Windows Live Movie Maker: Add Videos From Network Folder

Windows Live Movie Maker is part of Windows Live suite and comes with an huge improvement from it’s predecessors. One of the biggest downside however is that it does not support files over network. If you are looking to add and edit a video that is residing in your Home Server, Live MovieMaker will show an error asking you to copy the files to your computer first and try again since files can’t be added directly from a network folder. Read More

Permanently Hide Pointer In PowerPoint 2010 Slideshow

Want to hide the pointer while presenting content slides to your audience? While presenting your presentation content to the audience, often we need to temporarily remove graphics, table data laser marker or mouse pointer from the presentation slide. Although PowerPoint 2010 comes packed with 3 types of  pointers (arrow, pen and highlighter) and allows you to easily handle not only mouse pointer, but also other overlaid objects. Even though PowerPoint 2010 automatically hides the pointer after a few seconds, you can choose to permanently hide the pointer or keep it visible on the screen. If you're among those who get distracted by the mouse pointer while giving presentations, here is a cool tip that would let you quickly hide the pointer on the screen. Read More

Overlay Chart Title In PowerPoint 2010

You may know that PowerPoint not only provides a wide range of text, image and chart tools to create presentation-related objects, but also supports adding objects from other MS Office 2010 suite applications including MS Word, MS Visio, MS Excel and MS Access. Apart from directly importing document's content, table data, charts and other elements, you can also embed files into your presentation slides. As far as charts and table data elements are concerned, PowerPoint supports multiple types of charts and tables as well as offers Excel-like controls to quickly adjust charts and tables' labels and titles. If you're a heavy user of PowerPoint, then you must've noticed that it often fails to adjust the chart labels and titles on the presentation slide. While some users choose to re-import the chart from Excel to adjust the chart's elements without even using the PowerPoint native tools to set the chart and table elements. One issue which many users face with charts in PowerPoint is that it doesn't automatically set the chart title over the chart. In this post, we will explain how you can overlay chart title over the chart in the slide. Read More

Create, Edit, & Generate Robots.txt Sitemap

Most of the time we want our website/blog content to be indexed by the search engines to gain more reputation over the Internet. But in some cases we don't want our content to be indexed or want only a specific portion to be indexed. If you have been griping about your personal content (Personal images folder, admin folder, or folder like cgi-bin) getting indexed, here is the solution. Read More

IPv6 Tunnel Broker Update

If you are registered on TunnelBroker, you must have been on the look out for finding a way to know your IPv4 endpoint. TunnelBrokerUpdate is the most smartest tool can be use for this purpose. According to the developer, it helps you update the IPv6 over IPv4 tunnel IPv4 endpoint if this changes Read More

Windows Memory Management And Analysis Tool

If you are a developer wondering which process takes which part of the memory and want to get a detailed information on it, VMMap is for you. It is an official tool from Microsoft Sysinternals that can analyze both virtual and physical memory for each selected process, thus, giving developers a complete technical information. Read More

Windows 7 WinHosts File Editor

There are plenty of reasons why you may want to edit the Windows 7 WinHosts file, one of the most popular one is to block certain websites from opening up. This post will guide through both manual and automatic ways of doing so. Read More

Update Drivers In Windows With Easy Backup

Every laptop comes with a folder that contain drivers. If you have a PC, then must have a bunch of driver installation CDs lying around. When upgrading a system or doing a fresh installation of Windows, installing drivers is usually a headache. Read More

PowerPoint 2010: Quickly Insert Chart In Slide

Since charts helps in summarizing a long document and boring statistics, it is recommended to always include self-explanatory charts to help your audience in understanding the idea/concept/stats, etc. In this post we will look at inserting chart in PowerPoint 2010 presentation.  To quickly insert chart in slide, head over to Insert tab and under Illustrations click Chart. It will bring up Insert Chart dialog, showing numerous types of chart and their categories. Select the chart and click OK. Read More