The Last Ripper: Download & Save Songs From is one of the most popular internet radio service out there. Sporting a wide collection of music and various genres, this site becomes a top choice when you want to listen to something online. But what if you find a radio station that you want to listen to again? What if a song inspires you to keep for future listening? does not allow any downloads, and this is where TheLastRipper comes into play. This program lets you save and download’s streams as mp3, alongside album art, ID3v2 tags, and organizing the downloads neatly in Artist/Album/Track order. Read More

View Statistics Of Outlook Emails With Outlook StatView

If you have been wandering to get your hands on an app which provides complete emails statistics, Outlook StatView is just what you need. It is a small portable utility built specifically to give you complete statistics of mails you received in Outlook. As name implies, configured Outlook account is pre-req to extract email info from. Apart from mere a statistics viewer, it also provides you with multitude of options including, generating HTML reports, sifting down the emails through statistics categories bundled in columns, looking up for specific emails through Find feature and much more. Read More

Create Macros In Word 2010

Macros has been an old phenomenon of Office apps allowing you to record set of actions you perform on document, and to repeat them in future. Through Macros, you don't need to perform same action, i.e, change formatting, style, font family, size, and color over and over again in document. It actually records each and every click and keystroke you press while performing the task, so that you can play them back to perform same action over your documents. Read More

Create Hyperlink Field In Access 2010

Sometimes there is frantic need to create links in database table to web pages, files, folders, images, etc. Access 2010 provides a convenient way to link up data field values with anything to complement the database in much better way. In this post we will guide you on creating a table field having Hyperlink data type. Read More

Using Expression Builder In Access 2010

Applying different conditions over data fields comes in very useful when you need to evaluate data field values based on other fields. Expression Builder in Access 2010 provides you just that with full support of applying functions and formulas. It can be used anywhere in Access 2010 with any database element like; Forms, Reports, Queries and Tables. In this post we will be using expression builder in query for evaluating new data field values. Read More

Setting Query Criteria In Access 2010 Through Logical Operators

As the name implies, Query pulls out specific data from table fields included in database, thus, setting specific criterion in query helps you to filter down the table field data according to your needs. Through simple logical operators in Query Criteria you can set a criteria by using simple AND/OR operators, which lets you to confine the results of a query based upon the query criteria to check which table field data is to be included. Read More

Enable DreamScene In Windows 7 [Video Wallpapers]

In the Windows Vista Ultimate Extras Pack, apart from many other nice additions was a cool looking utility called DreamScene. What this tool did was to let a user choose a video as desktop background. Among the many features that Microsoft pulled the plug on with Windows 7, DreamScene also made it to the list of programs to be left out. Read More

Face Recognition Software To Login [Windows]

Impressive it was to see in movies how some high-tech system will recognize a user’s face and present a personalized interface. Thanks to the advancements in technology, we see face recognition systems in some high-profile offices as well. But how about having a similar system on your laptop or PC, which would just scan your face and log you in? Read More

Easy Way To Sync Files With DropBox via OneSync

Sync tools are abundant, and they come with various features and promises. Many tools offer easy synchronization, one-click sync, online, cloud-based sync etc. OneSync is also a .NET based synchronization tool which offers not only a two-step sync with any directory, but also with removable drives, shared network drives and DropBox. Read More

Slow Down Mouse Movement At The Edge Of The Screen [Dual Monitors]

Have you used dual-monitors only to find it difficult to use due to the sudden jump of the mouse pointer from the first to the second monitor, whenever you are trying to scroll or close the window? You are not alone, it is all too common these days. Dual Display Mouse Manager (DDMM) fixes this little annoyance by slowing down the mouse pointer when it reaches the edge of the screen. Read More

Track And Find Your Stolen Laptop With Prey

It is always a pain to lose something, both financially and in terms of the emotional stress that a person goes through. And if it is something as valuable as a laptop, which contains your personal data, the damage becomes even more pronounced. Laptops come these days with Kensington lock slots, but you cannot find a Kensington lock everywhere as well. So what is the solution? Read More

Excel 2010 EDATE function

Excel 2010 provides list of DATE function to calculate date value promptly, as it is a tedious job when going for it manually. EDATE is right function to be used for this sole purpose, it will instantly returns future or past date value as per specified condition. Read More

Assign Password Data Type To A Specific Field In Access 2010

Applying different types of constraints over data fields in Access 2010 comes in handy, especially when you need to restrict database users in specified range. Applying Data types over fields plays vital role in manipulating data in a desired way, but way of assigning data type as password is bit different as you need to add input mask for it. In this post we will show how to assign password data type to a specific field. Read More

Create Calculated Fields In Access 2010

In Access 2010, you can manipulate data fields in many ways by applying constraints, changing data types, creating relationships and so on, but creating Calculated fields would be of great use, as you can easily calculate field values based on other field’s data in real time. In this post we will guide you through the procedure of creating a Calculated field, which will take values from other fields to evaluate result. Read More

Make Database Application Form In Access 2010

Creating a database in Access 2010 is rather easy than other RDBMS tools available out there. Apart from providing tools, features and function for creating and managing databases efficiently, it also allow users to create a database application, so you can give it to your client or any other concerned party. Adding more, you can customize the overall look of application while creating one by confining client to use only specific part of database. Read More

Create User Entry Forms In Word 2010

Word 2010 has a multitude of Form Content Controls that enable users to instantly create a simple form for taking; input from others, distributing it as e-survey, making a questionnaire, etc. From available Form Controls list, you can insert checkboxes, drop-down lists, combo boxes, text panes & labels to create an intriguing user entry form without using any designated tool. This post is a detailed walk-through of creating a simple user entry form using Word 2010 Form Content Controls. Read More

Add Elevator Music To Windows Progress Bar

Tired of looking at those slow-moving progress bars in Windows? Instant Elevator Music is a fun tool that adds a system tray icon and automatically starts playing elevator music when you do something that requires waiting. It can be copying files, searching for drivers, waiting for a program to load, and so on. Read More

Create Organization Chart In Visio 2010 From Excel Spreadsheet

Creating an organization chart manually is a cumbersome job, as you need to indulge yourself in labyrinth of different organizational hierarchies. But setting up datasheet containing credentials of each employee with their team lead and subordinates’ detail is rather simple as you just have to do huge but easy data entries. In this post we will walk you through a simple procedure of creating organization chart in Visio 2010 via importing respective organization hierarchy datasheet from Excel. Read More