How To Root Motorola Defy And Install A Custom Recovery [Video Guide]

Are you a Motorola Defy user looking for a way to root your phone and install a custom recovery? For some reason, we have missed featuring a guide on how to root the the Defy here at AddictiveTips in the past and that’s about to change as we just ran into an excellent video tutorial by XDA-Developers forum member Asadullah that demonstrates how to root the Motorola Defy and also easily install a custom recovery to it. If you are a Motorola Defy owner and have yet to root your device or still have the stock recovery on it, read on for the video and details.Read More

Install AOSP Android 2.1 Eclair On Samsung Fascinate

An Android 2.1 Éclair build compiled from the Éclair AOSP (Android Open Source Project) source code has just been released for the Samsung Fascinate. It is an alpha build but has a lot of features working. If you want to flash this ROM to your device, read on for more details, download link and installation instructions.Read More

Install Android 2.2 FroYo On Internal NAND Memory Of HTC HD2

While the HTC HD2 has had custom Android builds for quite a while, all those ROMs have been made to run from the external SD card memory but that has just changed as now you can install the stock Android 2.2 FroYo ROM from the HTC Desire on the internal NAND memory of your HTC HD2. Read on for details, download link and installation instructions.Read More

Kestrel GX – Image Management Software With Multiple Editing Tools

Kestrel GX is a free image management application which combines both advanced image editing and photo organizer. You will find almost all the contemporary editing tools for setting image levels, colors, saturation with options to watermark image, reduce red-eye effect, and to adjust image sharpness. Adding more, it supports more than 20 image formats, including, PNG, JPG, WBMP, PS, PDF, DCX, BMP, PSD and many other digital camera supported RAW formats.Along with managing image repository, it offers blazing fast search speed by using multiple search criteria and meta information like, EXIF,IPTC, and GPS. Although the application mainly offers image database management, it comes with an image editor as well with extensive feature set while supporting other professional image manipulation suites including Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop. The application is also accompanied with basic selection tools to let users select and edit an image in a required shape. The image database allows anyone to keep their image catalog organized without having to specify image folders over and over again.Read More

Drag & Drop To Share Your Pictures Across Different Social Websites

Dropico is a web application for sharing pictures across multiple social networking websites, such as Facebook, My Space, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, etc with a simple drag & drop. The functionality is even more interactive and vibrant than that of CoMemories, which we reviewed a while back. With Dropico, you can not only share but also edit your pictures on the fly, across multiple supported websites.Read More

Install Phoenix Custom FroYo ROM On Samsung Captivate

Phoenix is a new custom Android ROM for Samsung Captivate based on Android 2.2 FroYo. Custom ROMs for Android devices get released so often, it’s easy to miss exceptionally good ones with the pace, and Phoenix seems to be one of those with tons of tweaks, enhancements and features. Read on for the feature list, download link and installation instructions.

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How To Backup Your Android Phone’s Boot, Recovery And System Partition Images

One can’t stress enough on the importance of backups and when it comes to tinkering with your Android phone, a backup of your system, recovery and boot partitions can save you a lot of hassle that you might otherwise have to go through if you mess things up and need those stock images. In this guide, we will tell you how to take these backups using a free tool called RomDump.Read More

Gain S-Off On HTC Desire GSM With AlphaRev 1.8 Custom HBOOT

S-Off is a flag on Android phones that stands for security off. It disables the default read-only lock set on /system and /recovery partitions and enables you to directly replace system files and flash custom recoveries when other automated methods aren’t an option. You can now gain S-Off on your HTC Desire GSM with an HBOOT reflash, courtesy AlphaRev 1.8 Custom HBOOT.Read More

Maximize Active Application Windows To Remove Empty Space Between Them

Adjusting multiple windows can become quite a headache when your are working with more than 3 applications at a time. Even though we have covered a lot of tools in the past that makes it easier to quickly adjust windows, such as, WinNumpad Positioner, WinSplit Revolution, Window Manager, and AltDrag, none of them offers filling up empty/available space between windows. WinMixumumize is a tiny portable application which does noting except adjusting windows in a way that all the empty space on the screen gets filled.Read More

CodeDesigner RAD – Design Application Structure With UML

CodeDesigner is all-in-one application development IDE created for software application managers and developers to help with coding major modules of the application and for creating  UML diagrams for each module being developed. The application apparently seems to be quite akin to famous development environment – NetBeans, which offers handling for both code and UML diagrams with an option to reverse engineer JAVA code to UML model. CodeDesigner is however not comparable with Netbeans in terms of features and programming languages support but offers simple and independent solution for application developers to get started with the coding and UML modeling.According to the developer, it can be used as an alternative to Enterprise Architect or IAR VisualState. Since its workability is based on famous RAD (Rapid Application Development) methodology of building software application, it is suitable for projects which requires minimal planning and requirement gathering on small scale.Read More

GPU Shark Monitors Nvidia Geforce And ATI Radeon Graphics Cards

GPU Shark is a tiny application to monitor and display GPU information. Primarily, it was developed to monitor two widely used GPUs  - Geforce and Radeon. Since these high-end GPU units are built to provide better video performance, you may want to inspect yours GPU temperature, RAM type, currently using cores, and so on. Jerome Guinot – the developer behind this and previously reviewed GPU Caps Viewer states that GPU Shark differs from Caps Viewer in inspecting and monitoring installed GPUs whilst it also has an ability to visualize all of them in a single window. Unlike GPU Caps Viewer which mainly focuses on graphics card capable of running OpenGL and Direct 3D applications, GPU Shark capitalizes on showing less yet useful information regarding the memory usage, fan speed, and graphics card temperature to prevent exorbitant usage.Read More