointed that no port for your device was featured in our coverage of Android 2.3 Gingerbread ports for several devices, worry no more! Team weDoDroid at XDA-Developers forums has released a port of the latest release in the Android series for you to try out on your HTC Incredible right away. Read More

Install Android 2.3 Gingerbread on HTC Wildfire

Continuing our series of covering Android 2.3 Gingerbread ports for the Android devices currently on the market, we are sharing with you a basic emulator port of Android 2.3 Gingerbread that we found running on the HTC Wildfire, thanks to the developer community at XDA-Developers forums. Read More

Manage Your Inventory, Quotations and Business Contact List With Nevitium Inventory Manager

Making inventories, invoices, quotations, etc can be quite a laborious and time consuming task and saving all the records in multiple applications can lead to a lot of scattered data that becomes difficult to review. Having a useful application to record such specific details can be quite handy in generating a detailed analysis of a company's inventory and stock requirements. The Nevitium Invoice Manager is an inventory, quotation, invoice, contact list, customer and supplier credentials management tool that can help you organize such business data with convenience. Read More

Increase Write Performance and Save Power In HTC Desire

Most Android users are familiar with app2SD – a widely used hack that enables users to copy OS-specific apps to the SD card to save the limited user data memory available on their devices. XDA-Developers member ownhere has recently released something similar for your OS-specific data, called data2ext, which allows you to copy OS-specific data to external storage to boost the performance of your device further. Read More

Download Online Media (Videos, Podcasts, Music) For Offline Viewing With Offliberty

It gets really frustrating when my ISP is down or there is some sort of disruption in the telephone lines in my area, which knocks out my ADSL connection. In such an instance it becomes quite a nuisance for me to use any wireless alternative, as the wireless signals in my neighborhood are second to none. Most if not all of us have faced a situation where we have been left stranded with our PC without access to an internet connection. This is particularly the case when we are traveling to a place which is close to Mother Nature, which always seems to deprive us of any chance of online connectivity. Offliberty is a website that allows users to view online content offline to rescue us from such perpetual deprivation. In a nutshell, it only makes online media content available offline. Or in layman's term, allows one to download the online media (in both audio and video formats) for offline usage. Read More

Dell Streak ROM Ported To HTC HD2

Saw the awesome new Dell Streak with its large screen and pretty neat custom Android skin? Craving for that UI but don't wanna shell out $$$ to buy it? If you've got an HTC HD2, you're in luck! The Dell Streak ROM has been ported to the HD2 so you can have the same interface on your HD2 by installing it on your device. Read on for more information and installation details. Read More

Podreel Creates Enhanced Podcasts In AAC And M4A Formats

Enhanced Podcast authoring tools are based on either Microsoft or Apple approach of creating a podcast, since Microsoft WMV scripted approach is difficult to implement, many users rely on tools that use Apple’s AAC and QuickTime to author podcasts. Podreel offers a simple way for creating enhanced audio podcasts on Windows, supporting only Apple audio format – AAC and M4A. Enhanced podcast is a mix of audio along with user-defined images which can be further complemented by markers, chapters and URLs, using Podreel, one can easily include audio chapters with images and hyperlinks in the podcast. Read More

DivX HiQ Brings GPU Acceleration For Flash Videos

DivX.Inc recently introduced their freshly cooked DivX HiQ free web plugin, which supports hardware acceleration for flash-based videos to give users best video watching experience. The hardware acceleration aspect among the rest of improvements it offer has drew more attention primarily because the notebook users will able to enjoy relatively same video quality with minimal CPU usage. Since graphics hardware acceleration is another name for off loading video rendering to GPU, it will greatly help you in watching videos with higher FPS on slower systems. Other noteworthy improvements are improved buffering, support for HTML5 video tag while a long list of web sites supporting HiQ is also offered. Read More

Contacts Sync Brings Two-Way Sync Between Gmail Contacts And Outlook 2010

Back in January, we covered Go Cntact Sync – a desktop application which offers quick synchronization of Google Contacts with Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010. Contact Sync is another tool that assists Outlook 2010 users in performing synchronization with Gmail contacts. It is a minuscule application which requires nothing except Google account credentials to sync all the contacts with Outlook defined contacts folder. Read More

Automatically Sync All Documents With Google Docs After Every 5 Minutes

If you are an avid Google Docs user and like to keep all of your important documents synced with Google Docs cloud, here we have a simple desktop application called Up The Sync, which promises seamless synchronization with Google Docs. Not only it can sync silently after regular intervals, it has an ability to sync documents residing in multiple folders, which means that if you’ve already grouped up documents in multiple folders, with this application, you can sync all the selected folders with Google Docs. Read More

Remove Video Streaming Restriction From MegaVideo, MegaUpload, And Veoh

It can be quite annoying when certain videos online are simply not available due to limitations that block users from accessing them beyond a certain level. For example, there are restrictions on MegaVideo that bar users from viewing more than 72 minutes of video streaming. The Illimitux extension, however, circumvents such boundaries and allows Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox users to move freely across the realms of unchartered video streaming websites. Read More

Install Windows Phone 7 Metro UI On Your Android Device

Like the new Metro UI of Windows Phone and wish you could have it on your Android phone? Good news - you can do that! Windows Phone Android is a new app that brings the popular Windows Phone 7 Metro UI to your Android devices, making use of the operating system's open nature that lets you replace even its home screen interface. More details and download links after the jump. Read More

Battery Reserve for Android Keeps A Reserve Percentage Of Battery Power

Have you ever been in a situation where your phone’s battery ran out while it was in your pocket or bag, and you couldn’t switch it back on to make a phone call while you were outdoors? It has happened to most of us and can cause a lot of inconvenience on many occasions. With Battery reserve, you can rest easy as it automatically powers your Android phone off when the battery reaches a certain minimum level. Read More

Remove Pre-Installed Bloatware Apps From Android Devices With Titanium Backup

I have always been annoyed with pre-installed bloatware on the devices, and I am sure that I am not the only one who feels this way. Most of these applications are career-specific and offer little utility to the power users who want to customize their devices their way. While Android’s built-in uninstallation method works for removing applications installed by users, it does not allow for removal of applications that came bundled with the device. Titanium Backup is a free application you can use to easily get rid of such applications. Read More

Email Reminders Or Send Them To Your Phone With MemoranDumb

As we rely more on modern technology to pay our bills, remember passwords for us and manage our schedule, we often tend to forget that the same chores that we now do in a flash, used to take us hours of waiting in lines and running from one place to another. Having said that, it is worth mentioning that now we often get in a hassle of remembering which application to use for what task and seldom do we find a unified gadget that combines all our required data for us to conveniently utilize. MemoranDumb is one such software that unifies all your passwords, reminders and the like under a secure master password and even allows users to email or text them to their cell phones. Read More