Track Changes In Word 2010 Document

Track Changes feature allows MS Word to keep track of the changes you make in a document. It is also known as redline, or redlining. Its real usage can be seen when, two or more persons need to edit the document. In that case, you would like to know which changes have been made to it or which content is deleted, inserted,or formatted. Through this feature you could track almost every change that has made to the document. This post demonstrates how to make Microsoft Word 2010 track the changes. Read More

Access 2010 Field Validation Rule & Message

In Access, Field Validation lets user to validate the data entry by applying desired constraints over the field, it also facilitates users to show the messages in case of any invalid data entry field. By writing simple expression in validation fields you can collate entries from different fields and apply rules over them. Expressions are used in many places to perform calculations, manipulate characters, or test data. You can apply different expression over tables, queries, forms, reports, and macros for validation. This post will describe the most easiest way to apply rules and show messages in case of any invalid data entry. Read More

Embed Video In Excel 2010

Excel 2010 enables user to insert objects, which could be very useful if you want to embed different objects in to the datasheet, but when it comes to embedding video file in to datasheet, it does not support it directly. If you have been looking for a way to embed video to complement the datasheet or for illustrating any process, then this post will help you by elaborating the easiest way possible to embed video in Excel datasheet. Read More

Create Emails & Manage Replies In Access 2010

Access 2010 enables user to create data entry form for distributing it over the web. In this way you can populate the database by sending data to diverse groups of people, eventually encompass different thoughts. Through Create Email, you can collect data from other people by sending them a form in an email message, for storing data you can use Manage Replies which enables users to append the data in the selected table of the DB. This post elaborates how to create an email with Access 2010, and how to manage replies. Read More

Adding Outlook Email Tool In Excel 2010

Sometime it happens that you need to send Excel worksheets via email, but for that you don't need to follow the orthodox way of sending datasheet by attaching it with email. Excel provides a tool, which enables you to send it over with a single click. This post illustrates how to make Email option apparent in Excel 2010, and how to use it. Read More

Sync MS WordPad With Paint In Windows 7

MS WordPad includes a nifty little feature which enables user to sync an image with MS Paint, you can edit an image in MS Paint to apply changes in WordPad document. This could be very beneficial when you are writing a document that contain images that needs editing. Previously you needed to copy the image to clipboard and open in any image editor to edit it but with Paint Drawing feature you can start editing an image in MS Paint in real-time. Read More

Quick Launch Office 2010 Applications From Word 2010

Sometimes while working in Microsoft Word document we need to open other Microsoft Office suite applications, to check and analyze the data or for any other reason, for this we open the apps from start menu which becomes time consuming. Now in Word 2010, there is an option to access Microsoft Office suite applications directly without having to minimize or close the document. This post will cover how to make Microsoft apps apparent to access them with single click. Read More

Guide On Excel 2010 Data Bars

Excel 2010 Data Bars makes it easier to observe that how data values relate to each other. This feature represents data graphically inside the cell, and helps user to compare data cells more effectively and efficiently by adding bars, which defines the data of the cell. It is better to represent the data graphically rather then using orthodox Conditional Formatting style. This post will cover how to make the most of Data Bars, in a simple datasheet. Read More

Word 2010 Mail Merge

Word 2010 includes Mail Merge feature, which enables user to create documents (Letter, Emails, Fax etc) that are essentially the same but contains unique elements such as recipient Name, Address, Contact No, City, State, etc. It helps user to create a document for multiple recipients more easily by just selecting recipient names and choosing the document. Personal details of the respective recipient will be automatically added in the document which prevents users to write each recipient's personal info in every document, eventually saving a lot of time. This post will cover how to use this feature through a simple wizard. Read More

Comical – A Desktop Application For Web Comics

Web Comics are gaining quite some popularity these days with hundreds of new comic publishers starting up every year. Among these comics are few that stand out but what better way than to read them on the desktop? As an avid comic fan, subscribing to multiple comic feeds and following them can be both hectic and tiresome. Read More

User Accounts For iPhone & iPod Touch With iAccounts

Have you even been in a situation where you had to hand over your iPhone or iPod Touch to a friend or relative, and hoping that you had some privacy control solution available. Or maybe you have wanted to test some new application that could potentially ruin some of your settings, and hesitated only because you wanted to keep your preferences intact? iAccounts, a new app in Cydia, answers this call. Read More

Improve Cydia Speed With Saurik’s New APT Update

Cydia’s long loading times have always been the painful associated with the otherwise wonderful package installer for jailbroken iPhone and iPod Touch devices. Previously it used to take a whole lot of time to refresh the repositories in real time. Now, it seems Jay Freeman (Saurik) has heeded to people’s wails and cries, and released essential APT upgrades to the Cydia package installer itself, which should considerably reduce Cydia load times and improve overall speed. Read More

How To Fix Broken Text With CleanHaven Text Cleaner

Every once in a while we come across a broken text file that needs to be repaired. Having a corrupt document is another case which we have already covered before. For instance, lets say, you have a large text from where you need to remove the excessive spaces between words, need to make sure all words after full-stop are starts with a capital letter, remove duplicate words, make some sentences uppercase and lowercase, add punctuations, and much more. Read More

COUNTIF Function In Excel 2010

In Excel 2010 by using COUNTIF conditional logic, you will be able to count occurrence of data and show the result if the condition is met. It enables user to use a condition that contain two arguments (range,criteria), that would be applied on data which yields counting results, only if specified criteria is TRUE. Thus facilitating user to create a group for certain type of data that falls into specific category. This post explains simple usage of COUNTIF logic.

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Excel 2010 Icon Sets

In Excel 2010, there is an option which facilitates user to show icons in data cells by applying desired condition. Excel includes 20 Icon Sets in four categories; Shapes, Directional, Indicators, and Ratings, and along with this it also enables user to easily format and customize the icon sets to make data cells prominent, which shows an exclusive importance. In short, by using Icon Sets you will have more control over the visualizations in the worksheet data. This post covers how to include icon sets in the datasheet. Read More

Monitor And Control Mustek UPS With WinMust [Windows]

Mustek is the company behind many popular UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) devices, but these UPS devices do not come with a software to monitor and control the UPS device. One frustrated developer sat down to code a software that will monitor and control Mustek UPS device and named it WinMust. It is an opensource tool that supports Mustek PowerMust 800 or other compatible Mustek UPS devices. Read More