CianoDock: Eye-Candy Application Launcher [Windows]

CianoDock is a freeware application built to beautify Windows and provide ease of access to your favorite programs. It help users to easily add bunch of applications, folders and files in to a group to access them with a single click. It facilitates users to wrap-up frequently used application in groups and sits in the system tray for easier accessibility. Read More

Outlook 2010 Facebook Add-in

FBLook is a nifty little plugin developed for Outlook to keep yourself updated about friends’ activity on facebook. The add-in provides users two simple features - update status messages and view complete news feed. Read More

Taskbar Helper: Organize Open Application Windows On Taskbar

It happens sometime when you are using only few applications for a long time, while other rarely used windows starts taking space on the taskbar. Taskbar Helper facilitates user to organize taskbar by either hiding rarely used windows or moving them to system tray. In addition it shows only those application windows on taskbar which is really needed at the moment. Read More

Mark PowerPoint 2010 Presentation As Final

Just like other Office 2010 suite applications, PowerPoint also includes an option to Mark the Document (Presentation) As Final. This feature tells the document reviewers that all the changes have been made, and it's now ready for publishing or post-processing operations. It's recommended that you should always check each section of the document before marking it as final. If your work involves dealing with a multitude of documents, we recommend thoroughly checking each document section, so that you can mark them as final and send them to your co-workers. Although this feature is included to discourage editing, Poweroint, like Word and Excel, allows you to re-enable editing even if you've marked the document as Final. It must be noted that it doesn't restrict users from editing the document nor does it apply password protection; rather, it prompts user about the current document state when he/she tries to edit it, and provides an option namely Edit Anyway to make changes to the document. Read More

ClipGrab: Desktop Video Downloader

ClipGrab is one of the most convenient video downloading freeware. The ease-of-use, combined with simple and highly interactive features, makes it one of the must-have apps out there. The app sits in the system tray and automatically notifies you if the video you are watching is available for download. With a single click it will start downloading the video. Read More

Desktop Calendar & Event Management Software UK’s Kalender

There are many event management software available which are capable of managing events using calendar view but they are mostly either shareware or integrated with other applications. Uk’s Kalender is the freeware, simple and snappy event manager to organize your dates, tasks, to-dos list and reminds you of upcoming events. Read More

Google.mE – Sync Picasa, Google Docs, YouTube, RSS Feed On Desktop

The long endeavor ends here for those who have been looking for the software which encapsulates Google famous services on desktop. Google.mE is an opensource app developed on Java that includes a bunch of Google apps in a simple tabbed interface. You can now edit documents in Google Docs, watch videos on YouTube, upload and browse photos on Picasa, and manage RSS feeds under one window. Read More

Display Changer: Auto Restore Screen Resolution

There is a built-in feature of windows to change resolution of the screen but Display Changer has got something more to do with screen resolutions. With Display Changer you can do a lot of  things by changing your screen resolution parameters. It is capable of changing resolution of your own choice by specifying desired parameters which mainly includes width, height, depth, refresh rate, fixed output, rotate and by specifying position includes left,right,top and bottom. Read More